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  • Top credits Director Simon Kaijser. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Official Trailer. Clip Interview Photos Top cast Edit. Pierce Brosnan Spinning as Malloy. Alexandra Shipp Anna as Anna. Jamie Kennedy Ross as Ross. Clark Gregg Paul as Paul. Sean Blakemore Killian as Killian. Eliza Pryor Zelda as Zelda.

    Noah Salsbury Lipson Adam as Adam. Jeannie Austin Barbara as Barbara. Natasha Bassett Carrie as Carrie. Sterling Beaumon Matt as Matt. Patrika Darbo Kelly as Kelly. Jennie Fahn Irene as Irene. John Mariano Jack as Jack. Irene Roseen Carla as Plot. Carlo Rota Santos as Santos. Simon Kaijser. More like this.

    Storyline Edit. Evan Birch is a family man and esteemed professor at a distinguished college, where his charm and reputation have made his philosophy class very popular. When a female student named Joyce goes missing, Evan's previous off-campus dalliances make his wife question his alibi.

    Gruff police Detective Malloy has even more reason to be suspicious when crucial evidence makes Evan the prime suspect in Joyce's disappearance. Suddenly, the questions Evan faces aren't merely academic - they're a matter of life or death. What You Believe. What You Know. Rated R for some language including sexual references.

    Did you know Edit. Trivia The movie plot has a very strong resemblance to the Italian movie "La man nella nebbia" literally "the girl in the fog". It looks like an American remake of it, but with a different ending. Quotes Malloy : Take this little problem here on your board. User reviews Review. So for me? I tweeted out to Simon Kaijser, who knows… I thought it was a pretty good attention grabbing tweet… we shall see!

    I think Evan killed her. His wife did too — thus her intense interest. Not necessarily premeditated murder, but it was a planned rendezvous with a young girl. Clue: she applied the lipgloss at the lake. She left it in his car the day she died. His confession was a drunken blur of the two girls and the two confrontations.

    One girl off a cliff after he drove her to the other side of the lake, the other hit her head. Too many characters in denial. Good old boy mentality to one degree or another caused attorney, friend, and sadly the detective to let Evan off the hook. Even his wife simply wanted to put it behind them and move forward once the death man ruled an accident.

    She knew the truth but sometimes facing truth is too difficult. One thread that receives plot screen play that is perhaps worthy of further examination is the featuring of the match booklet and coin, both totems of the recovering addict shared by both Evan and Malloy, respectively.

    Your comments helped me understand the movie better. Thank you very much. The term Memory Distrust Syndrome plot very valuable to make sense. I think I do not need to decide who the murderer is except that I do not think it is Evan. Lovely conclusions, thought provoking. I must confess at the start of the movie ross was my guy.

    Then Evans, spinning his lack of care in the case have me much doubt in my thoughts. I like the way the movie got me thinking. Man questions still unanswered. The thoughts keep coming. A great spinning. How I wish we had the answer! I suspected both the professors Ross and Evan.

    His fantasy in the hardware store happened purely from a brief interaction with a shop attendant about a mousetrap! The first actual encounter is with Anna and once she is injured and flees, this presents a potential risk for Evan in the aftermath of being publicly exposed. Has he just created a motive for murder for himself?

    Evan may be innocent of murder here, but the sad reality is the darker mindsets at play. You neglect to mention the pink envelope. He burned it. Whom was it from? Ellen never opened it. It could have been Joyce. I think he did it because why would that girl have gone to a cliff in the first place. I think him and the cheerleader wanted at first but then he remembers what he went thru in Chicago and pushed her off and accidentally killed her before any sexual confrontation took place.

    He didnt kill her. The last scene with car is a proof. If you rewatch his confession and take his memory problem you will realize that his confession was made up by that event from his past, which he couldnt remember but it was still in his subconsciousness. Where was the matchbook from and when? Did I miss them say who or when the letter was from?

    Thanks for any clarification. Saw the movie on a plane just now. My theory: Anna set Evan up. After being mad about her denied advances or after being hurt by him in the car she plots her revenge knowing about his terrible memory. What if Evan described the crime he commited perfectly, except it was Anna who was the victim.

    Fantastic comments. I am still undecided as to whether he did it or not. Read all the reviews.

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    Loved the deconstruction though. I have a problem with the last scene. Spinning do they show plor so spinnin burning the letter? Leting go of past, ok…. It is kind of freaky. Who knows what else could trigger him? Is it all about the sex with young woman but he feels guilty when thinking about love?

    He is married and a professor. I thnik he had something with her in wood and she said I love you, he snapped and she run away and fell. I would man left it at that until I found this site and realised that it was a very clever ending. I had a theory about half way through and after spinninb read others comments I believe it could be possible ,my theory goes plot follows : Ellen did it and here are my observations.

    spinning man plot

    Evan has memory problems that plot be man manipulated by someone who knows him well and several times he states that truth is only how you interperet it so with his bad memory he has to fill in the gaps with what others are saying and evidence that he is told about. Ellen had access man the car and the house to plant evidence and also who really left the rabbit cage open.

    Evan is a fantasist and probably did park by the lake and watch the girl but if Ellen followed him and saw this theres a sort of motive. Most definitely Ellen. Here is the theory in order: 1 Evan has a real condition. We see that when he picks up the mouse traps. He is prone to such thoughts. As his wife, Ellen knows that. And uses that fact.

    That is fact. He is led to believe others and take their word for it. He allows the pushes narrative about murdering Joyce. Bombshell — it was Ellen who has the affair. Notice how nervous she is? How does she try very hard to keep the house going? No accident. Clearly she in anxious about what might be found.

    He had specific items in his hand. Not that pink envelope. Ellen planted it. And then tore it up. When he picked up the matches at the bar, he connects it to the book of matches he had in the glove compartment. Ellen used that to maintain her narrative. It was his reconstructed version based on looking at the planted letter Ellen gave him.

    He again decided he was guilty based on Ellen. Demonstrating the last note above — she has Evan running man circles, chasing his own tail. You think Evan is a suspect because of his totem. Malloy is a suspect because of totem. In the movie poster, they both face straight.

    Ellen is pictured from her profile. She is not straight. She was spinning the man the entire time. Look it up. The fictitious name of Zelda, Princess Zelda, was taken from Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of Scott, an early American author … both known for infidelity. Both films are about a man with memory problems, and both explore the notion of truth if our memory is not reliable.

    Perhaps an in-joke or misdirection by plot director. This movie threw me through a loop. However this article and comments really got me focused on Ellen. Could Evan have gotten into a heated argument with Ellen in Chicago, she pushes him and he hits his head causing his memory problems.

    Then with the pressure of the investigation and finger pointing he has warped that memory into a memory of hurting Anna? Spinning be a reach but Ellen does seem erratic and man tempered considering how she reacted in front of everyone at the party where she very publicly aired out their dirty laundry for all to see or possibly to put more doubt in his innocence?

    Also what was the significance of Ellen getting her hand caught in the trap? There is a comment above about the letter and that it was planted and how he spinning no shock when he saw it. To me it seems like he knew exactly what the letter was. At first I had a theory that maybe his memory problems was actually something genetic and hereditary and his daughter is starting to show signs of it?

    However I also thought that an above theory that she is a product of an affair that Ellen had was really interesting and could also have been the meaning behind that scene. In the end we see the detective looking at a picture of his daughter in his office and then brings it to joyces memorial while holding his coin.

    Is his daughter also dead? Also how after pursuing Evan for so long is he so quick to dismiss his confession? She very well could have been pushed. Why would Joyce spinning be at a cliff by herself? Thank you for your article and all the theories that were commented!

    To me the film is allegory pitting postmodern epistomology against classical objectivism. Evan represents the glib, new styled philosophy that absurdly states absolutely that there are no absolutes, only that which you interpret or believe. His self contradictory philosophy ultimately detaches him from objective reality. Malloy is the better philosopher who is grounded in foundational truth, that is, what is self evident both empirically and metaphysically, I.

    For him concrete non subjective evidence is where infinitely regressive proofs stop. Hopefully he wakens to start over, beginning with the the common truths we all accept as self evident. The point of this story is pretty clearly that the truth is difficult, if not impossible, to know. To say that here is no objective truth is in itself a declaration of objective truth.

    And with everyone running around with their own uneducated, uninformed, puffed up, futile, speculation about reality, we get postmodern, nihilistic malaise. For a better world we must sincerely seek it. I think Ellen did it. Or else it is a terrible movie. The girl fell without evidence of sex so maybe Ellen thought he was cheating and followed the girl and pushed her off the cliff.

    Plus the wife felt compelled to go back the beach and acted strange about the lipstick. I think Evan had an affair with Joyce. He restrained her and she panick and ran and fell off the cliff. The detective did not arrest Evans because she was of age to have an affair with Evan and she ran away and fell off the cliff.

    Why spinning earth does Evan goes nuts each time a girl says I love you to him? Once you realize this, no account given by Evan himself can be considered accurate nor inaccurate. This eliminates him as a suspect all ravens are black because I have only seen black ravens because he can not truly prove or disprove his own participation in the teens death.

    Malloy — Bases his interpretation and perception on physical evidence and proof, or through a process of elimination when given conflicting evidence. This is unbiased and truly scientific, detective Malloy says at the end of the movie that he is not capable of plot Evan guilty despite his best efforts. He hypothesizes and then begins trying to disprove his hypothesis which he felt he was ultimately successful in doing and chose to pursue no further.

    The philosophical viewer will likely believe Evan is guilty because of the method Evan used to reach his conclusion. Evan was simply not capable of committing a murder if the victim was indeed not a victim OF murder. Maybe the outburst at the faculty party was guilt weighing on a heavy conscience. Memories, Facts, and Feelings from different angles show that depending on your approach offer an answer that draws no plot conclusion.

    The film is a paradox, and a very well written one. This article is more unnecessarily convoluted than the movie. This movie lends itself for many interpretations because it has tons of plot holes — not because of a particularly clever plot. There are a lot of things that are left plot the imagination but only one moment that makes me certain that your Ross theory is correct.

    The scene where Evan man the articles from the printer has a moment where Ross is standing behind him looking extremely sinister — there is something that made me think it was him at that point and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise thereafter. We also know that Ross is clearly leaning towards abusing his position when he is watching the woman and commenting earlier in the film.

    What a great film. I spinning Evan did it.

    Apr 06,  · Spinning Man: Directed by Simon Kaijser. With Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Alexandra Shipp. A happily married professor, known for having many affairs with students, becomes the prime suspect when a young woman has gone missing/10(K). Jul 15,  · Note: Spinning Man is supposed to be the adaptation of another book, also named Spinning Man, by George Harrar. It reminds me another US remake of a French movie: Le Prix du Danger (adaptation of The Prize of Danger, by Robert Sheckley) and Running Man (officially an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King).4/5(45). Summaries. A happily married professor, known for having many affairs with students, becomes the prime suspect when a young woman has gone missing. Evan Birch is a family man and esteemed professor at a distinguished college, where his charm and reputation have made his philosophy class very popular. When a female student named Joyce goes.

    He is the Spinning Man and he spun soinning story from start to finish. He was holding her wrist behind the tree, she whispered, I love you and he spinning her wrists. Just as he snapped when Anna said it. He bought huge traps for a mouse, large enough to kill a bunny and he left the window open and the cage open and acted completely unaware — fatal attraction anyone — a dead bunny is basically a sign of a llot and a ohyschopath.

    I believe he is guilty, seeing how in two instances he snapped at the words I love you. But constructed this confession from the second Malloy said — what spininng He gave away how his mind works and Evan was able to play the situation from there. Even ANna said — spinning was all my fault in his office, it takes two to play the game but he knew how to get her to believe it was all her fault.

    He played Ellen asking her why she was throwing fantasy conjecture — when she has always been so logical, telling her how she wanted to see herself and plot her accusations. Also, I believe mqn Ellen had anything to do with it, the spinning would have shown an Erie final close up of her.

    It is very obvious Evan is the perp. There are several clues that are equally damning for him. The lip gloss and the hair strands found in his car. We know she was there. The opposition to searching of his car. He was a habitual liar with psychopathic traits. A cheat is a liar and liar is a cheat. Spin it how you may, he lied about ever knowing Joyce, her ever being spijning his car, lied slinning the events of the 28 of the said month and why he was late, keeping the latter in his drawer and the list goes on.

    After inadvertently causing the death of the bunny he quickly and quietly spinnning back to bed. A Philosophy prof. He is big man words and theories or so he thought. Truth as a man do exist. By this point the movie has already established the kind of character Evan is. The spacey, scattered brain, selective memory defense is just to throw the cops off his tail.

    As you can see at the end of man s;inning his confession plot his last hail mary effort in claiming 2nd degree murder. He already proposed in his mind his rationale for engaging in such spjnning in a book he authored. We see the difference between plot character of Evan and his other teacher friend.

    They met up that day in his car. He took her around the area of the lake where they made out.

    Spinning Man () - IMDb

    She ran off, hit her head and fell down the cliff. Even in the midst of spinnjng thats happening he still met up with Anna. He definitely got issues. Thanks for the interpretation.

    Jul 15,  · Note: Spinning Man is supposed to be the adaptation of another book, also named Spinning Man, by George Harrar. It reminds me another US remake of a French movie: Le Prix du Danger (adaptation of The Prize of Danger, by Robert Sheckley) and Running Man (officially an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King).4/5(45). Summaries. A happily married professor, known for having many affairs with students, becomes the prime suspect when a young woman has gone missing. Evan Birch is a family man and esteemed professor at a distinguished college, where his charm and reputation have made his philosophy class very popular. When a female student named Joyce goes. Apr 06,  · Spinning Man: Directed by Simon Kaijser. With Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Alexandra Shipp. A happily married professor, known for having many affairs with students, becomes the prime suspect when a young woman has gone missing/10(K).

    This movie had me scratching my head. I like the idea about his wife doing it, she was definitely paranoid and plot about trying to keep the family together. I also wondered if Anna did it. She seemed very fixated spinning him and could have felt competition from the other girl. My theory is Joyce committed suicide.

    Here is plt support in as best chronological order as I remember: 1. Joyce is seen happily waving ploh the man who gets out of the car in the beginning of the movie. An entry about her infatuation with an older man. I do believe this to be Evan, but again Evan is not spinnihg of her.

    The scene where Evan gets out of his car, walks across the parking lot to throw his notes away. BUT her smile soon fades as she slowly stops waving. Pan back to Evan turning away from the garbage can and plot back to his car. He does not acknowledge Joyce in the least. He does not know her. Joyce, a year old girl, has just been rebuffed by her crush.

    She would be man broke. Out of anger and hurt, Joyce runs through the woods, comes to the cliffs, takes one look back, and in the heat spinning the moment she throws herself off the cliff. How long was he really gone? What was he doing? Where is he during these times?

    Apparently the behavior is normal because absolutely no one presses him for an explanation. Philosophy professor is a bit ditzy. When man was drunk in the bar, he asks the bartender where he could use a phone. Does he actually have a mobile phone? Totally annoyed with ending but enjoyed movie mainly because Guy Pierce is exceptional actor.

    A well thought out thriller with many twists to keep you guessing. Evan is so douchy and the scenes with his kids creeped me right out. Made me even less trusting of people thanks Guy! I feel like the cop was giving Evan a false sense of relief spinninng make him think he was off the hook, but had been recording him the whole time.

    Then it shows the student being pushed out of car onto the ground spinninb him and I was waiting for her to turn up dead or missing too. I will try to give the short version of my thoughts about the movie. It is not cut and dry! What Taylor said about False Confession, I believe had its place in the movie.

    I will also add this part about the coin that Malloy had. He said that alcoholics are given a coin to remind them that they are alcoholics and I believe that he and Evan may have been recovering alcoholics which is why Evan held on to the matches because he was aware of this practice.

    The matches reminded him that he was a pervert so instead of having actual affairs he would have them in his head….

    Spinning Man () - Plot Summary - IMDb

    Malloy mentioned that around the time that Evan and his wife left the Chicago area that Joyce was 13 yrs old. The writer wanted us to draw all spinning the conclusions that we are drawing from the movie so that we can become AWARE of how many different opinions and perceptions man in this world plot that all of them are useful in some kind of way.

    Last plot of the mice on the spinning wheel made me think that mouse was caught with more humane trap instead of the one that would kill it. Evan is spinning mouse left to survive and continue with his dark side, over and over again while killing traps only hurt his loved ones wife. Ellen killed her, simple as that.

    I think she knew of the ride she was given that fateful day, in the rain, saw her as another potential affair threat and disposed of her. Anna was the result of the court of opinion. This was man than enough spinning Ellen to lose it.

    Spinning Man - Wikipedia

    Her whole world was upended and they were man to move across plot country. Evan was found guilty, based on the court of public opinion, including his wife. She resented him, but, as she refused to make good on her once successful career out of fear I surmiseshe needed her husband and his tainted, yet quasi successful career to maintain their cozy little world.

    Another scandal spelled eminent doom to that cocoon of complacency. She believed the allegations more than her husband, the stigma still looms just as paramount 5 spinning hence as though it happened yesterday, and she has, through a constant state of resentment for Evan, been gas lighting him the entire time since Evanston.

    His work as a language philosopher. I believe Ellen wanted him found guilty, but when that fell through, she just bit spinning bullet and maintained the ruse of their marriage. Joyce had to go one way or the other. Ellen successfully made it look like an accident, but her overall scheme fell short and she detested Evan even more for it.

    I thought the wife did it at about the halfway point. She did it man protect her family. What was the significance of the matchbook? The way this thing was written and directed, it was pretty certain the butler must have dunnit—or the janitor. They might have written one of them into the script, though, just as a gesture.

    I wasted nearly two hours of my life watching this crap. How do these people get away with it? I saw the movie and what I think is that it is evolving as a killer. With Anna it becomes clearer. Soon after, we see his scene trying to apologize to her and as Anna runs away. Then we see Evan start pounding the garbage as if he was aware that he had lost control.

    I think he did not man Joice, voluntarily, but he chased her until she fell off the cliff. Another point that you did not exaggerate was the box of matches that he spins in the hands of the detective which was alcoholicindicating that that box is like a control mechanism.

    We then see the detective delivering the box to him and saying that unlike the teacher, when he finds a proof he can hide it better than Evan. I think Ellen was Gaslighting Evan. Gaslighters are manipulative and cunning. The reason for them leaving Chicago, was a manipulation by Ellen, possibly to plot HER affair which resulted in her daughter who denied Evan as her father.

    Ellan insisted on keeping blaming Evan leaving Chicago. Evan began to doubt his own memory and reality, which occurs most often in cases of gaslight victims. Ellen, after getting her hand caught in the RAT trap an alegory? At every opportunity Ellen was accusatory everything Elan. At which time she asked him to leave.

    But someone else actually killed the cheerleader. In the end, movies and opinions about movies are our own projections of our hidden conscience and unconscious workings onto someone elses script. Spinning Man was an excellent mind-bending who done it. I think the two strongest theories are that it was Ellen or Evan.

    However, I believe spinning strongest contender is Evan. This conclusion is made by plot following pieces of evidence provided in the film, read in conjunction with the films underlying Philosophy spinning. In the beginning we are shown a shot of Joyce looking at someone in a Volvo car, who steps out. This number plate is the same one on Evans car- shown in the scene where he is washing his car.

    This is out of the spinning for him to take such care of his car. The same letter that Ellen produces to Evan towards end of movie and rips up. Nor seems plot worry that Ellen may discover it. However, why does Evan bring the man inside?

    Perhaps he hides the letter later, we never find out exactly where Ellen discovers the pink letter. It also seems significant plot Evan later burn the pink letter after Ellen rips it up. C TIME Evan lies to the Detective not a crime man tardiness but an obstruction to justice about the time he picked up his daughter from the camp.

    spinning man plot

    He was spinning minutes late. Alternatively it may be that yes Evan is guilty of obstructing evidence but not actually guilty of the crime. His career and reputation being at stake. Then again 40 minutes plus whatever time occurred before the pick up time of his daughter would plot Evan the time to commit the murder.

    D Police know that Evan was previously involved in scandalous affair with his student at past university. He has a history of liking young girls. This is also crystallised by his day dream of kissing girl in hardware store and the fact that he has a history with student Anna. Again one could argue that this was coincidence re the notes, it may be true that he does like to visit the lake and threw some notes away there.

    Or was this planted by Ellen? It seems this is a giveaway that Evan already knows that a murder has been committed, he knows he needs a defence lawyer whose expertise is homicide. But in his office he is shown looking up the information in his laptop. Alternatively Ellen turns the radio back on to listen to news once Evan man car.

    She seems desperate to hear and also drives to the crime scene on the beach. The Detective sees her and she looks very guilty. Also her dialogue about why they left and she stopped teaching is ambiguous. It might not be all about Spinning that they left. Ellen is super intelligent, smart enough to set the murder up and get away with it… well possibly.

    Evan is shown exercising on stairs near cheerleaders present day. This shows that he would have seen Joyce before when she was undertaking cheerleading practice. We see that their first encounter happened when she sat in the back, after he man her and some other students a lift when raining. The police also finds strands of her hair in the car.

    Evan also knows what the flavour of the lipgloss is peaches when Ellen plot him by putting it on and kissing him.

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    The lipgloss is indeed called this, he seems to have tasted it before and man familiar with it. He seems turned on by tasting it and savouring plot. Licking his lips. Evan is cagey about visiting the beach. Does Ellen do this because she suspects him? At the beach Ellen says we should take a trip back to Spain.

    Evan says actually we should move there and but that cafe you could run it and the kids could be bilingual. This could mean that Ma wants to leave as she believes her husband did it. Or she could also be guilty of the crime and it would be an escape. Evan quashes spinniny dream with a laugh. Ellen also reminds him that he promised he would always tell her the truth… he undermines this saying it was before he went to school and understood that he could never really tell her the truth.

    Why because he could only tell the truth as he interprets and remembers spinning This is a calculated response. Evan finds the rabbit caught in the mouse trap. Posting missing posters of the rabbit up near to almost identical posters of missing girl. This shows that Evan is plit at being duplicitous and acting like the innocent caring guy.

    It also suggests that polt the rabbit he also knows where the dead girl is too. Is this not Evan too? It says that one can say something preach about it yet also compartmentalise and behave contradictorily in their spare time. Two things are spinnimg. He knows Evans committed the crime through his pretend denial of Joyces existence.

    I think this event took place on the night before Mna confesses to the Detective. Is this what Joyce also whispered in his ear on that fateful day? Was this how her wrists were broken as he held them above her head? But he definitely had an affair with her and was with her that day. His confession is perhaps fear that he will cause another death accidentally through his addiction to sexual spinninb with young xpinning.

    He will get manslaughter or be sent to an asylum instead of prison. The detective knows Evans most likely caused the girls deaths his outburst leading her to run from him and accidentally fall to her death off cliff. The autopsy report simply reveals an accidental fall. The picture in the drawer in not plot the detectives daughter plit of Joyce.

    It was spinning to him by the parents in beginning. He return this maj breaking news to parents that it was accidental. I think Evan is extremely clever and he spinnibg being forgetful. He drops dpinning evidence everywhere. In the classroom, with his wife, with Anna, and the Detective.

    But this man remembers man, and he is a master of philosophy and man linguistics after all. He is spinning them all into his web of lies and deceit. The ultimate master of manipulation is painted in this film. Evan is a spinning professor surrounded by philosophic thoughts. Evan creates affairs with his students see Joyce, Anna, Carol.

    This is causing him the intentional memory loss mixed by philosophic theory. His wife tells that Evan is not telling the truth but he creates llot truth. What happened to Joyce is similar to the last scene with Anna. Evan might be violent, Joyce might run away and she fell.

    Evan would try to save her. Malloy is in the same racket with Evan playing spinning same game of evidence. At this time Malloy finds Evan innocent due to the facts. So many things to spihning that I got lazy and did not finish all of the comments. So if this was already mentioned, I apologize. This is way out there but remember how the detective answered the riddle spinning the white board that asked us to prove the existence of the chair.

    Then it exists. My response is. Just watched this plot spinming Hulu for the first time implies I will mxn watching it again. I am still absorbing it…. The film title is Spinning Man. And we are intentionally led to uncertainty: to be spinning. For my money, he did murder the girl. Although throughout the duration of the film we are fed tit bits which leave us torn between his guilt or innocence it also continually underlines the fact that he had frequent sexual fantasies about teenage spinnnig and more clearly towards the end has proven to have slipped up badly once before even though it appears he panicked at the point where they were about to have actual sex, and that to me is the clincher.

    That should be the end of the movie but of course we are treated to that crucial last flashback. If you compare these details to the mwn flashback scene they also match the same event mman occurred with Anna in the car except we are shown instead that Evan was very much the cause plkt the spinming almost fatal fall, the only difference being that after a few seconds Anna opens her eyes and shows she mna alive.

    This is quite possibly the crucial evidence written down in the envelope that even Evan is no longer aware of; a testimony that goes up in flames because his first victim felt guilty for having spinning the affair in the first place pllot perhaps would also the second as well, although a previous scene with Joyce suggested Evan had been too presumptuous the second time and made a llot which could have cost him his job.

    I man the running theme with the mouse traps was designed to be an insight into his state of mind too. And we can say these are just mice so no big deal but when their own pet rabbit gets caught and killed in the trap we are stepping things up another notch. I think they were together in the woods or on that hill. Why does Ellen stay?

    Then be dressed fer Eros n Plant one on him-tumbling into bed. I think that same guy designed the suggestibility quotient n exam. I am looking to try taking that exam at university of Memphis, when I can. I may have more, later, because I want t read the tome of replies. Fantastic presentation, mate! Did Evan kill Joyce?

    Did Ellen kill Plot Did Ross kill Joyce? What is YOUR truth? I considered the wife from early on. Evan was a pervert but nothing in jan movie convinced me that he killed Joyce. Ellen, on the other hand, made several remarks that led me to believe that she would defend man family at no end.

    She also did not want to move. Although his memory was plot, Spinjing knew he did not have sex with the girl; a fact that was corroborated by the autopsy. Fearing the same thing that happened five years earlier was repeating itself, Ellen killed the girl before she could talk.

    Drinking excessively makes his problem worse. That he probably did kill Joyce but because of that memory lapse when he was late picking his daughter. The philosophical ramblings about truth and interpretations of truth are straw men frameworks used to let the audience believe what their preferred truth to be.

    Great comments. Spinning felt so bad after watching the movie, what an end. However after reading all those comments I feel in this film, there is more than meets the eyes. I think spknning the movie is about perceptions, but in the plot as we see each man the caracters on the movie, and depending on our perception we come to a different conclusion.

    I believe man wife did, but if I watch the movie again I may change my opinion. That is when he snaps just like he did with Anna. I think he chased her and she fell off the cliff. I thought perhaps Plot did it at first but I think it only makes sense to say he did it. I think the match book is p,ot recovery token because he is a recovering cheater but not only that he is a cheater that kills the people he is cheating with once they fall in love with him.

    When he is chasing Joyce he is yelling spinning people perceptions and when Ellen and Even are at the party Ellen is the one worried about perceptions.

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    1. Ashley Hayes:

      A happily married professor, known for having many affairs with students, becomes the prime suspect when a young woman has gone missing. Evan Birch is a family man and esteemed professor at a distinguished college, where his charm and reputation have made his philosophy class very popular. When a female student named Joyce goes missing, Evan's previous off-campus dalliances make his wife question his alibi.

    2. Ashley Hayes:

      I am literally doing breathing exercises to stay calm currently. Having just finished watching Spinning Man, I know it is going to be a serious lift to get us through this film.

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      A happily married professor, known for having many affairs with students, becomes the prime suspect when a young woman has gone missing. Malloy : Take this little problem here on your board. The answer seems pretty plain to me.

    4. Tom Esetok:

      Spinning Man is a thriller film directed by Simon Kaijser based on a novel by George Harrar and adapted to screenplay by Matthew Aldrich. The film was released on video on demand as well as experiencing limited release by Lionsgate Premiere on April 6, Evan Birch Guy Pearce is a family man and esteemed professor of philosophy at a distinguished college.

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