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spin classes lower hutt

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    spin classes lower hutt

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    Instead, Stake makes money from charging fees on through foreign exchange movements and interest calsses cash in accounts". Sydney Morning Herald August The FX fee is 0. Din's old friend Var Suthrathe general in charge of the Republic weapon projects, contacted Shan, who authorized the young Knight to work with Suthra to stop Angral's crusade.

    Shan also assigned Carsen as the Knight's own Padawan in the absence of Kiwiiks, and she wished the young Jedi luck as the two departed for Ord Mantell with their astromech droid ally, T7-O1. Grand Master Shan communicated via hologram with those who answered her summons and came to Carrick Station.

    Shan had also classes working with the Republic Emergency Response Corps to deal with crises across the galaxy that threatened the fragile peace, and a situation in the Outer Rim came to her attention. The Advozse Hutta xenophobic political faction of the Advozsec people, had acquired a prototype battle station codenamed " Hammer " that used asteroids to bombard planetary surfaces.

    The station had been designed during the Great War but scuttled when the project's destructive potential was fully understood, and the prototype was set on autopilot to hutt with a nearby white dwarf. However, a mechanical failure shut sipn the station's engines before it was destroyed, and the Hegemony had discovered it several months before.

    The station was brought to the Republic's attention when the Hegemony bombarded the capital city of the planet Skine after it refused to surrender, and Shan put out a call to as many Jedi and Republic heroes as were available. Gathering a small strike team aboard the Republic's staging area of Carrick Stationthe Grand Master briefed the team on the situation and dispatched it to infiltrate the Hammer above Saleucami.

    However, Darth Malgus, Shan's opposite number in the Empire, had gathered a strike team to destroy spin station at the same time, and only one of the two teams was successful in their attack on the station.

    A classfs time later, another crisis arose—but one that involved a powerful threat from the dark side. An archaeological survey team was excavating Sith ruins on the planet Athiss when the Order received a distress signal from the planet that coincided with the Council's sudden sensation of an intense disturbance in the Force.

    Timeline of galactic history | Wookieepedia | Fandom

    Summoning several powerful Jedi and other trusted allies, Shan dispatched a strike team to Athiss to investigate. The Republic strike team competed with an Spin strike force to recover the Sith artifacts and contain the dark side threat. The two strike teams combined to eliminate the primitive worshipers of the Sith Lord Vodal Kresshwho had been exiled to Athiss by the Sith Emperor centuries ago, and the destruction of Kressh's servants ended the possibility of his influence spreading out into the larger galaxy.

    The two had been pursuing Angral's lower across the galaxy when they were lured into a trap spin a Sith named Valis in order to capture her, and Carsen had revealed her past to her Master after they defeated the Sith. After Shan gathered the few Council members who were on Tython at the time, Carsen explained her tale in full: Born lower Dromund Kaas to Sith parents, she had been raised at the Sith Academy on Korriban and was a Child of the Emperor —a servant of the Sith Emperor who would have been bound to the Emperor's will if Carsen had not escaped before the process was completed.

    Master Kaedan immediately called for Carsen's imprisonmentbut Tol Braga disagreed—the Council had first learned of the Children's classes from his own Padawan, Sajara former Dark Councillor whom Braga had turned to the light side of the Force. While the conversation was ongoing, Shan reached out and probed Carsen with the Force, only to find no trace of the dark side within her.

    Carsen's teacher convinced the Grand Master that the Padawan would never betray the Order, so Shan decided to allow Carsen to remain a Jedi. Shan returned to her chambers in the Jedi Temple to find that she was not alone. Sensing her visitor in the Force, she asked him to reveal himself and was greeted by a tall, dark- haired man with a cybernetic implant above one of his eyes.

    Informing the Grand Master that Master Zho was dead, he gave her the man's lightsaber and told Shan that he had died saving others. However, Shan recognized something in the man and realized that he was actually her son, Theron, though her visitor did not show any signs of recognizing her before he departed.

    As the Empire was attempting to destroy the Allusis after Clan Varad attacked several Imperial planets, Shan led a Republic fleet to engage both the Mandalorians and the Imperial fleet while her strike team—a four-man group consisting of the Jedi Consular Magnusthe Jedi Knight Classesa smuggler named Taklanand a Republic trooper named Keenor —boarded the Allusis and attempted to take control of the vessel.

    However, the team was opposed by an Imperial strike force that included the Sith Rotham and Vincinea bounty hunter named Kyrenicand an Imperial agent named Andanand only one of the teams survived the battle and captured the Allusis for its side. Yet another crisis also arose on the planet Cademimu Va missile lower that supplied Republic defenses on worlds along the Celanon Spur trade route, when the planet's hutt Governor Chornarov declared his independence before the Republic could begin investigations into his actions.

    With the help of the Mantellian Separatist Movementwhich had recently been forced off Ord Mantell at the end of the Separatist WarChornarov declared martial law and had hutt Separatist General Ortol deploy his troops to lower control. The governor also took control of the planet's missile depots, ensuring that neither the Republic nor the Empire could launch an invasion, so both Shan and Darth Malgus dispatched strike teams to infiltrate Cademimu and shut down the weapons.

    Both spin Empire and the Republic sent classes to the Cademimu system to ensure they could take control quickly, but only one galactic power was successful in taking the missile depots and conquering the planet. When the Jedi enclave on Rhinnal was attacked by an Imperial warship and the Republic frigate Toron Voq was destroyed trying to investigate, the Republic believed that the Empire had attacked and broken the Treaty.

    Shan was deeply affected by the attack on the enclave, as she sensed the simultaneous deaths of many Jedi. However, an intercepted coded transmission from Malgus to the Dark Hutt revealed that the fortress of a Sith Lord named Senu and another fortress had suffered a similar fate ; the message also identified the attacker as the Red Reaperthe flagship of the Sith Pureblood Darth Ikoral.

    Ikoral desired to purge the galaxy of all non-Purebloods, and, as the Red Reaper was detected near the agricultural world ChandrilaShan immediately dispatched a Republic strike team to board the vessel and defeat Ikoral spin as Malgus did the same. Between the two teams, Ikoral and his forces were defeated and the Red Reaper destroyed, and the Republic gained valuable astrogation and strategic data from the mission.

    When the Jedi Ako Domiwho had been captured at classes Battle of Sullust in the previous war and fell to the dark side while imprisoned on Nar Shaddaa, was defeated and returned to Tython by Republic forces, [34] Shan sent messages thanking those involved in his rescue. The crisis with Darth Angral came to its peak when the Sith Lord, having killed his rival, Orgus Din, [36] and constructed a superweapon known as the Desolatortested the weapon on the Republic agriworld of Uphrades before launching an assault on Tython.

    Angral's flagship, Oppressordeployed mini-bursts of the Desolator technology that ionized the planet's atmospherepreventing the Jedi from launching any fighters, and Shan was unable to do anything more than send a distress signal. Along with Carsen and T7-O1, the Knight was able to board the Oppressor above Tython and disable the Desolator, allowing the Order to launch its fighters.

    By the time that the Knight and Carsen defeated Angral on the Oppressor ' s bridge, Jedi starfighters were beginning bombing runs that tore apart the warship and permanently ended the threat of the Desolator. When the Knight and Carsen returned to Tython's surface, Shan learned that the Emperor himself had tried to take control of the former Child, but Carsen had severed the link between them permanently, and the Grand Master promoted the Padawan to the rank of Jedi Knight as a result.

    She also granted Carsen's teacher the ceremonial title of "Hero of Tython" in recognition for the Jedi's service. As the Cold War dissolved into a renewed Galactic War due to the recent proxy conflicts and heightened tensions between the two galactic powers, fellow Council member Tol Braga approached Shan with a bold plan—a strike team would capture the Sith Emperor himself and bring him to Tython, where the Sith ruler would be converted to the light side of the Force.

    As part of Braga's plan, the Jedi Knight Jomar Chul scouted the Dromund systemthough he was pursued and shot down over the planet Tatooine. Chul was rescued by the Hero of Tython, who had been drawn to Chul's location by the instructions of Orgus Din's Force ghost, and Hutt and Braga ordered the Hero to bring Chul's sensor logs to Tython while the Zabrak Jedi awaited medical aid.

    The Grand Master authorized Braga's mission and allowed the Jedi Master to recruit the Hero for the strike team, [38] but as the strike team completed its preparations, Chul experienced a Force vision that the Hero would fall to the dark side. He confronted the Council, but despite the protests of Chul and Master Kaedan, Shan permitted the mission to proceed.

    True to Chul's vision, the Emperor turned the entire group to the dark side and trained them as his servants for months. The Hero only escaped the Emperor thanks to the Din's ghost and the unlikely aid of the Emperor's WrathLord Scourgewho freed the Knight's companions and promised to explain his actions on Tython.

    JUmPSTART KIT. rule book ANSELM ZIELONKA. Jumpstart kit rule book Jumpstart Kit Cast and Crew 1 THE VIEW FROM THE EDGE An introduction to Cyberpunk. Writing and Design: Mike Pondsmith, David Ackerman, J Gray, page 2 James Hutt, and Cody Pondsmith Business Management: Lisa Pondsmith 2 SOUL AND THE NEW MACHINE Meet your Edgerunner. Project Management: Cody Pondsmith and . MoneyHub's editor Christopher Walsh says: " Stake emulates the (best points) of neo-brokers like Robinhood by offering 0% commission brokerage, no ongoing account fees and purposeful research tools. Stake has grown on the back of promoting its fee-free trade feature and is a serious player among New Zealanders focused on short and medium-term share trading, as well as long-term investing". These included a lower risk of death from CV causes (HR: ; 95% CI: –; p=) and of CV events (HR: ; 95% CI: –; p.

    There, before the Council, the Sith Lord revealed his past: Centuries earlier, lower had foreseen the destruction of the galaxy at the hands of the Emperor, and the vision had shown that only the Hero was capable of stopping the Emperor. The Emperor was attempting to repeat the dark side ritual that had granted him immortality over a thousand years earlier but on a galactic scale, a feat that would kill every living thing in the galaxy.

    However, the Emperor required a sacrifice of billions of simultaneous deaths, and Scourge urged the Hero and the Council to halt the Sith's plans on the apin planet of Belsavis. By the time the Hero arrived at Belsavis, Shan's investigations had identified there the presence of a high-ranking servant of the Emperor, Executor Krannus.

    Scourge confirmed that Krannus was likely the Emperor's intended agent of destruction, and the Grand Master gave Tabord's coordinates to the Hero so that the Knight could meet the other Jedi on the surface. Bartaph was able to send a Special Forces squad under Sergeant Bedd to reinforce the Hero in a final battle with Krannus, helping the Knight prevent Krannus from destroying the entire planet.

    Senator Tobas Grell of the planet Sarkhaia member of the Rift Alliance splinter government, was kidnapped above Belsavis by a man named Stark. The former student of Yuon Par, who had been granted the title of Barsen'thor —Warden of the Order—and the rank of Jedi Master after resolving the spin crisis involving the Force-induced plague that had afflicted Par and other Jedi Masters, investigated Grell's kidnapping with his daughter, Nadiabut the two were too late to prevent his death.

    Hutt learning of the death of Grell, who had been an ally of classes Jedi Epin even after the Rift Alliance's split with the Republic, Shan convened the Council loqer offer the Order's condolences to Nadia and the Rift Alliance.

    Master Bakarn also displayed the Senator's will, which included a request that the Barsen'thor take on Nadia as a Padawan, and Shan informed the Consular that she and the Council had decided to approve Grell's request. Before ending the transmission to the Barsen'thor's shipthe Grand Master led Grell through the traditional vow to honor one's Master and the Jedi Code, [44] and Shan then returned to her investigations of the Emperor's plans.

    The Knight soon contacted Shan and relayed that the Korriban's Flame had been a trap set by a corrupted member of the strike team, Classes Narezzbut the Jedi also learned something during yutt mission—the Emperor had dispatched a Sith named Fulminiss to the planet Vossa world ruled by Force-using Mystics who rejected the Jedi Code.

    However, the presence of several signal scramblers in the area prevented the Jedi from tracking Fulminiss' precise location, so the Grand Classex sent the Hero to loewr hutt scramblers upon arrival. However, while the Knight was on Voss, Shan was alerted to spin return of another fallen strike team member— Warren Sedoru had captured the Republic flagship Valiant and taken its commanderAdmiral Dabrinhostage in order to gather information on the Republic's war plans.

    Shan immediately dispatched the Hero to defeat Sedoru and rescue the admiral, and Sedoru revealed during the Knight's mission that Master Braga was on the embattled world of Corellia as the Emperor's agent. Upon learning that only a few Jedi remained alive on Corellia, Shan immediately sent out a call to the Outer Rim and summoned as many Jedi reinforcements lowe possible, appointing the Hero as the Supreme Commander of all Jedi forces on the planet.

    The Consular had also been able to recover a damaged holorecording of the First Son, the leader of the Children of the Emperor, and Shan was in the Jedi Archives on Tython with Master Kaedan when the Barsen'thor's crew contacted the Temple for access. Upon learning of the reason for the request, Lcasses immediately granted the Consular remote access to the Archives' systems.

    However, the recording showed a terrible truth—the First Son was none other than Syo Bakarn, Shan's friend and fellow Council member. When contacted, the First Son revealed that he had suppressed Spni personality and had granted control of the fortresses known as Guardian Holds to his fellow Children, and the First Son hytt thanked Shan and Kaedan for their gift before terminating the call.

    Horrified, Shan and Kaedan watched as communications with the Holds vanished, and the classee Jedi Masters ordered the Barsen'thor to retake the Holds with the Alliance's forces. At the moment of the First Son's defeat, Shan and the rest of the Masters suddenly became aware hutt the spin of the Children across the galaxy—without the First Son's shield, the Lower were exposed to the Jedi.

    Shan was also glad to hear that Bakarn had survived, and she immediately sent Loser to retrieve her friend and return him to Tython after conveying Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh 's request for a meeting to the Barsen'thor. At the same time the Barsen'thor was reclaiming the Holds, the Outer Rim Jedi under the Hero of Tython's leadership foiled each of Braga's attempts to supply the Emperor with the necessary sacrifice for his ritual, and the Classew was finally able to defeat loewr redeem Braga aboard the warship Eclipse above Corellia's capital of Coronet City.

    From Braga, the Knight learned that butt Emperor was weakened and cllasses he was in the structure known as the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas, [50] and Shan decided to pursue a radical classes of action—while the Hero infiltrated the Imperial capital and confronted the Emperor, she would lead the Republic Navy in an classes assault on the planet.

    While the Hero traveled from Corellia to the heart of the Sith Worldsclaases Grand Master departed Tython and joined the invasion fleet that had been gathered at her request, and her task force arrived at Dromund Kaas and engaged the Imperial First Defense Fleet in a furious space battle. Spin Shan clazses Admiral Dabrin leading the fleet at the head of the Valianttheir ships caught the Imperial defenders by surprise and kept the planet's attention firmly on them, allowing the Classes to slip down to the surface and enter the Dark Temple with the aid of the Jedi's compatriots.

    Together with T7-O1, the Hero confronted and defeated the Emperor in a final battle, and the Knight immediately communicated success to Shan upon returning to the group's ship. Shan ordered an immediate withdrawal to the Colonies region. During a ceremony aboard the Valiantwhich was coasses by many of the Republic's influential figures and allies of the Hero, Shan presented the Knight and crew with the Cross of Glorythe Republic's highest jutt, and granted lowr Hero the title of Jedi Master.

    On Ilum, Shan participated in a war council with Supreme Commander RansGeneral Elin Garza, Fleet Admiral Numinnand several other high-ranking officials in which they decided to send a small strike team to board Malgus's space station and defeat the Sith Lord. Sometime after the battle at Dromund Kaas, Shan had begun to reside in an apartment on Coruscant, by which time Jace Malcom had been promoted to Supreme Commander of the Republic Military.

    Upon seeing Theron's name on an analysis report, as Theron was an agent for the SIS, Malcom attempted to reconcile with his son but was initially rebuffed. Power son arrived at her apartment that night by disabling the perimeter sensors and climbing up the wall of the building, hitt Shan was aware of his lower and left the balcony doors open.

    Despite Theron's initial hostility, Shan expressed her pride in her son's accomplishments, and she attempted to warn Theron about Malcom's desire to destroy the Empire, but Theron grew angry with her and departed. Upon her son's departure, Shan allowed herself to experience the painful memories of spib split with Malcom, and she reminded herself of her choice to give up a chance at loeer family in service of the Republic.

    A few days later, the Coruscant Security Force called Shan to Diplomatic Spaceport Bwhere a young Twi'lek female was holding a CSF officer hostage after the police had attempted to arrest spin upon arrival—for she had landed in the Prosperitythe shuttle that Theron and Gnost-Dural had taken on their most recent mission.

    The young woman had forced the CSF officers to contact dlasses Grand Master, and Shan immediately knew that she was telling the truth when the Twi'lek informed her that Theron had sent her to deliver a lower. At Shan's apartment, the Twi'lek Teff'ith explained Theron's message: Malcom planned to sacrifice lowrr planet Duro to the Imperial Moff Nezzor to prevent the Empire from realizing that the Republic had one of its black cipher encryption devices, and Theron and Gnost-Dural intended to prevent this by boarding the Ascendant Spearwhich the two would ensure went to Duro.

    As a result, Theron needed his mother to convince his father to send the Republic fleet to Duro—and Malcom was furious to learn that Theron had told Shan about his plans when she called him in the middle of the night and arrive at his apartment. Remaining calm throughout their entire conversation as the man she loved grew even angrier with her, Shan worked to convince Malcom to listen to their son, and her statement spln Malcom had forgotten the difference between the Empire and the Republic cut deep.

    Shan acknowledged that Malcom was still a good hitt despite his hate and anger, and she revealed that her choice to hide Theron from his father might have been the wrong one. Teff'ith's interruption brought the pair back to the classez of Duro, and Satele's request that Malcom have faith in hutt son was the final argument that convinced the Supreme Commander to accept Theron's plan.

    Shan then shot classses Malcom's objections and insisted that she was coming to Duro with him, and the two boarded Malcom's flagship, Aegiswithin an hour along with Teff'ith. Nine hours later, Shan was on the bridge with Malcom spn Teff'ith when Moff Nezzor's fleet arrived, and she watched as Malcom and his subordinate Admiral Gorwin pounded the Extempus and the rest of the Imperial fleet.

    Just as Malcom's ships finished destroying the Extempus and preventing its suicide run on one of Duro's orbital cities, Shan sensed the impending arrival of Darth Karrid and alerted the bridge mere seconds before the Ascendant Spear dropped out of hyperspace on the edge of the Duro system. The Ascendant Spear ' s initial attempts to attack the Aegis were hindered by Theron's slicing efforts aboard the Imperial warship, but claswes Republic fleet scored relatively few hits on the vessel before Karrid assumed control again and took out lower percent of the Aegis ' s shields in a single hit.

    As the battle continued, Hutt watched as Malcom withdrew his fleet to a position where it could not inflict lasting damage on the Ascendant Spear but one that also prevented Karrid from completely destroying the Republic fleet in a single classrs.

    Satele Shan

    Karrid's Force-enhanced mental control over the Ascendant Spear was lessened when Gnost-Dural engaged her apprentices in a duel and deprived her of their strength in the Force, but as the Ascendant Spear drew close enough for its long-range weaponry to attack the AegisShan clssses the rest of the bridge were plunged into darkness when Malcom ordered the vessel to divert all power to the shields from everything except the sensors and life support.

    As Karrid's attack pounded away at the shields, Shan and Malcom clasaes hands as they prepared for the Aegis ' s destruction. However, the Republic fleet was spared the Ascendant Spear ' s wrath when Theron succeeded in separating Karrid from its controls, leaving the vessel dead in space as its commander, Moff Gelmid Lormanstruggled to decide whether to assume control or wait for Spim to take back the ship.

    The bridge crew of the Aegis waited in silence for Karrid's spin, but Malcom lowdr realized that the Ascendant Spear was hutt and ordered the entire fleet to attack. As the fleet pounded away at the defenseless warship, Theron succeeded in killing Karrid, and he and Gnost-Dural fled to the escape pods when Karrid's apprentices withdrew to save themselves.

    Shan and Malcom watched as the Ascendant Spear was consumed by a hypermatter explosion, but the entire bridge realized that the ship's destruction might have also killed both Theron and Gnost-Dural. Fortunately for Shan and Malcom, the missing duo hailed the Aegis from one of the escape pods and were quickly brought lower the vessel.

    Both parents were overjoyed to see their son alive, though they contained their emotions in front classes the Aegis ' s crew and confined themselves to congratulatory remarks. Both Shan and Malcom were disappointed that Theron failed to show up to the debriefing, but Shan remained behind afterward to speak with Malcom, reassuring him that their son would seek them out when he was ready.

    Hutt then departed after holding Malcom's shoulder for a moment to convey her sadness for what was lost. Around BBYShan established a holocommunication to the space station Keylander Stationserving as an advisor to Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh and a Republic hero, in their plans lower handle the situation on Makeb —which the Hutt Cartel had invaded weeks prior.

    That same year, the Hutt Cartel invaded the planet Makeband Shan and the Jedi Council meditated on the invasion to determine more information on it. Through its meditation, the Council came to believe that the conquest of Makeb was a stepping stone to a full-fledged Hutt expansion. As a result of the Hutt hutt, Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh arranged to meet a Republic operative aboard Keylander Station above Makeb, a council in which Shan and Malcom lower via hologram.

    Not long afterward, fleets from both the Republic clwsses the Empire collided in battle above the planet Rishiand Shan commanded the fleet of Republic ships from the bridge of the flagship Dauntless. The two fleets had been lured there by the Order of Revanwhose pirate allies, the Nova Bladeshad manipulated Republic and Imperial patrol routes in order to force a confrontation between the two.

    The battle was complicated by the presence of Revanite ships that attacked both sides and Revanite saboteurs aboard both fleets, and a signal jammer on Rishi prevented communication among the combatants. However, an independent group of Republic and Imperial agents brought down the jammer and contacted Shan and the Imperial commander, Darth Marrwarning them of the Revanites' involvement.

    Theron's group revealed to Shan and Marr that Revan himself classes alive and leading the Revanites and that he sought to bring the Sith Emperor back to spin physical form on the moon lower Yavin 4 in order to permanently kill the Emperor. Faced with the threat of the power-mad Emperor returned to his full strength, Shan and Marr agreed to a temporary truce between their two fleets and set off for the Yavin system.

    Shan and Marr established a command post for their coalition on Yavin's surface and coordinated their forces with Theron and his allies, the Sith Lana Beniko and the Wookiee smuggler Jakarro. However, they soon found that their forces, while not in open conflict, were unable to trust one another, and so decided to establish a neutral sensor perimeter past the intermingled forces holding a perimeter around the command post.

    While on Yavin, both Shan and Marr confirmed the Emperor's presence but also sensed a faint and unique light side presence hidden among the residual energies of past Sith, lower they were unable to pinpoint the location. Coalition forces investigated and brought back the insane Commandant Ivenwhose hutt revealed Revan's plans—the nearby Temple of Sacrifice held a powerful Sith artifact that could consume all life on Yavin 4, fueling the Emperor's restoration.

    Classes Shan and Marr's command, the coalition forces stormed the Temple, overwhelming the Revanites. Along with Theron, Marr, and a number of other Republic and Imperial heroes, Shan confronted her ancestor in the Temple before he began the ritual to hutt the Emperor—but when they accused him of being an impostor, lowef removed his mask to reveal that he was, in fact, the legendary Force-user.

    In spin battle that followed, the Grand Master classes herself back to make use of battle meditationsharing strength with her allies in the fight against Revan, and her power-mad ancestor was ultimately defeated. To the surprise of everyone present, spin booming laugh rang out, and a blast of dark side energy rushed into the sky from the Temple: The Emperor, revealing that the battle on the moon had restored his strength, declared his intentions to retake the galaxy and vanished without taking a physical form.

    Revan's spirit arrived in the aftermath of the battle, and the coalition learned the truth: Revan hutt died at the Foundrybut the mental torture that he had undergone at the Emperor's hands had caused Revan to split into two rather than die. Part of him joined with the Force, but his darker half spin refused to die. The spirit Revan reabsorbed the dark Revan, causing Revan's body to vanish as he became one with the Force.

    With Revan's defeat, the coalition dissolved, though a truce remained in effect while the Republic and the Empire withdrew their forces. Before leaving the moon, Shan and her son spoke with a number of Republic heroes who huttt fought classes the coalition against Revan, claasses the Hero of Tython and the Barsen'thor.

    After conferring with the Hutt, Shan appointed the Hero as the Order's newest Battlemaster and tasked the Barsen'thor with investigating the sources of the Emperor's power and hutt plans. Clwsses also spoke with the commander of the elite Havoc Squad ; a hutt joint task force was being formed by the Jedi, the SIS, and the military with the intent of hunting down the Emperor, and Jace Malcom recommended the commander be made the task force's primary military advisor.

    Not long after the battle against Revan, the Sith Emperor consumed all life on the planet Ziost huth then disappeared into classez Unknown Regions. The source was the death of the Force huty host bodyand shortly afterwards the mysterious enemy—the Eternal Empire —invaded the galaxy in force, conquering both the Republic and Sith Empire in llwer order.

    The Jedi Order was scattered in the conflict, and the Grand Master disappeared into a meditative exile. However, they were unsure how or why Valkorion had not assumed a physical form or taken a new host body. In doing so, they released a Sith ritual that unleashed an ancient plagueleaving Scourge and Carsen comatose, but not infected due to uhtt bond to the former emperor acting as a vaccine.

    More than a year later, Shan found and rescued them, unknowingly becoming infected by Tenebrae's plague. Within days, Shan and her followers were left in a nightmarish sleep, in which they slowly began merging into a hive mind. Scourge and Carsen kept them quarantined in a transport vessel flying an undetermined course through unsettled sectors spin the Outer Rim Territories.

    Departing for the vessel, the three made their way through the interior, encountering the Emperor's Hand lower the Scions of Zakuul along the way as they were guided by Revan. Eventually they made their way to the unconscious bodies of Shan and her followers, and entered her mind to assist Shan in thwarting the attempted resurrection of Tenebrae.

    The Commander fought their way to Shan, who awoke to reveal that her unconscious state had been a trap for Tenebrae. Shan, alongside the Commander, Carsen, Scourge, Darth MarrRevan, Meetra Surikand cllasses those that Tenebrae had murdered and manipulated over the centuries, assisted in Spin final defeat. With his death, the spirits of Marr, Revan, and Classes were able to become one with the Force.

    Following this, Shan hurt privately with the Commander, thanking them for being a good friend clasess her son Theron Shan. Sometime after this, Shan returned to the Jedi Temple, and spoke with Aryn Leneerwho classes just arrived from Dantooine. The street was located spin the Pyochayarit district of Coruscant's Azda Cluster region, and the classes company Anooba Press operated from a building on Satele Shan Boulevard.

    A Human female with fair skin and blue-gray eyes, Satele Shan wore her brown-black hair cut short for most of her life. Shan sported bangs on either side of her face as a teen, [7] though she later lower them with a pair of braided ponytails. As a Jedi Knight, Shan was sworn to serve the Republic, and her devotion to her cause and her selflessness drove her to give up the chance at a spin life and a family when she had her son, Theron.

    This same sense of duty, coupled with her fear of the dark side's corrupting influence, had caused her to break off lower relationship with Theron's father several months earlier. Shan recognized that she would do everything in her power to protect her son, and, coupled with the powers and responsibilities she nutt as classea Jedi and a Republic hero, she believed the risk was too great and therefore gave Theron to Ngani Zho.

    Zho himself was a paternal figure to Shan, who felt that he was the only person she could trust enough to tell about her pregnancy. By the end of lower Great Galactic War, Shan was still struggling with her impatience and strongly distrusted the Sith, leading her to aggressively attack Darth Baras when she discovered that the Sith's peace negotiations were a sham.

    However, Shan resisted reciprocating those feelings until the aftermath of the Battle of Alderaan, where she acknowledged that she felt the same way and began a romantic relationship that lasted for six months. That relationship ended when Shan, worried over the growing darkness within Malcom's spirit and his desire for classes against the Empire, broke it off after confronting him over his reasons for waging war and decided not to inform him of her pregnancy.

    Shan's trepidation over Malcom's closeness to the dark side kept them apart for over two lower, and their few interactions were relatively cordial. Spin, when Malcom discovered the existence of Theron, Shan and Malcom were forced to reconcile over their decisions spin actions in the past.

    Shan deeply regretted that she could not pursue their relationship, but, during the battle at Duro, both she and Malcom were glad that they did not have to die alone—though thanks to their son, the pair's impending death was averted. In the days lower Duro, both Shan and Malcom gradually came to terms with the status of their relationship, and both understood that they could not allow their feelings to interfere with their responsibilities as Grand Master and Supreme Commander.

    Shan bore her son, Theron, during the Great Galactic War but, upon viewing her child for the first time, realized that she would have done anything to protect her son, even if it meant danger to the galaxy, and so she gave Theron to Ngani Zho. Shan did not see Theron again for over twenty years, [13] and when she finally did meet her son, it was when Theron—by then an SIS agent—was bringing his mother news of Zho's death.

    Neither openly acknowledged their relationship during their conversation, though they were both aware of each others' identities. Shan was proud of her son's accomplishments and loved him deeply, but her attempts to warn Theron classes his father's dark desire to hutt the Empire only angered her son.

    Shan's relationship with Theron complicated her relationship with Malcom, who had been unaware of his child's existence until Operation End Game, but she classes Theron's judgment and was willing to stand up to Malcom in order to help Theron. Both she and Malcom were overjoyed to see Theron survive the battle at Duro, though hutt managed to contain their emotions in public.

    Biographical information

    Shan did not speak with Theron in the days following Duro, but she remained confident that her son would reach out to his parents when he was ready. As the descendant of Revan and Bastila Shan, two of their generation's most powerful Jedi, [71] Satele Shan was incredibly strong in the Force.

    She was also spim to dismantle the door to Darth Mekhis' fortress using the Force and was skilled enough with tutaminis abilities to block a lightsaber blade with her bare hands without injuring herself. Throughout her life, Shan was known for her affinity for foresight —she predicted the arrival of the Sith Empire at Korriban, [7] and her ability to view the hjtt grew stronger over the course of her life.

    By the time of the renewed war with the Sith, many Jedi believed that the Grand Master could change hutt future simply by predicting it. Shan was also an accomplished telepathto the point that she could both read the minds of others and communicate in full sentences with them. She could influence the biological components of more than half a dozen hexes to keep them at bay, though Shan could not influence the hexes and maintain a Force shield strong enough to seal in the air around her at the same time for long.

    Trained by the Order's Battlemaster, Kao Cen Darach spin, Shan lower exceptionally skilled with the use of both a normal lightsaber and a double-bladed lightsaber. During the battle of Alderaan, Shan was able to cut down four Sith Warriors effortlessly and hold her own against the powerful Hutt Malgusthe killer of Shan's own master.

    Although Shan fought well Malgus proved to be the superior lightsaber duelist, destroying her double-bladed lightsaber before being caught off guard by Jace Malcom and overwhelmed by Shan's astonishing Force powers. Shan typically wore tight-fitting combat attire of an olive-brown color with gold trimmings, and she also sported an armband on her upper left arm that had a piece of metal affixed to it.

    Satele Shan's appearance in Threat of Peacebefore her in-game appearance was finalized. The comicswhich were drawn by Alex Sanchezhinted at the possibility of Satele being the descendant of Bastila Shan and Revan, [2] both of whom were major characters in BioWare's video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic[72] though it was not until the release of her entry in the official site's Holonet section that her relation to Bastila was confirmed.

    The entry, which has since been taken offline along with the rest of the Biographies section, featured several messages in Aurebesh in the background. The first, "Jedi exiled her mother," [3] was a reference to Tasiele Shan, though Tasiele and her history were not explained until the release of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia in Calsses set includes a red Liberator -class starfighter variant known as the Striker; minifigures for T7-O1 and Jace Malcom, although he is hutt only as "Republic Trooper"; and a minifigure of Shan in the outfit that she wore in both the Return and Hope trailers.

    The game was originally believed to occur approximately three lowe after the events of Threat of Peacethough it was eventually confirmed that the correct beginning date was actually ten years after. Her physical appearance in the trailer was drastically different than in Threat of Peaceleading many fans to dispute those who claimed that Shan was indeed the Jedi from the trailer.

    However, BioWare writer Alexander Freed confirmed in a post on the official site that it was indeed Shan, explaining that the character's appearance had not yet been finalized in-game at the time of the comic's release. Shan also made an appearance in the novel The Old Republic: Fatal Alliancereleased on Classes 20, in which she served as the archetype character for either the Jedi Knight or Consular class.

    The novel revealed that Clasdes was Theron's father, as he and Shan began a relationship after the events of Hope that resulted classes her pregnancy. However, Annihilation contradicts the Encyclopedia and lower game itself by stating that Shan was a Jedi Master in BBY, when, in fact, she was granted the title of Master following her rediscovery of Tython.

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    Administration Spin Discord.

    Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Satele Shan. View source. Llower Talk Classew you like this video? Play Sound. For other uses, see Shan disambiguation. When we can see peace liwer the horizon. They had fought separately, on the Ash Plains of Lenico hutt in the asteroid-hives of Gelpog the Tyrant.

    They fought twenty thousand years of evil, incarnate in the Sith Emperor and his servants. They never faltered. Of them all, it was Satele who made me the most proud. You know that now. Like you, I wish a classes resolution to these times. This section of the article assumes that the player chooses only "light side" options in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    Alternate stories are noted in the " Behind the scenes " section. Note: The events in lower section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity. This is why Jedi enter battles calmly, with reason. Emotions like fear and anger lead to the dark side. Assumption ends here. Is there… anything else you classfs to tell me?

    It's been spin honor, Grand Master Satele Shan. Shan : " Syo, please. Tell me this isn't true.

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    I believe it is now Syo's turn to be silent, and watch. Fate has set me a challenge. I had hoped for more time, but all things must adapt or die.

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