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spinning propeller toy

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  • The gearbox assembly 64 comprises of a plurality of inverted conical pinch rollers 9 distributed in respective radial positions, a DC motor 8 and proopeller power button 4 extending outwardly.

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    Propekler power button 4 is positioned below the receptacle A two-prong driving coupler 10 is disposed on top of the gearbox assembly As shown, the gearbox assembly 64 comprises propeller rotary cam plate 24sandwiched between a top cover 11 and a bottom cover The top cover 11 has a plurality of linear slots 32 disposed in a radial arrangement.

    The bottom cover 12 spinjing has a plurality of matching linear slots These linear slots 3233 confine the path of each inverted conical pinch roller 9 when the pinch rollers are moved inward before a propeller is launched. The cam plate 24 has a plurality of spiral slot 31 whereupon is seated a bushing 25 adjoined to the pinch roller 9 by means of a knurled shaft A rack 27 spinning to a rooted spur gear 44 on the bottom section of the cam plate One end of the rack 27 is connected to a power button 4 by a propeller linkage A recoiling spring 29 is deployed on the other end of the rack In operation, when the power button 4 is pressed, it drives the cam plate 24 into rotation and forces the pinch roller 9 to move inward along the linear slots 32 A leaf switch 30 is disposed on the moving path of rack 27 such that when the rack 27 travels transversely, the leaf switch 30 is triggered by a stepped spinninv 39 built on one side of the rack The leaf switch 30 is used to activate a DC motor 8.

    The DC motor 8 comprises a propellsr shaft 40 fitted through the bottom cover 12the cam plate 24 and the top toh The end portion of the motor shaft 40 is press-fitted with the two-prong coupler As shown, a multi-blade propeller 15 is fitted with a freely swivel tip 14 in the hub A steel shaft 17 is inserted through a register ring 16 and is permanently fixed to the multi-blade propeller 15 with a nylon washer 13 in between.

    The register ring 16 is further connected to a conical sleeve 19 by means of a tube The register ring 16the tube 18 and the conical sleeve 19 come into being one embodiment, yet are free to rotate independently of the multi-blade propeller On the other end of steel shaft 17a nylon washer 20 and a retaining plug 22 with two flat surfaces 41 are located.

    Further affixed to the retaining plug 22are a slave coupler 23 with two studs 42 positioned oppositely and a soft washer 21 in between to reduce any shock that may arise. The slave coupler toy is allowed to rotate freely within certain angular movements in respect to the retaining plug Reference is now made to FIG.

    As it is halfway seated propeller the receptacle 38 of the landing platform 3the propeller assembly 1 is restrained by the soft fins 34 built propelle the funnel-shaped receptacle 38 before it comes to engage with a driving coupler In the process of launching, the power button 4 is pressed inward along the direction 35causing the pinch rollers 9 to converge in order to grip the conical sleeve 19 of the propeller assembly 1and to pull the propeller assembly 1 further downward in the direction As such, the slave coupler 23 is spinning with the driving coupler Such arrangement provides buffering between the propeller assembly 1 and the receptacle toy At the same time, the arrangement minimizes the possibility of a descending propeller to bounce off the receptacle 38 because of the collision between the spinning coupler 23 of the propeller assembly 1 and the driving coupler toy of the gearbox assembly 64 see FIG.

    Spinning addition, the register ring 16properly seated in the opening of the funnel-shape receptacle 38helps maintaining an upright, non-swaying rotating axis pfopeller the propeller 1 when the propeller assembly 1 is spun upward.

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    In sum, according to the present invention, the flying toy has a handle and a driving mechanism to spin a propeller assembly, the propeller assembly having blades on the top end and a freely rotatable conical sleeve on toyy bottom end. In one embodiment of the present invention, a landing platform is provided on the top of the handle, the landing platform comprises a receptacle to accommodate the propeller assembly.

    spinning propeller toy

    The flying toy is operable in a first mode propeller launch the propeller assembly off the landing platform while the propeller assembly is located in the receptacle, and in a second mode to receive the propeller assembly into the receptacle while the propeller spinning is in flight with a spinning motion, and wherein the fins are made of a shock absorbent material so that when the flying toy is operated in the second mode, the fins hamper a force associated with the spinning motion while the propeller assembly is received into the receptacle.

    The propeller assembly has a first end, an opposing second end and a shaft connecting the first end to the second end, the shaft defining a spinning axis of the spinning motion, the first end having a plurality of blades to produce a propeller action in air associated with the spinning motion in order to maintain the propeller assembly in the air.

    The driving toy comprises a driving coupler for providing mechanical coupling between the driving mechanism and the end coupler of the propeller assembly so as to cause the blades to spin when the driving mechanism is activated; and the handle further comprises a plurality of pinch rollers positioned in relationship to the driving coupler, the pinch rollers movable between a first spinning and a second position, such that when the driving mechanism is activated to cause the blades to spin through the coupling between the end coupler and the driving coupler, the pinch rollers are propeller into the first position to engage with the conical sleeve in order to keep the propeller assembly in a stable position while the blades are spinning, and when the propeller assembly is ready to be launched, the pinch rollers are moved toy the second position, allowing the propeller assembly to disengage from the driving mechanism and the landing platform.

    's japan by linemar toys co. (japanese div. of marx) the airplane is 18" long. the battery operated airplane with sequential spinning propellers made in. down in reverse order. the condition of this example is excellent to near ideass.co date: Oct 30, Propellers are Toys in Adopt Me! that can be used as a means of transportation. Players can hold Propellers like any other normal toy, but they can also fly with them by clicking the left mouse button. Once the player begins flying with the propeller, they can use the mouse on the desktop version or the standard movement controls on the mobile version to adjust their path. The Glowing Whirly Flyer will lift off, its LED lights spinning through the air as it flies through space. Instructions: Place the launch pad onto the launching stick (the specially designed long twisty cork-screw stick). Light Up the Whirly Propellor's LED Lights and then place it .

    It should be noted, in another embodiment of the present invention, prope,ler landing platform is removed from the handle. Only the pinch rollers in the first position are used to hold the bottom end of the propeller when the driving mechanism spins the blade prior to launching. When it is ready to launch the propeller assembly, the pinch rollers are moved to the second position.

    Thus, although the invention has been described with respect to one or more embodiments thereof, it will be understood by those skilled in the art that the foregoing and various other changes, soinning and deviations in the form and detail thereof may be made without departing from the scope of this invention.

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    All rights reserved. Login Sign up. Search Expert Search Quick Search. Flying toy for propeller launching. United States Patent prropeller A flying toy has a handle and a driving mechanism to spin a propeller assembly for launching, the propeller assembly having blades on the top end and a freely rotatable conical sleeve on the bottom end.

    The handle comprises a plurality of pinch rollers surrounding the driving mechanism such dpinning when the driving mechanism is activated to spin the blades, the pinch rollers are moved inward to engage with the conical sleeve for holding the propeller assembly while the blades are spun, and the pinch rollers are moved away from the conical sleeve for launching the propeller assembly.

    The flying toy also has a landing platform affixed to the handle, the platform having a funnel-shaped receptacle to receive propeler bottom end of the propeller assembly.

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    The receptacle wall has soft fins for hampering the spinning of the propeller assembly when receiving a descending propeller assembly. To observe the effect, the propeller attached to the end of the ribbed stick must not be pinned at its exact centre of massi. For a functioning whammy diddle, there should be a "preferred" angle i.

    The confluence of two phase matched driving forces in orthogonal directions gives rise to a rotational force on the centre of mass at the propeller end, and thus, rotation. When the operator of the whammy-diddle surreptitiously changes the side at which their finger contacts the stick e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

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    Flying toy for propeller launching - Sze, Chau King

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    Spinning Propeller

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      This helicopter -like top originated in Jin dynasty China around AD, [1] and was the object of early experiments by English engineer George Cayley , the inventor of modern aeronautics. In China, the earliest known flying toys consisted of feathers at the end of a stick, which was rapidly spun between the hands and released into flight. The Jin dynasty Daoist philosopher Ge Hong 's c.

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      The present invention relates to a flying toy and, more particularly, to a flying toy having a propeller or multi-blade boomerang. A traditional hand-held flying toy uses a variety of mechanisms for simple sling action and catapult launching. Such mechanism is motor-driven or ripcord powered with bayonet coupling.

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