Lexar professional usb 3.0 dual slot reader

lexar professional usb 3.0 dual slot reader

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  • Going from a USB 2. Professionap inI noticed it intermittently stopped working. I had to remove the card and unplug both ends of professionsl cable. Since then the issue became more common and required multiple cable disconnects to get it to work. Having said that, I've ordered another pgofessional as a replacement.

    I only wish Lexar had made a Thunderbolt for the CF card. Its USB 3. I also use this reader along with high speed, large capacity SDXC cards e. For example, large iPhoto or iTunes files can be stored here and read directly with the Lexar card reader. Using this option, your onboard computer storage would not become exhausted with profdssional thousands of files that these applications can prkfessional.

    I have not tested this device with Windows systems, but suspect that it could be used similarly. Maybe another reviewer could address these applications. Professiinal USB 3. Since some devices e. The reader itself should not be sensitive to the particular formatting that is used. If a read error does occur, then professional verify the card formatting requirements.

    Why pay more for a device that seems to look and do the reader thing as the others? If you have usb using DLSR's for slot time, you may have learned the hard way and have had to replace your cheaper reader s. You know you pay more for better materials, build, reliability and speed.

    What should get more emphasis is freedom from frustration caused by lost files and frozen downloads. Lexar vs Sandisk I have been surprised to find that even seemingly well made, name brand readers fail. So not to overgeneralize about brand, please note that I have many good Sandisk cards.

    None has disappointed me. That is not true for my three Sandisk card readers. The profeszional was slow and cheap--my mistake. But both of them froze and far too often, did so multiple times during just a single download. They also lost files but so few as a percentage that it is statistically insignificant.

    Ironically the very slow, cheap Sandisk reader never froze. At least the cards all dual out and they have been a good investment. Nonetheless, if you have had better experiences 3.0 intend to lesar a Sandisk USB 3. In contrast, my Lexar reader, is a welcome success! It was intended to solve the issue of reliability and it has.

    The highest speed offering in the Lexar® Professional reader line, the Lexar Professional USB Dual-Slot Reader is an excellent solution for professional photographers and videographers looking to maximize their workflow with blazingfast transfer speeds. With a USB interface speed of MB/s, which reads up to times faster than USB /5(71). The Lexar Professional USB Dual-Slot Reader is a professional-level, portable USB reader that leverages SuperSpeed USB technology to deliver blazing-fast transfer speeds from card to computer, with a USB interface speed up to MB/s (reads up to 5 times faster than USB ).Reviews: Jul 14,  · 4) Summary. At just $, the Lexar Professional Dual-Slot Reader is a no-brainer for anyone who works in the field and needs to back up data from memory cards (yes wedding photographers, that includes you too!). I use mine heavily and I love it – it is of no comparison to other readers I have used in the past.5/5.

    No problems--even on USB 2. It is fast, reliable and unique in that its design protects its components from moisture and dust. The profeesional itself appears susceptible to damage from drops or bumps but I have no direct evidence.

    ideass.co: Customer reviews: Lexar Professional USB Dual-Slot Reader - LRWCRBNA

    Frankly, I am so happy to have one that works every time that I am not bothered. I can be careful. I also may be overly suspicious of its 3.0. It will certainly come up in other reviews if it is a real problem. The complexity none of us can compensate for in such reviews is that our individual experiences are used to stand for something in general.

    It is not necessarily so. That is why collective reviews are so potentially helpful. On the other hand, two strikes for one individual and other colleagues that helped me test them can be sufficient to reach a conclusion. I was probably just unlucky with my Sandisk readers but I will not buy another. Dual hard feelings, Sandisk. Lexar vs Hoodman There are always trade offs.

    It will become my new back-up unit. I simply prefer the Lexar's design. Since I do not have one I can't rate the Hoodman's performance or reliability--yet. As an aside, I can tell you that IMO Hoodman makes the lexar best reader memory cards you can buy and they are priced accordingly. You will notice that Lexar has a Firmware Upgrade Tool.

    It is easy to do: basically you download and install. Just follow instructions. It can take several minutes. Make sure that you remove all memory cards first. Well meaning reviewers have been concerned about a possibly meaningful discrepancy between advertised model listings on the box and on the product page being different from what is on the models they receive.

    Do not worry. There is no serious problem distinguishing slot these Lexar model numbers. However, I do applaud the Amazon members who were vigilant and observant enough to initially spot this discrepancy. Part of it apparently was a packing and labeling error. As professional as I know, if you receive USB 3.

    There is nothing else that distinguishes one from the other. In fact, that is the case for my purchase. It's not consistently usb on my computer, so it's faster for me to use the old USB 2. If it worked, I'd like it because it is well made. I just bought the transcend usb 3 reader to see if it works.

    Customer reviews

    If it doesn't work, I'll assume my hardware is the problem and i'll update the review. When it's working, this reader works great. When it's not working, USB3 stuff including the transcend reader I bought do not work. No big surprise. I think this is a great product.

    You can download from the SD and Jsb reader at the same time, which is nice for me since I use a compact camera fuji x with a SD card and a dslr canon 5d mark iii with a CF card and professsional the images at the same time. I like it better than the transcend reader because the transcend reader has too many ports miniSD, bla bla bla that show up on "my computer" in windows and make it hard to tell which are the ones Ush really want to click on the SD and CF cards.

    See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries.

    Translate all reviews to English. I love this device - it is fast. I actually like it that it closes to my surprise. The price matters a lot however. I guess it depends how much data you have to transfer - would you rather spend the peofessional or wait. By the way - it works with Ubuntu Linux Tried lexar USB 3 card reader, and it failed after 2 months pin bent in the CF card slotso went in search again.

    There are varied reviews on this Lexar reader, but upon closer inspection, it seems there are at least 3 models of this reader that all look the same externally. This series i think professional the latest at the time i am writing this. It is indeed USB 3, with a usb3 cord as well, that inputs into the back of the device.

    I like that it has an interchangable cord, and comes with one. It stays open very well in use. When closed, the buttons on reader side pop open the clamshell--this is very sensitive, almost like a mousetrap, and snaps open! Not a big deal, but kind of surprised me how sensitive it was. So you can put a CF card and SD card and upload them both simultaneously.

    It is dual easier to 3.0 in the CF card first, as professsional is on the bottom. This usb course, is slot on your lexag, usb ports, etc. But its the fastest reader i have ever used other than other formats, such as the Sony XQD.

    It has a nice padded rubber bottom that grips relatively well and stays in place.

    Seems trivial, but its nice. As alot only has 2 cards formats, it doesnt use a gazillion drive letters on your computer like some of those readers with 10 or more formats. I dont have or care for any of those other weird formats. The device dual recognized immediately on my two computers, with no need to download 3.0 or install software.

    WHEW, what a relief--No crappy proprietary software to put on my machines. It just works well. I will update if i ever have a problem, or if the product dual. Thanks for reading, hope this has been of help lexr you! It wasn't the Lexar USB 3. I had it plugged rader slot monitor, and for some reason the monitor would stop recognizing with my computer.

    I haven't had ksb ounce of trouble profsesional it since changing professsional how I connect it to the computer. So I definitely have to recommend the product now. My original review: Not too happy with this product, but I haven't figured out what the problem is yet. I profewsional the SD Card in and it too is recognized, but for how long is anybody's guess.

    It lexar to Windows explorer for me to transfer the files and then the USB device "acts" as if the device is ejected. The computer will keep recognizing the device for several usb, then shut it down eject. It gives me just enough time to transfer the photos usually, but I have had the problem where I get part of my files transferred and then it ejects mysteriously.

    I think it's a device issue, not my computer as I don't have this problem with any other USB devices I own. I wouldn't purchase again due to this problem. I figured Lexar would be a great product, but I'm not too happy with it overall. I purchased the Lexar Professional for my business where one of my duties is to take high-resolution photographs for my clients.

    Well, turns out that the Lexar Professional 7 with Windows 10 can't handle the high-speed cards. The reader would cut out mid-transfer as if I was unplugging professoinal. To make matters worse, when I contacted Lexar for a warranty exchange via their website, they never got back to prifessional despite claiming to offer a 5-year warranty on the reader I had only been using it for slightly more than a year before the problem started to occur regularly.

    I can't give this product more than slot star. Maybe it works well with the other card types, but given Lexar has put the word "professional" right in the name, it absolutely NEEDS to work consistently with CompactFlash. Combine its failure with Lexar's poor customer support, and I recommend going elsewhere.

    I felt this Lexar in-1 is very reliable and geader almost identical with RDF9. I thought the microSD card slot would work better then using the SD card slot with an adapter, but what I found was the opposite. It will bring you more speed! Sectors with increased time for reading, sectors marked as bad sectors with TS-RDF9K reader disappeared completely with Lexar 25 in 1 card reader.

    I hope my experience helps! Professional Kim Seung Mo on May 13, Images in this review. Ethan Top Contributor: Photography. LOVE this thing! The problem with CF card readers is the distance from the beginning of the reader to the pins that usb into your CF card. Then starts the journey of getting anything I can find to try and bend the pin lexar in place and when you do, the pins that were bent are never fully straight again, therefore susceptible to bending every time you insert your CF card.

    Leaxr had a couple of 3. card readers and this one djal by far the best I've ever had yea There aren't really any true slit when inserting it into that card reader, which means your margin for error or bending a pin is tremendously great. The distance from the beginning of the Lexar reader to the pins is roughly 1.

    I have yet to bend reader pin. The guide track on the sides of this card reader guide the cf card in for a perfect fit every single time. When fully inserted more than professional the card is covered by the reader. For me, this brings profesional lot of peace 3.0 mind and I no longer worry about bending a pin. Once you are done reader footage, just simply remove the card and close the reader by pressing down on the top until you hear it click.

    lexar professional usb 3.0 dual slot reader

    I thought I was going to break it at first but that hasn't happened yet. There are two buttons more like cut outs in the plastic body on each side of the reader, that when squeezed releases the reader from 'storage mode' and allows you to insert your cf or sd card.

    The 3. I have not tried this on usb 2. Yet I must say, it is probably worth it for people who've experienced the 'bent pin' issue. This is a pretty simple design and is easy professoinal operate. If you have CF cards, I don't think you will find a better card reader. But the best laid plans, as the saying goes, went out the window with the purchase ueb a DSLR incorporating only one thing I didn't particularly care for.

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    CF cards. Not having a reader vual these cards I hurriedly went to order one in hopes of it arriving ahead of, or at the same time, as the DSLR. It did rockstar efficiency from Amazon! It's very, very, early in this new phase of having CF cards in my workflow and I will update this review should anything change.

    ideass.co: Lexar Dual Slot USB Reader Professional LRWURBNA : Electronics

    As it stands right now. Zero negative experiences and fingers are tightly crossed hoping it stays that way. I bought this to replace a Transcend USB 2. This Lexar multi-card reader is a nice upgrade to USB 3. I only keep something like this around for the occasional "oddball" cards that I come across.

    For regular daily use of a specific card format it would probably be smarter to get a reader dedicated to that format just like you wouldn't use a Swiss Army knife to trim a steak. However this is not the only USB 3. Just be sure you don't lose the cable I think the only difference between the two is the packaging languages.

    Much better than the last card reader I owned. Still working well months after purchase. I believe I can safely recommend this reader to others. After 1 year and 10 days the unit stopped working. Looks like the contacts between the unit and its cable are not making a good connection.

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