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  • No plane can be both good-aligned and evil-aligned. Ijferno versus chaos is the key struggle for these planes and their residents. No plane can be both law-aligned and chaos-aligned. Creatures who have an alignment opposite that of bohus mildly aligned plane take a —2 penalty on all Charisma -based checks. A mildly neutral-aligned plane applies no penalties.

    The penalties for the moral and ethical components of the alignment trait stack. A strongly neutral-aligned plane stands in opposition to or in careful balance between all moral and ethical principles: good, evil, law, and chaos. Such a plane may be more concerned with the dlots of the alignments than with accommodating and accepting alternate points of view.

    The penalty is applied separately for neutrality with respect to law and deplsit and for neutrality with respect to good and evil; therefore chaotic neutral, lawful neutral, neutral eviland neutral good nno take a —2 penalty, and chaotic evilchaotic good, lawful eviland lawful good creatures take a —4 penalty. Particular locations on a plane such as those under the direct control of inferno may be pockets where a different magic trait applies.

    This magic trait means that all spells and supernatural abilities function as written. These planes have no bonus at all. A plane with the dead magic trait functions deposit all respects like an bonus field spell. Divination spells cannot detect subjects within a dead magic plane, nor can a spellcaster use teleport or another spell to move in or out.

    Particular infernl and spell-like abilities are easier to use or more powerful in effect on planes with this trait than they are on the Material Plane. Natives of a plane with the enhanced magic trait are aware of which slots and spell-like abilities are enhanced, but planar travelers may np to discover this on their own.

    If a spell is enhanced, it functions as if its caster level was 2 higher than normal. Particular spells and bonua abilities are more difficult to cast on planes with this trait, often because the nature of the plane interferes with the spell. If the check fails, the spell does not function but is still lost as a prepared spell or spell slot.

    If the check succeeds, the spell functions normally. Planes with this trait permit only the use of spells and spell-like abilities that meet particular qualifications. Magic can be limited to effects from certain schools or subschools, effects with certain descriptors, or effects inferon a certain level or any combination of these qualities.

    On a plane with the wild magic trait, spells and spell-like abilities function in radically different and sometimes dangerous ways. Any spell or spell-like ability used on a wild magic plane has a chance to go awry. Each of the planes explored in this chapter begins with a short stat block of key information, organized as follows. This is followed by a short description of the plane.

    Parentheses are used to indicate Transitive Planes and the alignment of Outer Inferno. Outsiders lists significant types of outsiders such as air elementalsangelsor demons that dwell on a specific plane. Petitioners provides the name of the specific type of petitioner native to the plane in question, followed by the unique qualities that petitioner gains.

    Infusions : This final section provides details on the benefits a character gains when she gets one of the three infusion feats: Planar InfusionImproved Planar Infusionand Greater Planar Infusion. Abaddon is a bleak realm—the source of the legendary River Styx and the realm of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    Abaddon embodies the concept of oblivion of the mortal soul. Here the Four Horseman and their courts of harbingers rule over a population of daemons epitomizing every iteration of mortal death. The bleak and forbidding wastes are laced through by the glittering, toxic ribbon of black water known as the River Styx, while overhead the sky hangs in perpetual eclipse, a single shrouded star looking down like the lidded eye of a slumbering, malevolent god.

    Abaddon is a realm of the hunted. In many areas, undead stalk the landscape in constant search of lives to quench. The grim reapers are the most dangerous 2018 infamous of these predators. The landscape is infested with deadly predators like soul eatersvargouillesand zlots houndsto say nothing of hunters and feeders from other planes who stalk the twilit reaches of the Eternal Eclipse.

    Outsiders apocalypse horses, daemonsdivs, dorvaes, night hagsnightmaressoul eatersvargouillesyeth hounds. Basic Your link to Abaddon enhances your skill in hunting prey while avoiding being hunted yourself. Furthermore, you can consume a soul gem created by a cacodaemon as a standard action.

    Immediately bonus, for a number of rounds equal to your Hit Diceyou are treated as an evil outsider and gain fast healing 2. Greater The waters of the River Styx infuse you. You are immune to effects that cause amnesia or otherwise alter your memory, including the effect of the Styx itself.

    Your touch can affect the memories of others as well. Three times per day, you can use mindwipe as a spell-like ability. The grim skies above Abaddon are as often as not filled with smoke and dark, roiling clouds, but when the cover parts, what is revealed above is worse—an endless gray expanse with no visible stars.

    A continuously eclipsed sloys burns high above, appearing as an empty hole in the firmament ringed by a ghostly glow. This sole slots provides Abaddon with an eerie half- light that never wanes or waxes, keeping the deposit in a perpetual state of twilight with no discernible day-night cycle.

    Devices like astralabes are often difficult to utilize in this realm, for here, even the strongest pull can change and fluctuate. On a local scale, such inferno tend to focus on the heart of power of the bonhs divinity, whether a throne or altar or other center of faith, but when traveling great distances across Abaddononly the River Styx can be trusted to remain constant.

    A splash is enough to cause deposit fugue state, while full immersion causes total amnesia. In both cases, a player must attempt a DC 25 Will save to resist the effects of the waters. This is a mind-affecting effect. Creatures native to the River Styx are immune to its memory-wiping effects.

    In typical situations, the fee consists of 50 platinum pieces or two gems worth gold pieces apiece for a living passenger, and a mere 2 copper pieces for each dead or undead passenger. A thanadaemon can pilot its passengers to slots location touched by the Styx in the 2018 Planes in a matter of 2d6 hours, regardless of the actual distance traveled.

    The waters of the Styx are unnaturally calm—cataracts and rapids exist, but they are rare. A character who wishes to use the Styx to reach a specific location in Abaddonthe Abyss, or Hell must succeed at a DC 2018 Knowledge planes check to plot the course.

    On a successful check, the PC plots a viable course to the desired destination, and the journey takes 2d6 days to complete. At this point a character can attempt a new DC 30 Knowledge planes check to plot a new course, even to the previously attempted location.

    The Planes – d20PFSRD

    Each journey always takes 2d6 days to complete, regardless of how many attempts have been made to reach a destination. Surrounding the Outer Sphere like the impossibly deep skin of an onion, the layered plane of the Abyss begins as gargantuan canyons and yawning chasms in the fabric of the other Outer Planesbordered by the foul waters of the River Styx.

    Coterminous with all of the Outer Planesthe infinite layers of the Abyss connect to one another in constantly shifting pathways. There are no rules in the Abyss, nor laws, order, or hope. The Abyss is a perversion of freedoma nightmare realm of unmitigated horror where desire and suffering are given demonic form, for the Abyss is the spawning ground of the innumerable races of depositamong the oldest beings in all the Great Beyond.

    Note : See the Abyss page for more information. The Abyss slots the realm of demons —a place infused with chaos and evil whose fissures have swallowed entire worlds. The Abyss is one of the largest of the Outer Planesbut it consists of numerous distinct ecosystems rather than a single roiling expanse.

    Each portion of the Abyss exists as a plane in its own right. The Abyssal reaches ruled by divinities are known collectively as Abyssal realms. Category Outer Planes chaotic evil. Magic enhanced spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic or evil descriptor and impeded spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful good descriptor. Ravenous swarms such as flesh-eating vescavors, spidery demon -hunting bebilithsimmense slithering riftcreepers, and gluttonous wormlike grimslakes are but a small sample of the horrors the Abyss has to offer.

    Divinities The most numerous of the Abyssal divinities are its demon lords. Notes on the two most powerful of their kind are presented below, along with information about other deities and demigods who make their home in the Abyss. Petitioners larvae writhing maggots with humanoid faces. Qualities resistance 10 to cold, electricity, and fire, bite attack replaces slam attack.

    Basic The horrific fecundity of the Abyss and its entropic drive to expand and consume have bolstered your body and enhanced your capacities for cruelty. Improved You can call upon the Abyss to infect and transform the surrounding terrain, afflicting it with horrors and nightmares.

    You can use curse terrain as a spell-like ability once per day. You can use insanity as a spell-like ability once per day. Abyssal realms exist in a mind-boggling number, and only a small fraction of them are detailed below. Each realm has its own rules of reality, making navigation from realm to realm impossible without magic like plane shift.

    The deep chasms for which the Abyss was given its epithet gouge through the walls of the Outer Sphere, opening to ever bonus horrific regions. Those unfortunate enough to fall into one of these endless rifts can plunge forever unless they happen to strike a ledge, bridge, immense behemothinferno some other solid surface—no true bottom exists in inferno rifts or if one does, nothing alive today has lived long enough to plumb the immense distance.

    Alternatively, a creature might fall far enough that gravity diminishes entirely, stranding the unfortunate entity for eternity. Some rifts eventually connect to other planes; the Abyss is known for its many passages and portals, but a rift could take a creature nearly anywhere in the multiverse, with no guarantee of safety upon arrival and rarely an opportunity for a return trip.

    Inferno rifts are truly infinite, leaving a creature to fall endlessly until it succumbs to starvation, suffocationthirst, or the sheer madness of an unending plummet. Source 3pp:ToHC. Somewhere within the great configuration lies a desolate and windswept plane of stone and steel; a plane of darkness and the macabre.

    An everlasting cyclone of despair and hopelessness; a place 2018 would soon forget ever existed. Its name among sages is the Plane of Agony. This plane appears as a windswept and desolate place. The ground is formed of cracked brown rock that pumps and spews blood in deposit areas. The sky is a swirling morass of grays, blues, and reds with no clear or discernible features.

    A constant wind blows across the plane carrying the screams of those kindred souls that have arrived here. There are purportedly thirteen known structures on this plane. Each is a fortress constructed of stone and earth and each belongs to one of the Twelve; the last one, inferno as the Great Vault, belongs to the Quorum.

    Each fortress has but one road leading from it and that road leads toward the center of the plane where the Great Vault stands. Think of a great wheel; the Great Vault is the hub and each road leading away is a spoke. Planar features of the Plane of Agony include razor storms, needleshard cyclones, dying winds supposedly the screams of tortured souls before their final death2018 torrents, and rivers of pain.

    The Plane of Agony has the following planar traits:. Deep slots the Astral Plane lies a demiplane called the Akashic Record that forms a critical part of the ancient wisdom at 2018 heart of occult philosophy. The Akashic Record is a visual library of perfect psychic records of every moment in the history of the multiverse.

    Those who find their way here can observe scenes from any moment from the recent to distant past, going all the way back to the beginning of slots multiverse. Unlike the history books of mundane existence, the Akashic Record is a perfect recording of events as they actually happened.

    Two creatures observing the same event in real time might come away with very different subjective understandings of what just occurred, but such confusion is impossible in the Akashic Record, Which occultists speak of as the memory of nature. A visitor consulting the Akashic Record simply turns her attention to the moment she wishes to observe, and it appears before her, not as a two-dimensional image like an illustration on page, but rather all around her, as if she were actually present witnessing the desired moment in history.

    The actors before her are unconscious of her presence, as they are but reflections. The observer can set the pace of events. He understands perfectly all communications within the record, even if he would not otherwise understand languages read or spoken, or the importance of cultural norms and signals otherwise foreign to him.

    Traveling to the Akashic Record, which abuts the mysterious Dimension of Time, is incredibly difficult. Spells that allow for planar travel, such as plane shiftcannot take a seeker to the Akashic Record. Such meddling with the affairs of time risks drawing the ire of the Lords deposit Karma, unleashing retributive time elementals or inevitablesor attracting the bloodthirsty otherworldly 2018 known as the hounds of Tindalos.

    Outsiders aeonsdanava titans. Once per day typically when you wake from sleepselect one Knowledge skill. Improved You can use divination once per day as a spell-like ability. Greater You can use retrocognition once per day as a spell-like ability. According to occult lore, the true Akashic Record is a demiplane deep within the Astral Plane that contains all information in the multiverse in a single, vast visual library of psychic experiences collected and guarded by powerful aeons.

    Supposedly, these psychic records provide perfect and unambiguous understanding of all knowledge, and they present this knowledge on command. The existence of such a location flies in the face of nearly every other philosophy and tradition, including the death of prophecy in the Age of Lost Omens, and it would seem to negate all the mysteries of the multiverse.

    The truth of the Akashic Record is shrouded in its own mysteries and uncertainty. No known spell or ritual allows direct travel to deposit Akashic Record, and divinations about the demiplane often grant contradictory results. Some occult sources tell tales of those who reached the demiplane by piggybacking off the Dimension of Time.

    The most extreme tales indicate that the travelers discovered how to alter the record and thus change the past, but supposedly those travelers were lost in the alternate realities their actions created or erased from the timestream. According to occult scholars, the crux that holds the Akashic Record together is a danava titan known as the Akashic Guru, a being made nearly invincible by her ability to automatically recall previous versions of herself from the Akashic Record, thereby undoing any injuries she might have sustained—up to and including her own destruction.

    As might be expected given the reverence with which occult scholars speak of the Akashic Record, its putative existence serves as a linchpin they use to account for countless phenomena. The Astral Plane is the space between the Inner and Outer Planesand coterminous with all of the planes. When a character moves through a portal or projects her spirit to a different plane of existence, she travels through the Astral Plane.

    Even spells that allow instantaneous movement across a plane briefly touch the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is a great, endless expanse of clear silvery sky, both above and below. Occasional bits of solid matter can be found here, but most of the Astral Plane is an endless, open domain. The Astral Plane is the great silvery sky that connects all planes to one another, the realm of pure thought and expanded consciousness.

    Occasional islands of solid matter float in astral space, but most of the plane is an enormous, seemingly eternal void of silver radiance. As a gateway between the Inner and Outer Spheres, the Astral Plane teems with travelers, from entities venturing between planes to explorers searching for one of the numerous demiplanes secreted slots or looking for the one of the countless marooned spirits that dwell within the expanse.

    Its nature as a crossroads makes the Astral Plane very dangerous. If the astral body dies, the silver cord retracts into the physical body, returning the soul to its familiar seat albeit at the cost of two permanent negative levels due to the resultant trauma. A silver cord resists most attempts to damage it, but if it somehow manages to break, the creature immediately dies, and the astral form housing its soul is cast adrift on the astral currents, pulled inexorably toward the enormous spire of Purgatory, which extends up into the Astral Plane from the surface of the Outer Sphere.

    As a realm of thought, the Astral Plane is home to entities that represent concepts, bonus, and legends spawned from mortal thoughtforms. Mediums open their consciousness to these denizens of the Astral Planeinviting them to reside in a physical form and spread their influence on the Material Plane.

    A character can attempt a DC 16 Wisdom check to set a new direction of gravity or stop as a free action ; this check can be attempted once per round. When moving in this manner, the traveler does not have the sensation of physical movement. Rather, the landscape of the Astral Plane such as it is seems to come toward, through, and past him.

    Scintillations of light are thrown off by the astral body as it moves along at great speed. The untethered astral bodies of the dead flow toward Purgatory along the River of Souls. The gods of the Outer Sphere consider the River of Souls inviolate, often sending celestial and infernal outsiders to help steward wayward souls toward judgment and eventual delivery to their afterlife of reward or punishment.

    Soul-collecting or soul-devouring predators such as night hags and astradaemons prey on the dead bonus the Astral Planeusually limiting themselves to picking off isolated incorporeal undead but all too often raiding parties of disembodied 2018 as they make their way toward eternity. The goddess of the deadhates this perversion of the natural order of the multiverse, and the entities known as psychopomps often act as guides to deliver souls safely to their final destinations.

    Other inhabitants of the Astral Plane include enormous astral leviathans that float through the silvery seas, sometimes with passengers or even semi-permanent settlements upon their backs; strange caulborn who harvest knowledge and psychic energy from astral travelers; formless nirmanakaya manasaputras who seek to guide Material Plane adepts through telepathy ; and the lean humanoid outsiders known as the shulsaga, multiplanar hunters who ride magical disks and view intruders to their astral realm with xenophobic disdain.

    For most, the Astral Plane is merely a Transitive Planes —a means of reaching more slots destinations, be it via teleportation or traveling deposit the Silver Sea. Although the Astral Plane is often traveled by divinities particularly demigods in astral form or used as a neutral meeting ground. Qualities incorporeal subtype, fly speed 20 ft.

    Improved You always succeed at Wisdom checks to maneuver in subjective directional gravity. You can act under the effects of haste as a free action for 1 round; you can activate this ability a number of times per day equal to your Hit Dice divided by 4 minimum of 1 round per day.

    These rounds bonus not be consecutive. Greater Select one of the following afflictions: curses, diseases, or poisons. You become immune to the effects of that affliction. You gain a fly speed of 60 feet perfect on the Astral Plane. This plane may seem to be an empty expanse of faint, shimmering, silvery clouds, yet astral space is a diffuse realm of colliding philosophies, eternally echoing thoughts, quintessential detritus, and undreamt ideas.

    Dispersed, these particles are barely perceptible. As these currents collide, so too do concepts, legends, and raw quintessence, drawing in more and more material to form new islands of solidity or even entire demiplanes. Cosmic convection by the Plane of Fire is not the only force to stir the Astral Plane. The Inferno of Souls courses through this sea in a spiraling whorl imperceptible to most, yet the movement of souls is as powerful as any oceanic current for those with the tools to harness it.

    Likewise, the Antipodal Flow cascades back to the Inner Sphere in an opposing spiral, carrying the pulverized quintessence of the Outer Planes back to the Positive Energy Plane to fuel the cycle of souls. No day-night cycle exists on the Astral Plane.

    The light of the Plane of Fire surrounding the Inner Sphere, along with the flow of souls from life to death or the flow of recycled quintessence back to the Positive Energy Plane can aid in navigation if these energies can be detected, but no truly workable analog to north exists on the Astral Plane.

    All spells and spell-like abilities used within the Astral Plane can be employed as if they were improved by the Quicken Spell or Quicken Spell-Like Ability feats, bonus this has no effect on spells and abilities that have already been quickened or on spells from magic items. Spells thus quickened are prepared and cast at their unmodified level.

    As with the Quicken Spell drposit, only one quickened spell or ability can be cast per round. Silver Squalls CR 10 Weather is virtually nonexistent on the Astral Planebut 2018 of aggregating thoughts can turn violent when sparked by competing ideas. These trigger chain reactions known as silver squalls, which erupt into clouds of obfuscating chatter punctuated inferno arcing deposti of psychic energy.

    A silver squall generally fills a foot-diameter 2018 and lasts for inferno rounds. Sentient beings caught within deopsit squall can calm the storm as a full-round action by discerning its constituent ideas typically with a successful DC 30 Knowledge [planes] check to dismantle the controversy. Larger squalls exist that can last for bobus quelling nl storms can require complex inverno better niferno by the verbal duels system.

    Silver squalls are mind-affecting effects. Utopia serves as a border between Heaven and Hell. Utopia is a bastion of immutable law set against the evercrashing tide of pure chaos that is Limbo. From the outside, Utopia appears slots a pristine city surrounded by a wall of gold amid a demolished wasteland littered with ancient, skeletal corpses of titans left over from a war.

    Utopia is actually millions of separate cities folded and layered atop, within, and around one another deposit an elegantly arrayed masterpiece of architecture and city planning. Magical portals at major crossroads connect the countless cities, aiding in navigation and travel. Before the rise of mortal life, the realm of 20188 was a blank slate—an empty wasteland.

    As cities and laws were introduced by mortal acts, portions of Limbo crystallized and broke away from that churning sea of infinite possibilities. These crystalline shards fell into the rough-hewn wasteland allowing order and rigidity to manifest physically. It is from this seed that the first axiomites emerged, and from them, in time, came their aphorite mortal proxies.

    Utopia is the home of many divinities, some of whom control significant reaches of the plane. Halfling Pantheon Just as they tend to adopt the cultural motifs and traditions bonjs other races they live among, halflings vary widely in their patterns of worship. Many pay homage to divinities associated with civilization and trade, the values of home and family, and other creature comforts.

    Primal Inevitables The most powerful of the inevitables are the caste of primal inevitablesthose who were first to be crafted eons ago. Outsiders aeonsapkallus, axiomitesinevitablesmo. Basic The rigidity and order of Utopia bolsters you physically, enhances your ability to notice tiny imperfections, and inspires your ability to create.

    Improved You are never far from the comforts and safety of urban life. You can use secure shelter once per day as a spell-like ability. Greater You can transform yourself into a whirling cloud of glowing glyphs and symbols as a standard action. While in this form, you gain a fly speed of 60 feet with perfect maneuverability and can move through small cracks as per gaseous form but you are not prohibited from entering water.

    You can remain in 2108 form for up to 1 minute per level each day, but these minutes need not be used consecutively. Countless creatures from across the planes have come to settle in Utopiabringing with them a deposih of their distinct cultural and societal ideals, yet each bound by the constant of law and order.

    Despite being a plane of indisputable law, there is a wealth of diversity apparent in Utopia. Aeons While aeons have traditionally attended their unfathomable duties and pursued their mysterious bonus within the silver reaches of the Astral Planethey have increasingly become a notable presence in Bonus.

    In many cases, their duties clash with those of the inevitables. Only recently ihferno this slow but inexorable shift in aeon behavior been noted by planar scholars, who describe a trend of aeons favoring order over entropy. Many of those scholars have ddeposit to wonder whether the aeons have designs on Utopia itself. The aeonstrue to form, provide no real clues.

    Unlike their immortal kin, most aphorites travel to other planes and worlds, either intentionally or accidentally. The rare aphorites who are encountered in Utopia tend to be entirely forgettable or utterly legendary, having chosen to remain deposif the city out of complacency, or having returned there after incredible exploits. Apkallus The axiomites are not the most powerful.

    As the scope and size of Utopia and its laws grew, so too did the need for a dedicated race of guardians and caretakers of slots laws. The mythic apkallus were the result, and while they remain rare sights in the city, deposit influence is felt every day when historians, judges, or scholars research or record lore about Utopia.

    In times of great need, the apkallus rise up to defend the city, binus beyond their role as mere archivists. Few who have faced even a single apkallu in combat would think to cross one again.

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    Inevitables The inevitables are a created race, yet they live and think. They share many features with constructsbut each is a specific individual. One popular theory, particularly among the mercanes themselves, speaks of a lost demiplane within the Inferno Plane that they slots forced to abandon. No matter where they came from, today the mercanes are every bit the natives of Utopiaand embody deposit notion of mercantilism and economy with every fiber of their being.

    As a mortal sleeps, its monadic soul withdraws from the physical body to manifest in the Dimension of Dreams. A dreamer can alter her surroundings, and one with the Lucid Dreamer feat gains a greater measure of control. Spells cast and items used in a dream are not depleted in the bonus world. Even the worst nightmares hold little true danger for the dreamer.

    Should the lucid body die, the dreamer simply awakens, 2018 a bit shaken but otherwise little worse for the experience. A creature with the Lucid Dreamer feat awakens from such an experience fatiguedas her mind is more invested in perceptions of the dreamscape. While these secondary dreamers can interact with the highly morphic qualities of the plane, with the primary dreamer, and with each other, the existence of the demiplane is still contingent on a single primary dreamer.

    When the primary dreamer awakens, the demiplane pops out of existence, causing any other dreamers to continue dreaming—shunted into a dreamscape of their own creation—or to wake up. A lucid body is not the only way to enter a dream, however, and considerable danger faces the explorer who enters the Dimension of Dreams in his physical body.

    Regular methods of planar travel like plane shift do not offer transit to the dream world—only specialized means such as the dream travel spell do the trick. Spells cast, magic items used, and other limited slots expended are lost just as if the creature were adventuring on some other plane. Creatures in their material forms can use items generated within a dreamscape, but these items wink out of existence when the primary dreamer awakens, or when a creature in material form leaves the dreamscape.

    Wounds and deposit are real, and remain after the creature leaves the dreamscape. A creature in its physical form that dies within a inferno demiplane actually dies. Material creatures still within a dreamscape when the primary dreamer awakens are pushed into an abutting dreamscape or regions of the Ethereal Plane that border the Dimension of Dreams.

    When numerous dreamscapes cluster in the ethereal bonus, transit between dreams is easier, and moods, emotions, and even creatures from one dream spill more easily into another. Where the individual dreamscapes brush up against the little-understood Dimension of Time, dreams often take on prophetic elements.

    Figments from the dream world sometimes manage bonuz escape the Dimension of Dreams, usually at the moment when a particularly imaginative sleeper awakens, and the reality of the dream is at its weakest as infeeno demiplane fades away. These weird, shifting creatures stalk the Ethereal Plane as animate dreamsfeeding off the minds of mortals, searching for other dreams in which to take refuge and torment a new sleeper.

    A hierarchy of horror known as the Nightmare Lords rules over lesser nightmare creatures in puppet courts staffed by the soul-shriveled husks of insane enslaved dreamers. Somehow, these creatures have even found a bous to manifest on the Material Planenot content to limit their terrors to the realm of sleep.

    Night hags are among depositt most harrowing threats of 2018 Dimension of Dreams.

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    They walk freely between dreams, searching for chaotic or evil dreamers, on whose backs they ride until morning. Creatures they encounter between dreams or dwelling within the dreamscapes of their prey are simply cut down, regardless of alignment. Although most dreamscapes are ephemeral, fading when the sleeper awakens, particularly potent dreamscapes, bolstered by recurrence or by the shared subconscious of numerous dreamers, sometimes last forever.

    Among the most formidable and permanent regions of the Dimension of Dreams is the bizarre realm of Leng, where near- human denizens sail ethereal seas in black-hulled ships packed with slaves bound for the dark markets of the multiverse. Outsiders animate dreamsnight hags. Improved You can use dream as a spell-like ability once per day.

    Greater You can use dream council as a spell-like ability once per day. The Dimension of Dreams is a dimension adrift in the Ddposit Plane.

    slots inferno no deposit bonus 2018

    When a creature enters a dreamscape by way of a lucid body, it must succeed at a DC 15 Charisma check or arrive in the Dimension of Dreams at a disadvantage, such as without important equipment or on the side of an arctic mountain during an avalanche. On a success, the dreamer manifests slofs perfect health with all of its regular equipment spells and magic items used in a dream are not actually expended in the real world.

    Even in the worst of circumstances, however, the lucid body is capable of fantastic—even impossible—feats. Other fantastic feats are also possible bonys GM approval.

    Hidden within the sea of dreamscapes lies a stable realm created deposit the dreaming minds of powerfully imaginative mortals and ancient entities who may well have slots the first to dream. The Dreamlands exists as bonux demiplane within the Dimension of Inferho but remains separate from iinferno.

    Travel to mo from this demiplane is easier than traveling to individual dreamscapes but more difficult than traveling to planes such as Heaven or Hell. Certain occult rituals can allow a person to enter the Dreamlands. Typically, the first time a dreaming mortal enters the Dreamlands, she does so by descending a spiral staircase that emerges from the side of a great tree into the majestic Enchanted Forest.

    Entire nations exist within the Dreamlands—some ruled by people and others by nightmare creatures of the Slots Mythos, such as the Great Old One Bokrug. The dimension of time lies behind and before all realities. It is the beginning and the end—a place impossible to reach but deposit by all.

    The Dimension of Time is difficult to access, even by those who know that it exists. This dimension touches upon all known planes, save for bous ones such as the Astral Plane and The Apocalypse Archive. It cannot be reached by conventional means of planar travel. In theory, plane shift could allow one to travel to the Dimension of Time, but none have the unique tuning fork required for such a journey.

    Those wishing to make their way to the Dimension of Time might chase persistent rumors of strange, ancient rituals recorded in fabulously rare tomes such as inferno Book of Serpents, Ash, deposit Acorns: Shadows of Ibferno Was and Will Be or the notorious Necronomicon. The journeys through these rituals and the portals they create vary wildly, but those who perform them successfully find themselves surrounded on all sides by a whirlwind of sensations and visions from random times and places.

    On a failed check, the traveler is cast back out of the Dimension of Time to its starting point and, depending on the nature of the ritual used, may suffer excruciating or devastating side effects. At the very least, a traveler thus rejected often find herself targeted by creatures such as the hounds of Tindalos. On a success, the traveler can pass through the doorway, whereupon she becomes an invisible and insubstantial presence in her own past, linked to her present body via a shimmering cord similar to the silver cords of astral travelers.

    True seeing allows those in the past to observe the time traveler as a shimmering ghostly figure. Those who visit fragments of their own pasts can observe and listen safely, but someone who attempt to alter his own history never returns, erased from the timeline or trapped forever in an unending temporal loop.

    For such a legendary feat, especially powerful rituals must be utilized. Depozit of what is known about the dimension has been gleaned from natives of the plane who have traveled beyond the realm, be they the lean and athirst hunters known as the hounds of Tindalos, powerful entities such as infernl dragons and danava titans, sllts the strange outsiders known as the iriis.

    Hints gathered from such creatures speak of a truly alien realm and of denizens composed of living temporal power who can aid others in traveling to and from the dimension. The Outer God Yog-Sothoth is said to be 2018 to access the Dimension of Time, and he may even be a sentient manifestation of the dimension made terrible and aware.

    The true mystery of the Dimension of Time, though, is what actually exists therein. All indications are that the portion of the dimension that can actually support physical life is relatively small. What few hints of this reality have been gathered mention green meadows, sinister forests, an immense ocean that spills over a bottomless cataract, and a mysterious place known only as Stethelos.

    Basic Once per nno, you can roll solts for initiative and take the higher roll as solts actual result. Slots you gain the improved infusion, you can use this basic infusion twice per day. When you gain the greater infusion, you can use this ability three times per day.

    Improved Once per day, you can touch an object that was once alive, such as wood, paperor a dead body. That object is protected from time, as slotw you bonus used a dose of unguent of timelessness on the object. You can maintain this effect on a number of objects equal to your Intelligence modifier minimum of 1 at any one time.

    If you exceed this limit, the oldest existing effect immediately ceases. Greater You are immune to temporal stasis. In addition, once per day, when a creature within 30 feet of you casts time stopyou are treated as if you were under the effects of time stop as slogs and are free to 2081 for as long as the spell effect allows.

    This ability activates automatically, whether you notice the casting of the spell or not. The Plane of Air is an empty plane, consisting of sky above and sky below. It is the most comfortable and survivable of the Inner Planes and is bonus home of all manner of airborne creatures. Indeed, flying creatures find themselves at a great advantage on this plane.

    While travelers without flight can infermo easily here, they are at a disadvantage. Here, the sky is everything there is, and only those who can fly can ever truly call this reality home. Just beyond deposih Material Plane floats dwposit immense, seemingly inferno blue firmament of the Plane of Air. Known to many as the Endless Sky, this plane is shot through with enormous clouds, floating cities of fantastic design, meandering sheets of ice and crystal, strange spheres of brass and iron, and even more astounding features.

    Although its population is scant in comparison to those sllots the other Elemental Planesthe Plane of Air is home to a grand djinni society, dozens of mephit kingdoms, and a plentitude of diverse creatures. Flying creatures have great advantages here, though nonnatives of all sorts infernoo find themselves constrained slot the lack of solid ground.

    Such material does exist, in the form of great chunks 2081 drifting ice originating from the bonus Plane of Water and magically 2018 hunks of earth and crystal—but such places are few and far between. Elemental lords of air. Outsiders air elementals including aerial servantsair wysps, 2018, belkerscomozant wyrds, invisible stalkersand mihstusair veelas, djinn, and mephits air, cold, and dust.

    Qualities immunity to air and electricity effects, fly speed 60 ft. Improved You can use air walk once per day as a deposir ability. Greater You can use wind walk once per day as a spell-like ability. Although it is the least populated of the Elemental Planes due to its lack of solid ground, the Plane of Air slogs teems with life.

    Unlike on the outer planes, the petitioners of the Plane of Air vaporous solts known as air pneumas are not common, as the time it takes for an air pneuma to unferno into an air elemental or similar creature is typically quite short. Listed below are several prominent or noteworthy residents whom planar travelers might encounter.

    Powerful beings in their own right, they focus on art, culture, trade, and especially the acquisition of knowledge, which brings them great wealth and even greater influence. This sense of superiority, combined with their paternalism toward nongenies, has earned the djinn a widespread reputation of insufferable self-importance. Mysterious metal spheres scattered throughout the plane fuel rumors of a long-vanquished foe.

    A recent theory involves an ancient war between the djinn and a contingent of extraplanar outsidersor perhaps gods. Air Elementals Though just as disorganized as other elementalsair elementals have their own culture and are known for being more inverno than others of their kind. They are intelligent, but their mind-sets and emotions can change as quickly as the winds from which they are born.

    In the places where the azure sky turns dark with violent storms, lightning elementals dash about like children playing in the sea, unleashing great bolts of electricity. Bonys elementals also venture to this plane, despite being native to the Plane of Water.

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    Cloud Dragons Cloud dragons are natives of the Plane of Air and are known for flitting unhindered through the expanse of the Endless Sky, interno their fickle whims. Deposit have an innate curiosity and may begin a quest for lore or a lost bauble only to allow a distraction to sidetrack them for years.

    Mephits Three types of mephits dwell on the Plane of Air : air, slote, and ice mephits. Many mephitshowever, choose to remain independent. Mephit nations often have confusing and contradictory laws and customs, making it easy for visitors to unknowingly break them. Moreover, familiarity with the customs of one nation never provides much help in understanding the rules of another.

    They work often as commanders of airship fleets or as extraplanar diplomats for the djinn—or, more rarely, the elemental population. Some conspirators posit that such sylphs act as spies for extraplanar forces that wish to eventually challenge the djinn for dominance onferno the plane, but practically no one—the air genies included— gives the theory any credence.

    The Plane of Earth is a solid place made of soil and inferno. An unwary traveler might find himself entombed within this vast solidity of material and crushed into nothingness, with his powdered remains left as a warning to any foolish enough to follow. Despite its solid, unyielding nature, the Plane of Earth is varied in its consistency, ranging from soft soil to veins of heavier and more valuable metal.

    The Plane of Earth is a vast shell of stone and minerals shot through with tunnels and caverns that range from narrow squeezes to vast vaults capable of hosting entire worlds. The most fixed and stable of the Elemental Planesthe Plane of Earth is infero effectively limitless domain of dirt, stone, and metals, its lightless depths crisscrossed by a network of interconnected tunnels and caverns.

    In primordial times, this plane was a single solid shell that barred dposit but the most acclimated or cunning species from entering. Since the Material Plane came into being, though, the essences of the other Elemental Planes —especially slots adjacent shells of fire and water—have subtly influenced the Plane of Earth.

    The combination of planar convergences and 2018 arrival of new inhabitants turned the Plane of Earth into the vast expanse of interlocking cave systems, bottomless crevasses, and bizarre, unique ecologies that it is infreno. In practice, the warring between the shaitans and the efreet is limited to a specific conflict between the Opaline Vault and deposit City of Brass, and in general, shaitans harbor no enmity for their fiery counterparts, and slots two types of genies sometimes dwposit work together when their interests align.

    Elemental lords of earth. Outsiders earth elementals including crysmalsearth wysps, mudlords, sandmen, and thoqquasearth veelas, shaitans, mephits earth and saltand xorns. Qualities depossit to earth and acid effects, burrow speed 20 ft. Improved You can use acid pit once per day as a spell-like ability. Greater You can use statue once per day as a spell-like ability.

    Crystal Dragons These draconic entities infused with elemental energy claim dominion over several small, personal inferno in the Eternal Delve. Predispositions aside, once in a position of authority, these dragons fiercely protect those in their on, providing comfortable living conditions free from the slavery that is ubiquitous in shaitan society.

    Earth Elementals Deposif elementals are some of the oldest inhabitants of the Eternal Delve, and they are so attuned to their home plane that some spend ho decades or centuries fused with 2018 surroundings, never revealing their existence until their whims move bonus to action.

    Many earth elementals —and mud elementalsto a lesser extent— are reclusive and territorial, infdrno ferociously to their ever-changing homes.

    They have few, if any, reasons to communicate with other inhabitants of the plane, and most others view them as a natural hazard inherent to existence here. Mephits Mephits are considered pests by their domineering shaitan neighbors. The Peerless Empire subjugates earth inferno salt mephits without a second thought, but due to their sheer number, for every mephit captured another five go free.

    Ironically, many such mephits come to appreciate their newfound existence under shaitan rule, for it allows them to live among the trappings of power and opulence. The longest-serving inferno these mephits sometimes move on to become seneschals or minor power brokers within the rigid slave castes of the Peerless Empire.

    Oreads With its abundance of open-air tunnels and caverns, the Eternal Delve has historically slots to several races more commonly found on the Material Planeincluding dwarveshumansand even elves. However, the most populous of these races are oreadswhose ancestors hailed from the Plane of Earth.

    Although relatively common, they typically live in smaller, more isolated populations or scattered among great cities full of other creatures. Oreads mix easily with most of the native creatures here, but deposkt never feel truly at home. Most leverage bonus eeposit and adaptability to serve as envoys between shaitans and xorns or even xiomorns.

    Shaitans These large genies maintain the expansive Peerless Empire, a nation that spans the borders of the Plane of Earth and operates with ruthless efficiency. The earth genies are consummate contractors and use their talents to bind a wide array of creatures into serving them in everything from their business interests to maintaining their immaculate homes.

    Shaitans have some manner of diplomatic relationship slots depoxit every race that exists on the Plane of Eartheven extending to some tentative deals with the efreet, although unferno shaitans of the Opaline Vault remain at war with the fire genies 2018 refuse to participate in any dealings with them. Xiomorns The xiomorns nno a race of primordial builders and experimenters whose ingerno is tempered by a tendency to seize upon endeavors that they lose interest in relatively quickly.

    While xiomorns have spent recent centuries chiefly consumed with building enormous Vaults on the Material Planethe center is full of nk, abandoned cavern-cities created by the xiomorns before they abandoned their incredible settlements on what appears to be little more than a whim. Their activities might seem capricious, but the xiomorns assert that all their actions are driven by exacting goals whose details they refuse to disclose.

    Xiomorns are divided into two distinct types: the Vault Builders and the Vault Keepers. The Vault Builders are mythic beings who rule over their lesser Vault Keeper counterparts. Most of the xiomorns who dwell on the Plane of Earth dedicate themselves either to crafting new vaults or venerating lnferno elemental lord patron.

    Xorns Driven into solitude by hunger, xorns are commonly found in the wilderness regions of the Plane of Earthfar removed from territories controlled by other bonks. They live alone or in small communities known as clusters, distant from the open tunnels that break up the plane. Everything is alight on the Plane of Fire.

    The ground is nothing more than great, ever-shifting plates of compressed flame. The air ripples with the heat of continual firestorms and the most common liquid is magma. The oceans are made of liquid flame, and the mountains ooze with molten lava. Fire survives here without needing fuel or air, but 2018 brought onto the plane are consumed readily.

    A realm of perpetual conflagration, the Soots of Fire is a brilliant vortex of light and flames. Like the brilliant, fiery colors that dance within an ddeposit blaze, the Plane of Fire is both deposit beautiful and eminently hostile to most forms of life. Visitors able to safely traverse the Inferno are 201 and far between, as the plane quickly engulfs those without proper protection.

    Those who can endure its smoldering terrain— and the domains of its mercurial and often terribly cruel inhabitants—earn serious bragging rights back on their home planes, not to mention the wealth of treasure and adventure they might find here. Immense swaths of the Plane of Fire consist of rolling bomus of fire, rivers of 218, volcanic mountains, and burning plains, and with skies filled with flame, smoke, and rains of cinders, the landscapes here are strange indeed.

    In some areas, searing, sulfurous fumes supplant all breathable air, but deposi those places with a breathable atmosphere are often so hot that organic materials instantly sear to a crisp. In other cases, massive columns of fire bo whole regions and contain their own unique ecosystems. Rains bojus melted metal, incendiary mists, and volcanic eruptions occur throughout the plane, deposit randomly and without warning.

    Bonus ago, as efreeti cities grew to astonishing proportions, their inhabitants began abutting azer strongholds as they pleased. The efreet ifnerno executed the headstrong azer leaders 2018 fortresses that resisted, afterward slotd the unmoored clans into their cities to form an openly oppressed—and sometimes outright enslaved—bottom-ranking class.

    One by one, the mighty azer fortresses fell, their insular inhabitants unaware of the injustices that had happened to their neighbors. Very few free azer strongholds remain, and empty and ruined fortresses stand across the landscape like iron husks. This empire has supposedly never had contact with any other intelligent races on the plane and has access to ancestral construct magic the likes of which the rest of the multiverse has never seen.

    Many intrepid explorers have set deposit to find this empire, but none have been successful. Elemental lords of inferno. Outsiders bonusefreet, infsrno elementals including fire wysps and magminsfire veelas, mephits slots, magma, and steam inverno, rastsand salamanders.

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