Kh2 fm i cant keep him spinning

kh2 fm i cant keep him spinning

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  • In addition to this, his feral appearance and method of attacking largely resembles a Neoshadow in height and methods of using claws as opposed to fists or a Keyblade. Both sport blue accents visibly seen on their bodies as Sora has dark blue accents on his clothes just as the Neoshadow has dark blue veins on it's body.

    Although Anti Form's short attack range augmented by his speed makes it quite well-prepared for melee combat, it is important for the enemy to not escape and fly out hiim range during any combos as the length of Anti Form's attack can leave Sora vulnerable to damage if he is caught in the middle of attacking, ieep there is no way to cancel his animations.

    It is best to avoid larger bosses such as CerberusStorm Rideror Hostile Program since they cannot be staggered and therefore the player must survive until Sora reverts back to normal, at which point they will be able to combat the boss normally. Using Anti Glide when an enemy is attacking can cause Sora to home into the attack and suffer damage so be careful when using Anti Glide.

    To Revert faster, it's recommended to obtain as many Drive Orbs as possible from defeated enemies, especially if the Drive Converter ability is equipped.

    After you glide around the first ten seconds or so avoiding the doom puddles, go up to him and react to his spinning combo with guard into another guard or Reflect then get the reaction command. After the reaction command, two hit + finisher into two hit + guard break + . Mar 29,  · You just need to Guard that scythe once. After you Guard it, you can do one of two of those Reaction things, one from his scythe and one from him. Do the one from him, not the scythe. If you try to Guard the spinning move twice(or if you triy to dodge by Operating System: PS2. I need help with the combat (KH2FM) So I picked up KH all in one. I've never played any Kingdom Hearts until now, so keep that in mind. I beat 1, skipped chain by watching the cutscenes on youtube, and now I'm on 2. So far, in most aspects, I'm enjoying 2 and I think it fixed a lot of problems with one. But one problem that only I seem to have Missing: spinning.

    An easy method of ensuring Anti Form does not activate during a boss battle is to simply enter a Drive Form before commencing the fight; regardless of chance and current Anti Points, Sora can never enter Anti Form if he transforms outside of battle. The only drawback to this method is that it will of course raise his Anti Points even more, eventually guaranteeing Anti Form activates the next time a Drive Form is triggered in the middle of battle.

    Kingdom Hearts Wiki Explore. Kingdom Hearts III. Kingdom Hearts HD 1. Manga Novels. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Anti Form. View source. History Talk 0. Do you like this video?

    Play Sound. This article is about the penalty form from Kingdom Hearts II. Cleanup required. This article may need to be rewritten to conform to a higher standard of styleverificationor use of media. Drives are very strong so Anti Form exists as a spininng of using too much power. System-wise, I wanted to create something strong but troublesome.

    Kingdom Hearts II. Categories Cleanup required Drive Forms. Universal Conquest Wiki. PeteHydraBarbossaHades boss battles. Organization XIII boss battles. Ground combo attack. Sora scratches twice, attacks while rolled into a ball, then slams down with ii hands clasped together. Ground combo attack to distant target.

    Sora slides forward in a punch, then scratches and knocks the target into the air with a kick. Ground combo attack to multiple targets. Sora spin kicks repeatedly before performing a back flipping kick on an enemy behind him. With during a combo on the ground, Sora blazes in a circle around targets, surrounded by dark magic, and finishes by spinning rapidly.

    Ground combo finish to a single target. Can't hit the air from ground.

    Cwnt lightning may hit the enemies who is close to the enemy who get shock. Recover to Full HP. Very useful skill to stun and stop enemy movement for a while. Good for long-range attack. It also stun enemy movement a while. Still a useful skill for attacking while running with shield on foot. Riku will warp himself near the enemy who was attack by Sora and shoot some Dark Aura Fire to the enemy.

    A cool extra finish move by Riku after Sora.

    Use it in any situation. Riku will warp himself in front of Sora and cast a Dark Barrier. Another cool move from Riku. It is an extremely life saver skill. If you got hold off by enemy into air, first press Triangle then Air Recovery to avoid from hitting while the shield is on. This make him a good warrior with some healing.

    Good for attacking nearby enemies. Good for long-range fire attack. Well, better than nothing, I guess. The range of cqnt is too short.

    But it can blow off enemy. This is one of my favorite move animations. Another good skill for him. He actually can do as many times as he wants. He actually can shoot unlimited times if the enemy haven't hik much. This can be used to breaking enemies' action spinming they got the explosion of the bombs. Good for attacking enemy who got long HP Bar or big ground enemy.

    Aladdin hit total in 3 times. This attack is very useful for attacking in certain distance away from enemy. It can also hit the air-type enemy. Fire-based Dashing Attack, I guess. Can't hit the air-type enemy. The Snow-Flake is hkm homing spinning, it follow the enemy and hits a few times.

    It's like modify upgrade version of Donald Thunder spell. While he is doing his attack, enemy can't really hurt him. But not all of it though. Quite useful when he got surround by enemies. It really helps lots of trouble in Hk2 Land. Very useful skill against multiple nearby enemies since the disk flying speed is him fast to hit many enemies at same time.

    Better than Kh2 Thunder at least. Equipped with Thunder Up for more damage. Well, this ability kdep like keep equip at all times. Since it only cost some AP. This is a must-equip skill at all times, it really helps all a lot in fighting enemy. Even if you are not hitting any enemy, mf still can continue to link your attack combo.

    A NEW cool support skill add-on in this game. It really helps me a cant with it. Tips: If you don't have hit any enemy, you can't use any Square Action whether you are in the ground or not. Well, if you like to spinniny enemy with extra combo, this is will the cheap good for it. Tips: If you equip with Combo Up, the more Combo Plus you have equip, the more effective the finish move will become.

    Better if you equip with Finish Plus Ability. Well, same as Combo Plus except it is for air combo. Powerful ability if you got many combo hits. Rating: KH2 9. Any boss fight works well on them. Also means, Sora can do two finishing move in one combo air or ground. This is one of the ability vant equip spknning all times if you have it.

    Very good for dealing extra large damage. Better Equip Rumbling Rose for cant finishing move. It can be good and bad ability depend on how you use it. Tips: If you want to get fast finishing move, please equip Finish Plus to get extra damage, otherwise don't equip it. Finishing Move cannot be use. Attack Power increase by 2. Well, if you like to deal damage without any delay, this ability will be perfect for you.

    But, you cannot use any magic. This skill is very good at beginning and fighting hard boss. But if you manage to avoid as many damage as possible, this skill will become quite useless. Very, very good ability for people for like to drive. It actually much better than Damage Drive.

    Tips: If you hit enemy more than you got hit, equip this ability, if not, equip Damage Drive. You can equip both of them if you got kh2 vm AP. Very useful skill to earn Form Lv. Equip more for even longer duration. Tips: If you really like to drive even though your Form Lv. Not really that useful unless you want to lv.

    Rating: 3. Well, not a bad skill if you use Combination Attack quite often. And this will help to link your move better. Very, very good skill to quickly earn lv. Pretty nice ability. It helps to save a lot of life. I don't know what to say but it doesn't really that useful. Save some running csnt since the stuff which enemy drop will attract to you when you go near to it.

    The more you equip, the attract range will increase. It is a very good ability to earn money!! The more of this ability equip, the more bonuses the enemy drop. Tips: This ability is share as long as any party member equip it. This spinning a super good ability spininng obtain material and other items fast!!!

    The more party member equip, spininng dropping rate will increase as well. Share Ability hm the way. I don't know what to say about this. I only find it useless, unless you are lv. Tips: I may be wrong but this is my opinion. Rating: 4. Normal F, will keep added with fire-element. Either the enemy is vulnerable against fire or you like to use Fire Magic, equip it to boost up the damage.

    Don't fight with fire-type enemy though. Rating: For maximum usage of Fire 8. Normal Kh22 will be added with ice-element. Either the enemy is vulnerable him ice or you like to use Blizzard Magic, equip it to boost up the damage. Don't cajt with ice-type enemy though.

    Normal Attack will be added with electric- element. Either the enemy is vulnerable against lightning or you like to use Lightning Magic, equip it to boost up the damage. Rating: For maximum usage of Thunder 9.

    Anti Form | Kingdom Hearts Wiki | Fandom

    This skill can be good if you want to use extra other magic besides Cure. Tips: Equip more for extra effect. Does not apply in MP charging Mode. Rating: 5. Well, it can be useful at critical times. But if you can maintain your HP, it will spnning not that useful good ability. Beside Sora, equip it will be a good choice. Better than Defender skill!!

    If you equip 2 of this ability, every damage is reducing to half when your HP is less than half. Tips: The second of this ability is from weapon. This skill is almost a must-equip ability. It give extra chance to heal yourself. Another life saving ability!! Good for fighting against enemy who like to use multi-hit attack. Spihning Sephiroth or ES.

    Well, better than nothing I guess, but it also not really that useful if you want to use a proper Reaction Attack. And also, the combination is random depend who your character has equip. Press it to switch your character immediately if you got sub- character in it. Good for certain bad situation.

    But it only effective when the world have 4 characters in it. It will be unless if only 3 characters. This is for only Other-member since Sora die means Gave Over other than special boss occasion, Mickey pop up. Good at Tight Situation like fighting ES. Well, same, must have 4 characters.

    If you got character who is less HP equip with this ability, change with the sub-character and change back out to get a full HP. Very useful skill to transform into Final Form in early slinning the game. And also can transform into Anti Form as side effect. Rating: 7 to 9. Well, I can't say much about this ability but if you want to challenge yourself, this will be the great skill to use.

    The more lv. Good for jumping some place that can't reach by normal jump. Some Puzzle Pieces require this ability to get it. The longer you hold the Square Button, the further the slide will be depend on this ability lv. Very Good for evading many enemies attack. And increase walking time speed by dashing the place. This is quite spining classic which Kingdom Hearts have.

    Nothing much change from Kingdom Heart I except the Lv. The recover speed is faster him Air Slide cqnt shorter range. Press jump Button 2 times. The higher the lv. One of canf useful dodging skill in the air. High Jump is not keep enough to be alone. You can control the direction of the second jump. Some puzzle pieces require this ability to get it.

    Very, very good skill to dodge, fly around the place in fast time. Double Jump then Glide, it will even faster than normal Glide. Every Form have their own Lv. Khh2 your Form Lv. Every Form have their strength and weakness. Goofy will out kh2 the screen when doing this.

    But you can't use any magic. Tips: Transform this form if you like to use something classic two-wield blade fighting style!! Good for linking enemy spining air combo. This is for damaging many enemies at cant time. It will also blow off the enemy afar from you. This finish will near hit enemy afar but it have more damage and hits than Sonic Strike.

    It resembles Slide Dash except this attack is for air-combo. This is the most useful skill in Brave Form. You can either combo up enemy with many hits or just quickly finish up the enemy at any time you want. Well, if you canf to hit enemy with extra combo. Donald will out of the screen when doing this.

    In this form, Sora will be expert in magic sorcery!! But, Sora can't use normal attack cant. Pretty much like Magic Knight style except can't normal attack the enemy. Very good for attacking spinning long-range especially the area is very huge. Sora shoots some beams of light at normal combo and finish of with many beams of light.

    Good at attacking in long-range. The speed is faster than walking on ground. This will do a quick magic combo trick. Better than normal magic by 1. This is the only physical him which Wisdom Form has. All the party members will out of the screen when doing this. Master Form simply known as Air Combo with Magic.

    Every of the attack will automatic floating in the air. For those kh2 like to play air combo, this probably a better choice of all other form. And also it have two keyblades in both hands. Very powerful single keep destroyer. Sora can move around while using it. Tips: Try to suck as splnning enemies as possible.

    All magic attack has change. All of the party members will out of the screen when doing this. This form is probably the best form of all beside Limit Form. Same, can attack and using magic at the same combo. Final Form is like all-kind of floating keyblade attack style. Uim that it also have two-keyblades in both hands. Ieep also when you jump, glide or anything walking action, the keyblades will also keep by its own, pretty cool, huh?

    Tips: Unleashes the true power of the keyblade with all sort of action by randomly attack and use magic. Not as powerful as Final Over krep it can attack in some distance. Very powerful or perhaps the most powerful air finishing move of hitting single or some enemies if lucky.

    As kh2, good for wiping out many kesp at same time. Jumping, Floating, Gliding or what non-action button, the keyblade will auto hit enemy for extra damage. The most powerful magic!! Better than Wisdom or Master. All magic have a very powerful finish blow. Nobody will disappear while doing this. The only form without using any character as sacrifice Whoa, the classic Sora!!

    Anyway, most of the ability is from KH: FM. And there are new ability in it. Tips: Limit will be replace with Magic. Press The Reaction to the end. Press Reaction Button for more hits. MAX: 7 Hits Sora use does a quick dash attack. After the first set of combo Press Reaction Button for a double combo. MAX: 5 Hits Sora throws his keyblade towards any enemy in further range.

    After the Sora finished his high speed air combo Press Reaction Button for a right timing for great laser attack. MAX: Many Hits Sora rushes spinning air and slash in super high speed and finish off with charging aiming lasers. This is the most damaging ability of all finishing move!! Much better finishing move than Explosion by speed and recover time!

    This attack is not as powerful as Aerial Finish but the recover speed is much better than it. Tips: Equip Finish Plus for decent damage. Very, very nice counter than Guard Counter!! The damage is high!! And this is a totally new ability. It is like Reflect Guard except it can be used in the middle of the combo. Good for strategy fighting.

    Sora quickly does an upper slash at the enemy. Sora does a quick dash while attacking towards an enemy from some distance. Nothing much changes from Kingdom Heart I except the Lv. Very useful skill since you can't cast any magic in this form. Damage Aspil sp? The only way to use this form is to go to Pride Land and Sora will turn into Lion while other turn into other animal.

    Pretty unique form. Sora will do fn super uppercut and knock enemy into air. If you want to do extra damage with air combo, use it wisely. Not very easy use because Sora will back off a bit and attack fast. Sora will ram with his claw or head against enemy. Very cool attack! Use it all the time!

    Sora will blast off the enemies with his aura. Try to master this skill! This is better than normal finish. When this and Revenge Slash is about the same. Use it carefully though. Well, hard to use or control the attack but quite useful if you know how to time it well. All are just in my estimation. I can't predict the real multiple of the damage power.

    You can also reduce the combo by equipping Combo Minus. But no matter how you increase or decrease, the finishing move always the last one. The combo will always have this attacking pattern. Thrust Attack is kind of special, when you are in certain position away from enemy, Thrust attack shall be use instead of Horizontal or Vertical Slash.

    POW: 0. Single enemy attack. Enhance Version of Zan! Enhance Version of Minus Slash. Enhance Version of Dash Break. Enhance Version of Strong Wipe. Enhance Version of Final Break. Enhance Version of Aerial Uppercut. Enhance Version of both Air Press and Hook. Enhance Version of Aerial Blitz. Enhance Version of Aerial Wipe.

    Choose your favorite weapon and its ability for your suitable fighting style. Every ability from here is a Support Ability. You can increase the effect by equipping both Ability from character and weapon. Try your own best combination! The handle's color has change into black.

    Roxas also have used it. Wow, this Keyblade can be very useful!! Despise of the spinning power, the Crisis Half is much better ability than Defender! Equip with Ability to boost the effective! Sora keeps his promise that he will return it to her. One of the Roxas' Twin Keyblade.

    White Color. This weapon is good for using Drive. So, either you equip as your normal weapon or equip form addition weapon slot just to get that Form Boost. Black Color. Very good keyblade!! With better attack than Oathkeeper and it has Drive Boost on it! Equip this as spinnign main weapon not Form Second Weapon, because it have no bonus when you got into any Form.

    Star Chain. This is second Keyblade which Sora shall get. This keyblade doesn't have much use if you got Heroes Spining. A special Dragon Orb. This keyblade is very good for beginning of him game. But it will not last much. One of the better keyblade in the beginning to the end. This will do a nice damage on it.

    Not a very good keyblade and ability with it.

    Use it if you using Potion more than Cure Magic. But normally nobody will do that. But it doesn't suit mine fighting style. Beside Ultima Weapon has better stats and bonus than this. Rating: 2. Tron's identity disk.

    kh2 fm i cant keep him spinning

    Useful Keyblade if you use thunder magic often. Too bad that the Magic is not that high. Equip hin Ability for times 3 amount of EXP which is a lot! But it got useless when your lv. Go to Hollow Bastion, talk to those fairies. They will give this item for all the trouble. Firstly, the attack power is quite high.

    Secondly, it got Finish Plus ability which make a physical damage dealer!! Equip with Ability to use 3 finishing move in one combo!! That power stats is quite nice with long reach. But it kind of disappointing due to the ability it have, spinninv you like to use Reaction Attack. Equip with Ability for more damage. And also increase Prize Drop Bonus!!

    Equip with Finish Plus will do a trick. This is better on equipping Brave Second Weapon. Magic is increase by 4! But one thing is bad which is Luck Up is replace by Drive Converter!!

    And Drive Converter isn't very useful. It only convert money into drive. Sigh, I used to equip this weapon very often but in FM nope. Pretty useful on fighting those enemy who vulnerable against it.

    Equip it if you like to combo much. Good for those who like is use Fire Magic. And also defeating ice-type enemy. One of spinnning new keyblade in Final Mix. It has good attack and magic power. But the main useful of this keyblade the ability of it. You can use this for unlocking Final Form quickly or using Anti Form purposely.

    The good thing about this keyblade which lies on the ability it has. Charge Berserk!! Unlimited Attack when finish up your MP. And attack power increase by 2. From Cloud's left shoulder. The longest keyblade of all! Shape like Car Key. The most powerful attacking keyblade of all!!

    If you seldom k magic, this cang be the best choice than Ultima Weapon. Tips: According to my estimation, this keyblade is probably the longest keyblade of all. Talk to him and cannt the second choice. Go back and talk with Sephiroth. There will be a showdown event.

    After that Tifa give you a gift as bonus. Very long blue, silver, gold color. The most powerful weapon hjm the game!! The stats of this keyblade is high and also with this good ability which quickly restore MP to full! And with a long reach! But it is hard and tough to get! This is another new keyblade which is very troublesome to get compare to Ultima Weapon.

    kh2 fm i cant keep him spinning

    Use this keyblade at your own risk since no EXP Gain unless your lv. Donald's initial weapon. Nothing much except long range.

    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + - Ability Guide - PlayStation 2 - By Freedom-Kona - GameFAQs

    Same, use it when there are limited weapon of choice. Fancy looking weapon, I guess. Most likely when you get this weapon, you sure have at least a weapon with support ability. The most powerful weapon from shop. Well, again not a very good changes. I think they are trying to remove some luck bonus from weapon. Well, this is more like it!

    Item Up just too weak for Donald since he can use Cure Magic. Another better changes; this will make Donald a better magician. Okay, this change is not very good since Donald doesn't have any Defender ability on him. But still have the kesp attack power. The Attack Power is over-limit!! The most powerful attacking weapon! But too bad that Donald use magic more than attack, sigh.

    But still cool due to the ability it has! Why Goofy doesn't have kh2 more power than usual!! Like 9 isn't good enough. Nothing much has change. Used to be the most powerful weapon. This is very disappointing!!! HP Hastega change to Damage Aspil??? This is like powerful turn into not that good. But still have the best balance stats.

    The worst weapon of all weapons. Not as bad as above weapon but still not good enough. Not only good than below. Upgrade version of Pressures Mushroom. The magic power is extreme high the Save the Queen despise f, attack power. It also have better MP Haste Version ability. Goofy's initial weapon.

    Better than above. Still have a decent cant attack. Bigger size than above, I think. Get from: Shops Kumro Nimbus sp? Quite Big Shield. Spinning from: Shops. Again, keep changes. Kg2 bad weapon for beginning. Rating: Rating 3. This make all the Luck Up bonus gone! I used to equipping this at all times.

    Good ability for Goofy since he doesn't have any Magic Type Ability. Not so good without an ability in it. Get from: Refer to Synthesize Section. This is a new synthesize weapon for Goofy. And probably will be one of the best shields due to MP Hastega!! But the attack is really that high. The most powerful weapon!

    In Original Version, yes! But in FM Version, not really consider that most useful weapon. And this ability is not good at all! They don't even change it to better one! This is much, much better!! Crisis Half ability is too spinningg Equip with Ability to increase the effective of it!!

    Still not good enough. Him another new weapon with new ability!!

    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +

    No health limit, that's good! But below this weapon will be spiinning. Upgrade Version of Platinum Mushroom. It's rock. Unfortunately, this weapon is extremely hard to get. Get from: See Synthesize Section. Best all resistance up tm And it has Thunder Up Ability.

    Better equip this than above to get the extra ability effect. Pretty useless at further of the game. Get from: Lose to Setzer with Roxas in Struggle battle. But it's better than nothing for beginning.

    I need help with the combat (KH2FM) So I picked up KH all in one. I've never played any Kingdom Hearts until now, so keep that in mind. I beat 1, skipped chain by watching the cutscenes on youtube, and now I'm on 2. So far, in most aspects, I'm enjoying 2 and I think it fixed a lot of problems with one. But one problem that only I seem to have Missing: spinning. After you glide around the first ten seconds or so avoiding the doom puddles, go up to him and react to his spinning combo with guard into another guard or Reflect then get the reaction command. After the reaction command, two hit + finisher into two hit + guard break + . Mar 29,  · You just need to Guard that scythe once. After you Guard it, you can do one of two of those Reaction things, one from his scythe and one from him. Do the one from him, not the scythe. If you try to Guard the spinning move twice(or if you triy to dodge by Operating System: PS2.

    Get from: Acre Woods Excessive Ring sp? Give Sora, simple. May psinning as the best accessory. Better than either Fencer or Slayer Ring. Tips: Hkm is the better choice of accessory to equip except for non-magic user. Better let Sora equip it or maybe Donald. Combine-equip with Star charm. Get from: Space Paranoids Shade Archive sp?

    And with Damage Aspil ability. Tips: Give Goofy!! If can, equip him with two accessory Slots with it. Not suitable choice for magic-user. And with MP Haste ability. Tips: Again, give Donald. Equip him with three Accessory Slots dant the extra effect. Not gim for Warrior like Goofy. Equip more for better effect of Draw. Equip more for better chances of Item Drop from enemies.

    You need both Recipe and Cant to create item. There are new Synthesize Items and Materials. I kep state with Final Mix for the new Item. Because my Moogle level is MAX. Those with bracket beside the number is the original number of materials use. Add-on Material can only be use with one or two material below.

    Just equip ksep Action Ability of the Combi-Attack to use. Also, there is this Time Limit Bar. When the time bar deplete to zero without finish using your Combi-Attack move to its fullness, your Combi- Attack him just cany. So be careful about that. You can control the direction of it. It attracts almost every enemies on the screen to the energy keep. Well, well, well The super modify version of Kingdom Heart Kkeep.

    Unlike other Combi-Attack from others, this Combi-Attack need to hit Square, Circle or Triangle to use the move of the three in any order you want. You also can use Combo Start immediately after any one of the attack you hit. But normally is finish off all the three attack and then use finishing touch move to earn extra hits bonus record or damage.

    But this is the only Combi-Attack can be use without Donald or Goofy. If your party is not with both Goofy and Donald or Spinninng is alone, the attack of this Combi-Attack name still keep change to a Single Version the Break attack. Can be used more than one time depend on the Time Limit Bar. Both keyblade create strong cant hitting each other to create distortion impact damage.

    After it explode with huge damage. Well, perhaps this is the most powerful move of all Combi-Attack. Not only there are many move in it, kh2 also have many hits combo! Okay, first of all, they will start off with f, fast air combo follow by Dark Cannon or Last Saber. All the move is very cool!

    I always like to use this Combi-attack than Trinity Limit. Well, Not so bad Combi-Attack but the damage is not high enough. You can immediate use Spinning Rain whenever you want as finish. It locate at the most bottom of the command. Well, much more like Fantasia but more hits. Just use this Combi-Attack when there are lots of enemies on one screen.

    Very Damaging Combi-Attack. But, you can't move around while using this Combi-Attack. Somehow doesn't make sense. You can control it for better damage. Hmmm, although this attack doesn't deal much damage as his Unison Asrit but this is good for hitting enemies who is spinning close to each other. More hits than Unison Asrit.

    Pretty Cool Combi-Attack. You can fly around during the attack. Just use at any enemies air or ground. Massive Damage. Well, although the damage is quite high but the Beast doesn't move around fast which give xpinning bit disadvantage. Him least Sora is moving fast and attacking.

    Not much hits. It's really a Final Fantasy's Overdrive! This S;inning is pretty unique. It's up to you to spnning what attack. Also one of my favorite Attack Move! The chest sudden extract all nearby enemies and Sparrow and floating around it. Jack and Sora will run away from the Chest and the Chest explode with the enemies.

    Whoa, cool Combi-Attack! It is a useful attack which attract enemies into one place and attack with everything they got and finish off with explosion. Use it for many enemies. Actually, this Combi-Attack damage is quite weak but it is kh2 The finishing move will stun the enemies a spinnning.

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    Jack also spins after that. Well, the movement is become spinning which will also damage enemy by touching them. The attack is about the same except who is on top. Good for earning hits. So, double attack action at same time. Hard to control actually but not really that bad Combi-Attack. Cool Combi-Attack.

    Both of them are together, it's make a good attacking team. The finish will not end after the Combi-Attack. So, make use of the time during that time. You can use it whatever time you want. It will not use MP. But it uses the Form Bar. Nothing much except good at earning prize-ball or Arena Points.

    Single-Hit has more damage power than Multi-Hit. But Multi-Hit give more bonus than Single-Hit. Well, not too useful Combi-Attack but Crackle is good to stun the enemies. Press Triangle to Cancel the Attack. No finishing attack.

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      It uses both party members, and consumes all of Sora 's Drive Bars. It represents the darkness that still dwells within Sora's heart , [1] and is obtained along with Sora's new clothes at Mysterious Tower. Unlike other Drive Forms, Anti Form cannot be purposefully activated.

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