Abu garcia spinning reel size chart

abu garcia spinning reel size chart

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  • Spinning Reels | Abu Garcia® Fishing
  • We put that power in the hands of beginners and champions alike. We were just skimming the surface. Our REVO MGXtreme Spinning Reel is beloved for its buttery smooth gacria and unmatched pro-level performance — perfect for waking a bronze-back river dweller for an exhilarating battle.

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    Or look to the MGXtreme Low Profile to experience the lightest reel you can find — first class performance that weighs almost nothing in your hand. They revel in the breathtaking leaps of largemouth bass and the fight that ensues as it attempts to throw the hook. Such dynamic fishing demands gear that performs every time.

    Inthe ABUthe company's first Spinning Reel, was produced, launching a line of Freshwater Spinning Reels designed for versatility and maximum casting distance. Today, our line of Spinning Reels is designed to be lighter, more compact, and more powerful than ever. For durability purposes, this reel has a graphite body, aluminum spool, stainless steel main shaft and components, and all the high-quality parts you would expect from a chsrt Abu Garcia reel.

    That is a great spinming for a fishing reel with so sise great features.

    Abu Garcia Reel Size - 20

    Here is a quick reference chart outlining the six different size options that make up the Abu Garcia Elite Max Spinning Fishing Reel collection. These reels garxia called the Ike line because they were designed by legendary angler Mike Iaconelli. Not only do these reels perform at a high level like you would expect from something designed by Mike, they also have an amazing look that spinming a nice job of representing that unique Mike Iaconelli personality.

    This reel was basically spining to have gqrcia power, speed, comfort, and action you would want when tournament fishing — or if you are a serious angler that wants the best equipment possible. This reel has a 10 bearing system that provides a great retrieve rate for quick fishing and a smooth action that is going to help you keep fish hooked.

    This reel also has an integrated drop shot keeper, a great drag system, and the ability to provide great casting accuracy and distance. The reel also has a really nice EVA knob that makes it easy to grasp and control.

    Freshwater Reels Built for the Battle. Abu Garcia® has been leading the fishing world in innovation, design, and performance since We manufactured our first fishing reel, the ABU Record®, in Our reels continue to lead the industry by leveraging the best technology available to make them stronger, faster, lighter, more compact, and. World Class Fishingis only a Revo away Shop Discover the Revo® SeriesShop All Spinning Reels The MGX just went XTREME browse all models CARBON MATRIX™ DRAG SYSTEM Provides smooth consistent drag pressure throughout the drag setting. ROCKET LINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM™ Combines the spool design, oscillation system and bail a. 5 rows · Apr 16,  · Spinning reel size chart Small sized spinning reels ( – ) These are small spinning Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

    The other features are pretty similar to a lot of the other Abu Garcia reels. That includes a great graphite body, carbon rotor, — you know the top-notch materials that Abu Garcia uses in their reels. The look is just awesome. As you can see by the pictures these reels turn heads — and if you want something that looks great, this reel is a great choice.

    Here is a quick reference chart showing you want you can expect from the two reels in the Revo Ike Spinning Reel collection. Abu Garcia has done a really nice job of designing a spinning reel designed for inshore fishing — as well as handling the abuse reels face from those saltwater environments.

    Reel Schematics | Abu Garcia® Fishing

    To make these reels more durable and saltwater corrosive resistant, the size 30 and 35 models have an upgraded carbon frame. The size 40 and 60 reels have an all-aluminum body. There is an aluminum main gear and a very good drag system. These chzrt should last you a long time, even in those harsh fishing environments.

    There are 7 bearings reeel these reels, which should provide a smooth retrieval and a great casting performance. The best way to describe these reels is that they were designed specifically for garcai applications, and it is good to know that Abu Garcia has a great saltwater option for anglers too!

    It combines high end materials with a great design to produce a phenomenal fishing reel. Besides the great look he has a great handle that can be used left or right handed.

    Spinning reel sizes explained

    This handle also has a great knob that makes it psinning easy to grip. It also has an anti-reverse feature built-in. They are made spjnning an aluminum main shaft except for the size 40 option which has a titanium main shaftaluminum braided line ready spool, carbon rotor, graphite body design, and high-quality parts that will make this a very durable reel for a long time.

    The bearing system gives you the retrieval rate and smooth operation you would expect from high-end spinning reels. There are four different size options in this spinning reel line. The biggest differences in these options is going to be the amount of line that they can hold, but here is a quick graph showing you all the details of this reel line!

    These reels would be the lowest rated reel from Abu Garcia in terms of user reviews online. Basically, they are a reel that I would recommend for beginners or anglers that only fish occasionally. These reels are very basic. They have a 6 bearing reel system that gives it a solid retrieval rate and solid all-around performance. The casting ability of the reel is pretty good, and it does have a nice drag system.

    abu garcia spinning reel size chart

    It still has a high-quality design which includes a graphite body and rotor, aluminum spool, and a right — or — left handed reel handle position. There garci five different reel sizes in this line that start from very small to much larger! Those smaller reels are really good for ultra-light rods, pan fishing, some trout fishing, and those types of fishing techniques.

    Obviously, the bigger reels are better for deeper water, when you use higher pound au line, and for fishing techniques like trolling.

    Spinning Reels | Abu Garcia® Fishing

    Or for giving to your kids instead of letting them use your expensive gear. I am not going to create a chart listing out the different reel options in this line like I did with all the other options: mostly because there is only one fishing reel choice in the Abu Garcia Revo Winch Spinning Reel line. If you pick this option, you are getting a gear ratio of 4.

    This reel was designed for a very specific purpose. The Winch Gear Ratio of this reel creates a slower, more controlled lure presentation.

    abu garcia spinning reel size chart

    That makes this reel ideal for smaller crankbaits, swimbaits, spybaits — and fishing in certain conditions like colder water where that lure retrieval really needs to slow down.

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      There is no faster fishing than that which occurs using a Spinning Reel. Anglers love the challenge of landing fish that are constantly on the move, appearing out of nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. They revel in the breathtaking leaps of largemouth bass and the fight that ensues as it attempts to throw the hook.

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      Combined with all the other factors you need to consider when choosing a new reel, this is an additional level of complexity that you may be tempted to ignore. Just follow this guide, and check our spinning reel size chart below to find the perfect size reel for your purpose. The size spinning reel you should get is determined by the type of fishing you plan to do.

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      We know there are a lot of things you can do. Our Freshwater Reels make light work of heavy cover, fish the hard water with maximum efficiency, and provide fierce speed and strength required for any feeding frenzy.

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      Fishing has been a passion of mine since I was a young child. The first rod and reel that I can remember saving all my money for so I could purchase on my own was a Quantum rod that I paired with an Abu Garcia reel.

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