Slot car the warehouse

slot car the warehouse

Cobalt Drag Group Super Wasp. Front Axle.
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  • It's always been an American-based website with no ties to the far east. That's besides the fact that I own the.

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    I think just by owning the major one, the. Rhe guess cra think I might just roll over and let them use my domain names or something like that but I can tell you, it won't happen. If I have to, I will file suit to stop that nonsense and make them pay out the nose for my lawyer's fees to boot. I just recently received word that Harley Ratto shut down Harbo's in Stockton, CA, siting lagging attendance for his reasons to shut down the operation.

    slot car the warehouse

    I'm sure the facility will be missed by all that raced there. I have recently been contacted about a raceway that has opened up in San Leandro, CA that I was not aware of. I will have to go and check it out! Be on the lookout for a report and maybe some pictures to come! I recently wrote about the USRA rule change that allowed a ball bearing in the can end of the setup.

    I indicated that I had not had that problem with an armature shaft wearing down. Well, I have something to add to that. I tthe an e-mail from Fred "Crash Codger" Hood in which he cad that he has had a problem with the shafts wearing down.

    He says that the Mfg's use a plated piano wire shaft and don't like to use a drill blank shaft in the lower classes. Fred says he would rather spend extra to do a BB in the can to save his arms. So Fred says and I hope it's OK to quote him on this OK Fred-I will have to concede that one to your wisdom. I wwarehouse I must be very generous with the oil, then.

    If that's not hard on a shaft, I don't know what is!! I will measure the shafts and report back what I find. So when you are down in Fresno, CA. Tell Fred that Captain Hammer sent ya. We are looking at changing the look and feel of the site with a new background and such.

    Keep an eye peeled for the changes to come. There may be some new departments added to the site awrehouse reflect the changing times.

    slot car the warehouse

    I have to post the stuff "Manually" so you can't spam my guestbook! If my spam filters think it's spam, that's good enough for me! A last thought Drop a line to the webmaster if you have used the charts, don't like them, what to change about them, etc. The Links page and the Raceways page have been updated to reflect the changing face of the sport.

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    Welcome to - Slot Racing spoken here!

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    Race Pace. REH Distributing. Samson Classics. The design of the Lotus F-1 car is making a comeback and hopes to be used for many years to come.

    Slot Car | Barn Burners Slot Car Club | United States

    We have two tracks setup currently that are modeled after famous tracks from England and Belgium. We race for fun first and warehouse but we do have a points series for specific classes that we warehosue for a full season and total the points to find the class champion and cup champion. We the most of the most popular cars produced by Carrera, Slot.

    We do also build kit cars with custom paint schemes cag decal packs. We are in the process of expanding the club and building another road course modeled after Watkins Glenn and we are also building a drag strip car dip our toes into the drag racing slot car world. Please stay tuned for future updates about both of these slot builds.

    Due to narrowed lanes, cars in adjacent lanes cannot drive side by side through the turn without wrecking. Thanks for submitting! Barn Burners Slot Car Club. Slot Car Enthusiasts. Rick Davis. One hour Enduro Oct 19 Results. We had 14 contestants for our Tuesday night enduro race. Kyle held off all racers until the last thd with the help warhouse Adam's fast pace Post not marked as liked.

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