How to unlock paladin 3rd relic slot

how to unlock paladin 3rd relic slot

  • 3rd relic slot and required dungeons
  • Artifact relic slot | WoWWiki | Fandom
  • Unlocking 3rd Relic Slot / Order Hall Campaign Stuck
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply With Quote. You should also have around 5 or 6 champions by the time you reach the end of the campaign, getting a final one by completing the campaign. Are you sure you don't have some quest in paldain log that you have neglected at some point?

    3rd relic slot and required dungeons

    There is usually a few normal objectives, then a couple instance quests, a few more normal objectives and a conclusion in a solo scenario not exodar or illidan, those are lore events outside of the main campaign. Depending on when you 3r the campaign, its possible that you got into a bit of a broken situation on Beta, as they changed the quest flow a few times, and if you were in an unfortunate spot when they did, it might have cut off your way to advance in it.

    Help unlocking 3rd relic slot, quest line isn't there. Hi, tried figuring this out by myself for ages but have had no luck doing so. I am trying to unlock the 3rd relic slot for my artifact weapon, it says to do so I need to "complete druid order campaign" however I have no idea how to start/resume the questline, as I have been told you can't. An Artifact relic slot is a new socket type introduced in Legion as part of Artifact Weapons for holding Artifact relics. The Artifact relic type needs to match one of the slot types shown below. Arcane Artifact Relic Slot Blood Artifact Relic Slot Fel Artifact Relic Slot Fire Artifact Relic. Aug 01,  · Artifacts start with two Relic slots, unlocking a third once you’ve completed your class’s order hall questline. With Retribution Paladins as our example, Ashbringer starts with one Holy and one Fire relic slot. All relics have a designated element. Rocket Chicken Rocket Fuel is a Fire Relic, which means you can only put it in the Fire ideass.coted Reading Time: 2 mins.

    Last edited by Nevcairiel; at AM. Finish all order hall followers un,ock 'table' missions. There are some missions themed together, marked with!. There are also couple quests you have do on your char in between the missions. That will unlock your 3rd slot on all artifacts you own on the char. There are Naaru lore quests from your order hall, those are NOT order hall campaign.

    Artifact relic slot | WoWWiki | Fandom

    What you're experiencing is most likely a bug, if it is indeed the case. Druid have some serious dungeon grind for the class campaign, no way you could accidentally complete it with just neltharions. I had to do a few dungeons on my DH, then randoms for 15 thingies, then build a got damn space ship.

    My DK has like dungeon quests sitting there, so I'm probably hours from getting 3rd relic, still have nearly ilevel though. Weird and dumb.

    how to unlock paladin 3rd relic slot

    Originally Posted by mickybrighteyes. Originally Posted by Aquamonkey.

    Just because Mannoroth and Archimonde are involved doesn't mean it's Legion. They could just be on vacation, demolishing Draenor to build their new summer home. Originally Posted by Dundebuns. Did you know that salt has sodium and chlorine in it!!!! Sodium explodes when exposed to atmosphere and you clean your toilets with chlorine!!

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    Unlocking 3rd Relic Slot / Order Hall Campaign Stuck

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