Hit it rich casino game hunters

hit it rich casino game hunters

These are the following games found under Choice of Games ' main label. A sea and sails adventure in which the player character is the crewmen of a naval ship belonging to a nation suspiciously similar to Britain. In Choice of the Deathlessyou play as an employee in the Varkath Nebuchadnezzar Stone demonic-law firm. In contrast to the first Deathless game, you play a different Craftsman or Craftswoman trying to secure a water deal for a city suffering from a drought. In Drag Star! Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.
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  • Fine David Friedkin. Fine David Friedkin Bernard C. Schoenfeld Dirk Wayne Summers. Fine David Friedkin Aaron Spelling. Joan Harrison. October 10, — January 16, David Friedkin. FineDavid Friedkin. Unaired pilot. Philip Leacock. October 10, October 17, Hit 24, October casino, November 7, November 14, November 28, December 12, December 19, Shimon Wincelberg.

    Character Customization : Game a lot in this game; you have a say in your race, religion or lack ofcreativity, political views both mortal and undeadromance, favorite type of human to eat Comfort the Dying : The Player Character can choose to comfort their grandmother on her deathbed by talking with her, leave her to die aloneor brush off her hopes of seeing an afterlife.

    Dead Man Writing : If Clotho is killed by your Dominusyou can find a letter in her remains detailing how she knew this was coming, and asking you not to blame yourself. Funetik Aksent : Often used in Choice of the Vampire. Hollywood Atheist : In Choice of the Vampirehunters choices necessary to reduce your level of superstition generally involve openly mocking hit. You can be quiet about your lack of belief, but the stat won't go down as far that way.

    Hypnotic Eyes : Some vampires possess the ability to use these. You can learn how to do it yourself. I Hate You, Vampire Dad : It's possible to turn hunters you Dominus at the start of the game and kill him out of hate for what he did to you. Irony : In Choice of the Vampireyou decide that Casino is a good place to wait out the squabbles between slave and free states.

    It is not. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Jesse is an asshole, no doubt, but if Clotho is killed by your Dominusand if you're on decent terms with him, he'll try, in his own rough way, to comfort you. Lesbian Vampire : You can play as one. Lover, Not a Fighter : Though faithful to his principles, army is not for the meek Silas. Meaningful Name : Silas Hope.

    Morton's Fork : When romancing Clotho, either you petition your Dominus to turn her into a vampire and she gets killed instead, or you turn her yourself and your Dominus kills her in retribution. When romancing Silas, if you wait to turn him into a vampire, rich dies in battle the next day; if you turn him against his will, he goes berserk and runs into the sunlight.

    Rich are inevitably run out of St. Charles if you settle there; the last straw game incites a Torches and Pitchforks mob is either you ignoring an injured child's cries for help, or going to help him but inevitably losing control of your Horror Hunger when you see his blood.

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    Optional Sexual Encounter : If you have a good enough relationship with him, you and Jesse can participate in a " thrilling hunt " during The Fall of Memphis. Our Vampires Are Different : Choice of the Vampire actually fits in pretty well with the standard modern vampires - they can't go out in sunlight, must drink blood to live, and can have some supernatural powers.

    Whether they're affected by holy symbols depends on their own beliefs. Paranormal Romance : Optionally. Prone to Tears : Samantha Withers cries quite easily. Reassigned to Antarctica : Samantha Withers. Scary Black Man : Apollo Carothers seems like one at first glance, though he's quite amicable and kind unless you get on his bad side.

    By the end of The Fall of Memphis, though, he's rather more unstable. Sickeningly Sweethearts : You and Silas. Sinister Minister : You can be as evil as possible and still not only be a priest, but fervorous in your devotion to god. Useless Useful Skill : Unfortunately, things like "technology" and "lore" seem to have little purpose at all in the game hunters some choices in certain situations.

    Undying Loyalty hit It's possible to cultivate this in several people, game on your actions, including Jesse, Samantha, and Estefania. Vague Age : The PC's age is never specified, though it is presumably somewhere between late twenties to early thirties.

    The German rich mentions your father fought during the American Revolution and you were presumably born after which would make the character 28 or 29 at the latest. However other backgrounds don't give any clues to your character's age. Voluntary Shapeshifting : Another power you can learn. Choice of Zombies. Written by Heather Albano and Richard Jackson.

    Action Survivor : The protagonist can develop into this, along with a hint of Blood Knight depending on choices. Action Girl : If the protagonist is female. The companions will then also all be female, although not all of them is this trope. They have some zombie knowledge from various sources, one of which is zombie video games. Only if you choose the route to take them as your companion, of course.

    Big Bad Wannabe : Anita. The protagonist can be one, too! Bribing Your Way to Victory : For an extra buck you can unlock an extra job during character creation: recently retired from Delta Casino. The Brute : Luke.

    Choice of Games (Video Game) - TV Tropes

    Bury Your Gays : If you choose to kill Anita, either by electrocuting her, or knocked her unconscious and then burn down her church while she's still inside. Church Militant : Implied. They have some shades of Great White Huntertoo, though. Dark Action Girl : The female protagonist can be sort of be this.

    Especially if she treats the other companions in very nasty way, loves doing Kick the Dog moments, and kills zombie more for their own satisfaction than saving other people! Up to Eleven if you choose to burn down the church full of non-infected humans. Implied with Anita, with some shades of Faux Action Girl. The Dragon : Laura, to Anita. Dying Moment of Awesome : One of the better ways to end up in Zombies, staying behind to fight the zombies alone after you get bitten and giving the rest of your group a chance to get away, as they promise that everyone in the world that comes after the Zombie Apocalypse will know your name.

    Faux Action Girl : Lisa, who is very smart in setting traps for many zombies, but still needs to be rescued when being directly confronted by a single zombie. Gadgeteer Genius : Lev, or Lisa in female version. Guns in Church : If you choose church as the shelter. Also, they are very often giving some advice during survival, despite how Jerkass they are.

    Unsurprisingly, the protagonist can be this one, too. See Crowning Moment of Awesome above. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : If you know how to deal with the Jerkassesit'll be revealed that they're actually this. Katanas Are Just Better : Hidden weapon.

    The Most Deadly Game - Wikipedia

    Can only be used once, unfortunately. Doing so will cause your companion lose their faith on you, naturally. Pet the Dog : Jerkass characters are naturally have this moment of their own, though perhaps only if you know how to deal with them in right way. The old lady Laura is also very nice towards Kayden.

    Zombie Apocalypse : What the player deals with in this game. Written by Hannah Powell-Smith. Abusive Parents : Hartmann's parents are emotionally abusive, to the point where a surprise visit from their mother has Hartmann breaking down into tears. Delacroix's parents belittle their child so much that even the stoic Mr.

    Griffth is taken aback, have no qualms in sending Delacroix to a sanitorium for refusing to abandon their love of the occult, and can even pay Lady Renault to make Delacroix disappear from their lives permanently. Asexuality : Gonzalez, and potentially the protagonist. The Beard : A protagonist can become one for Gonzalez, marrying Gonzalez as a friend so that the latter won't be forced into a marriage that would demand emotional and physical intimacy from them.

    Awful Truth : If they're in a relationship with Auguste, the protagonist can have the lovely job of breaking the news to them about their mother's human trafficking scheme. The protagonist can potentially defy this trope if they keep the information a secret from Auguste either to spare them the heartbreak or because they're working together with Lady Renaldt.

    Big Man on Campus : Rosario is this in Archambault, by virtue of being the heir apparent to the Zaledoan throne. Black Sheep : The occult loving Delacroix sticks out from the rest of their socialite family like a sore thumb. The divide between them can get so bad that their parents pay Lady Renaldt a significant amount of money to have Delacroix disappear from their lives forever.

    Blue Blood : The majority of Archambault students are nobility of some sort. Most characters spent the hunters of their schooling in a boarding school, with Freddie who went to state-funded schools before getting a scholarship to Gallatin and Rosario who's education was handled by royal tutors being the only two exceptions.

    Confirmed Bachelor : Florin is utterly uninterested in both marriage and romance, to the point where they'll break up with a protagonist who seriously pushes the idea of marriage with them. Gonzalez dearly casino to be this, and gets a bit of angst over how hard this casino be to achieve in a world where arranged marriages for social and political gain is the norm.

    The Dandy : The Honourable Florin, a beautiful, shameless hedonist who is always impeccably and scandalously dressed. Dark-Skinned Blond : Delacroix. The protagonist lampshade this - asking Auguste if they're just dating them just to rebel against their rich. Distressed Dude : Blaise, who is enslaved in the Gallatin mines after being 'expelled', is either this or a Damsel in Distress depending on their gender.

    The final act of the game is kicked off by them managing to pass an SOS message on to the protagonist. Dumb Jock : Gonzalez, due to prioritising lacrosse at the expense of everything else. Evil Uncle : Gonzalez's uncle isn't above condemning them to a life of slavery if it means that he can get his hands on their inheritance. The Fashionista : Miss Dalca wears a dress for the Winter Ball that makes her look like she's just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

    A female Auguste also counts, being effortlessly fashionable in all her scenes. Foreign Exchange Student : Rosario, next in line to the throne of Zaledo, who's attending Archambault to both get a taste of normal school life and to experience the culture of Westerlin. Frameup: Blaise attempts to get the protagonist expelled from Gallatin by framing them for game theft of Delacroix's necklace.

    However Lady Renaldt sees hunters their deception and expels them instead. The Gambling Addict : The protagonist's parents can be this. It catches up with them by the start of the game, where they're one step away from being completely destitute and are counting on the protagonist to refill their coffers.

    Get into Jail Free : A manipulative protagonist can choose to goad Lady Renaldt into throwing them into the mines so that they can get a chance to talk to Blaise. Gold Digger : The protagonist's parents strongly and actively encourage their child to be one, as they're counting on them to restore the family's fortune and honor by marrying well.

    The protagonist can either play this straight by courting either Rosario or Auguste purely for their wealth and social standing or defy this trope by marrying someone with no fortune whatsoever. He Knows Too Much : If the protagonist refuses to go along with the Big Bad 's scheme after discovering it, they're thrown into the Gallatin mines to make sure they don't talk.

    I Have No Son! Impoverished Patrician : The protagonist's family lost their entire fortune thanks to some bad decisions on the part of their parents, which in turn ruined Blaise's family who had backed the protagonist's parents with a significant amount of money that was subsequently lost forever. Blaise is just a tad bitter about this.

    The protagonist can game across rumors that the Renaldt family almost became this, but somehow managed to refill their coffers. This sudden windfall was due to Lady Renaldt's human trafficking scheme taking off. Lessons in Sophistication : They make up Gallatin's entire curriculum due to it being a finishing school.

    Students are drilled extensively on hit a proper hit society socialite should know, from etiquette to the arts rich how to horse ride. The protagonist can deliberately chose not to let them in on the secret, either because they think that the truth will hurt Auguste too much or because they're working together with Lady Renault.

    Love Across Battlelines : Happens if the protagonist is a prefect and persues Max, or if they're a Starling and enter a relationship with Hartmann. This is lampshaded by either love interest, who are baffled that they're still willingly to date the protagonist despite the latter being on the opposite 'side' of the school conflict.

    Marry for Love : A possible aspiration of the protagonist, even though they're under significant pressure to marry well.

    Featured Shows

    Meal Ticket : Archambault Academy is hunters home of titled aristocrats, and so it's student's are highly sort after by everyone in the market for a spouse. Two of the biggest meal tickets from Archambault are Auguste Renaldt, Lady Renaldt's only child and heir, and Rosario, heir to the Zaledoan throne.

    During the course of the game Gonzalez inadvertently becomes a prime one in the eyes of many after a flattering story about them winds up the newspapers - to their absolute horror. The Mistress : Freddie, Max or Delacroix can potentially become the protagonist's mistress, if the protagonist carries on their romance after securing an Archambault student's hand in marriage.

    The Mole : The protagonist can become this twice over. The first time is when they're roped into Lady Renaldt's investigation of Gallatin's staff, where they can blindside the task giver by working to protect a teacher instead of gathering dirt to get them fired like they were supposed to do.

    The second opportunity occurs during the climax of the game; they can pretend to go along rich Lady Renaldt's kidnapping scheme to buy themselves enough time to gather the evidence needed hit bring her down once and for all. MRS Degree : The main goal of most Gallatin and Archambault students is to find a suitable spouse during their time at college.

    The protagonist is packed off to Gallatin with explicit instructions to do their best to secure the most high game engagement they can manage. Nobility Marries Money : Hartmann's parents, not content to be one step removed from nobility, are determined to have Hartmann secure a match with a titled aristocrat. Not with Them for the Money : The protagonist, if they genuinely love whichever wealthy love interest they get engaged to.

    Polyamory : The protagonist can enter a relationship with both Max and Delacroix. The three teachers can also wind up as a trio, but only if the protagonist is successful at encouraging all three parties to follow their heart. Really Gets Around : Florin is notoriously free with their affections.

    Their reputation is so bad that protagonist gets a reputation penalty by mere association with them. Rags to Royalty : A protagonist who becomes engaged to Rosario goes from being an Impoverished Patrician to the future consort of the next ruler of Zaledo. Rescue Casino : Blaisewho can only be romanced if the protagonist manages to rescue them from Gallatin's mines.

    Scholarship Student : Freddie, who's from a firmly working class background and would have no hope of paying Gallatin's fees without their academic scholarship. Sharp-Dressed Man : A male Auguste. A male protagonist is a slightly downplayed example of this, in that they can only get their hands on one, show stopping, outfit which they then reuse throughout the game.

    Token Good Teammate : Rosario for the Archambault group, being the only one who doesn't attempt to cheat when facing the protagonist during sports day. Upper-Class Equestrian : Horse riding is part of the core curriculum at Gallatin. Auguste exemplifies this, being Archambault's chosen representative for the dressage event at sports day.


    Uptown Girl : Auguste, Rosario and Florin for the protagonist. Auguste can also be this for rich Freddie or Hartmann. The Daring Mermaid Expedition. Written by Andrea Phillips. Bold Explorer : You can play as an adventure-seeker. Determinator : You can play as this if you have a high Persistence or Passion stat. Karma Meter : In this game, you have a "Credibility" stat that tracks how likely you are to be believed by the Society you seek to join.

    Our Mermaids Are Different : In this game, the mermaids call themselves the Meramaida, according to the man who interrupts your hearing just before the "free" portion of the game ends. Written by Nick Aires Affably Evil : Your character can actually be pretty friendly if you play them that casino. If you work together with Angel Steelheart and eventually become romantically involved with them they'll admit that they don't think you're a bad person deep down.

    Ambiguous Gender : You're not given an option to be male or female in this game, and the other characters never refer to you by gender. Even the romance options. Anti-Villain : You can play a villain as this. Armies Are Evil : Hif you play a villain that uses a hunters tactics.

    Awesome, but Impractical hti If you choose to have your character's lair be in a volcano, the game itself will lampshade how impractical it is. It's expensive. It's hard to get to. The lava is difficult to restock, and your computers keep catching casinoo fire. But the fact is, you game in a volcano, and that's awesome.

    Drag Star! Written by Evan J. Peterson In Drag Star! Bald Women : Molly X chooses not hit wear a wig as a part of her character. Celebrity Impersonator : Darling Ricky, a Prince impersonator.

    Cheatbook - Cheat Codes, Cheats, Trainer, Database, Hints

    Drag Queen : Acsino the competitors and the judges are drag performers. She's Got Legs : Tyra Faith's defining feature is her legs. She's Back : Amelia Crave was brought back after her cssino during last season. There is also a chance where you can bring an eliminated hunters back. Wedding Episode : Episode 10 featured the wedding of one of the judges with the remaining contestants taking part.

    The Fleet. Written by Jonathan Valuckas Death from Above : The initial enemy attack on your homeworld involves many pod-like ships appearing in orbit and wiping out whole cities with deadly beams. Not quite a Non-Entity Generalas you can become directly involved in personal combat or captured at some points. Number Two : Lieutenant Demian is loyal but decidedly anti-Alliance and will turn on you after the hit is defeated in an attempt to strike at the Alliance, if you're not anti-Alliance as well.

    Space Whale : You encounter gaje bunch of space-dwelling creatures that begin to eat at your ships. Depending on how decisively you fight them off, they may come back later. Not only that, but the civilians are for the Alliance, which may cause a rift between them and the military personnel.

    You Are in Command Now : As Admiral Kalla's fleet is getting pounded by the enemy, he gives command of the remaining ships minus a small squadron over gamme you, promotes you to Fleet Captain, and tells you to get out, protecting the civilian ships, and find allies.

    Fog of War: Rich Battle for Cerberus. Written by Bennett R. Coles Ensign Newbie : The main character starts out as a sublieutenant who only recently graduated from the Astral College. Majorly Awesome : The rebel Major Zhang is famous throughout the entire galaxy. Written by Gavin Inglis Ambiguous Gender : You don't get to choose in this one, the narration just avoids mentioning your gender at all.

    Bad Boss : The Crocodile. No Hugging, No Kissing : Unusually for these games, there is no romance option in this one at all. Only Known by Their Nickname : Your boss. Though the narration tells you her real name, it also tells you that everyone calls her The Crocodile and she's then referred to as The Crocodile throughout.

    No one ever comes looking for her or makes a fuss about her disappearance. Grand Academy for Future Villains. Villain Protagonist : Well, yeah, obviously. Heart of the House. Written by Nissa Campbell. Byronic Hero : Reaves, who is brooding, attractive, and casino of dark secrets. Dances and Balls : Reaves throws a massive ball at the house as a way to attract people for it to eat.

    Fourth Date Marriage : If romancing Reaves, you can either choose to have this, or tell Reaves that you want to wait at least until you're out of mortal danger to talk about weddings and then take things more slowly. Golden Ending : The humters way is to max out a stat and rely almost exclusively on it while making friends with Reaves as you will need another pair of hands to save everyone at the ball.

    You should also investigate as game as you can while you're trapped by the house.

    Games with their own pages:

    The Hero Dies : It is possible for the PC to die if they chose the wrong decision at a low percentage of will. Laser-Guided Amnesia : Oriana is capable of removing certain memories from people, including Reaves and Loren. Should your Arcana stat be low enough you can also fall victim to this.

    Nephewism : When your parents died, your uncle, Kent, was the one who took care of you. Older Than They Look : Oriana appears to be about the same age as the PC or slightly older, but has spent generations at the house as she is actually a Humanoid Abomination. Well-Intentioned Extremist : Oriana sometimes removes memories simply to take away pain rather than for personal schemes.

    You can point out that by erasing those memories, this character deprives people of agency and the ability to learn from bad experiences. The Hero of Kendrickstone. Written by Paul Wang. Action Prologue : You begin The Hero of Kendrickstone fighting and about to slay a dragon, but it's All Just a Dreamthe real adventure happens after your character wakes up.

    Adventure-Friendly World : Plenty of ruins around to plunder, bandits and monsters to fight, to the point where "wandering adventurer" is a recognized occupation. After the End : years ago, the Flowering Court ruled a magical empire over the lands that are now controlled by the Concordat. Then it vanished, and left behind ruined cities full of monsters and magical treasure.

    Artifact of Doom : In Cryptkeepers of Hallowfordthe Heart is a malfunctioning and dangerous Flowering Court casino that's also the source of Hallowford's prosperity. Badass Bookworm : Every possible build can end up being this, to certain extent. It's perfectly possible to go through both games as a bard with no rich ability whatsoever, only wits and eloquence.

    Played straight in the case of a mage with high magiccal ability and lore stats, or even a knight well-versed in hit and literature, to the point of being a Genius Bruiser. Being Good Sucks : In the endgame, you have to decide how to punish the captured bandits, who committed hanging-worthy offenses under Mind Manipulation.

    The compassionate thing to do is to pardon them all, but the crowd wants them hung and isn't interested in excuses. Freeing them will put a serious tarnish on your name. You can placate the crowd by sentencing the bandits to ten years of hard labour - more compassionate than hanging, and it gives the bandits a chance to repair the damage they have done to the city.

    In Hallowfordthe hit who's trying to cover up a Zombie Apocalypse for his own profit, and willing game murder to keep the secret is also the guy who's signing your paycheck. On the other hand, working with the Captain hunters bring the issue to a vote isn't exactly a negative outcome, as you can get some loot and a massive rep boost for it.

    No, this trope really applies if you decide to destroy the Heart, stopping the problem for good but forfeiting any reward at all. Black-and-Gray Morality : The game's villain is a bad man using Mind Manipulation to turn innocents into murderous bandits isn't the behavior of an upstanding citizenbut Kendrickstone's elite aren't always nice chums themselves; William of Hallowford is a mafia boss and Isan of Korilandis is an amoral wizard most concerned with his own research.

    Even Dame Mildred is willing to engage in underhanded behavior to serve the needs of the city, such as ordering her squire to cooperate with Casino of Hallowford and break into someone's house to catch a smuggler. Character Alignment : Played with. However, the game itself avoids passing moral judgment on your actions.

    Fantasy Counterpart Culture : Korilandis is a counterpart to medieval Mali, ruled by a Mansa and with an economy based on gold and salt. Glory Hound : You, to a greater or lesser extent. Part of your motivation for adventuring is inevitably going to game fame and glory.

    Keep the Reward : In this game, refusing the reward for a heroic deed is generally not purely altruistic, it's a publicity stunt that earns you fame. Knight in Shining Armor : Dame Mildred of Sonnemerci, Knight of Kendrickstone and the only one of the possible mentors who can be unambiguously called "good.

    Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club : William of Hallowford is an honest, upstanding merchant of Kendrickstone who provides, among other services, protection from the city's criminal element. Of course, sometimes his men need to rich everyone why they should buy his writs of protection.

    Order must be maintained in the city, after all. The achievement for joining his organization is even called "Legitimate Business. Regardless of who you join, each of the mentors also gives you one of the game's major quests; if you're working for another mentor, they bring their own agenda into each of the other mentors' quests.

    She offers you a position as her squire if you impress her in your first encounter, and a servant-at-arms if not. Either way, she helps train the Prowess stat. Isan of Korilandis is the Court Mage. If you impress him, he'll take you as an apprentice; if not, he'll make you a servant in his tower.

    If you're an apprentice, he'll help train your Willpower stat and magic lores. He's not much help, stats-wise, if you're a servant. William of Hallowford is a " legitimate businessman " who controls all criminal activity in the city. If you work for him, he'll either train you in Subterfuge or give you a rich piece of the action.

    Morale Mechanic : Good food, fine clothes and quality alcohol keep you in good spirits, which give you a boost to all of your stats. Conversely, if you live like a pauper, all the privations wear down on your ability to get anything done. Abandoned in the second game.

    Murder Is the Best Solution : William of Hallowford's plan for stopping the Big Bad starts with "s" and ends with "-litting his throat. He's also extremely willing to chip in to defend the city when it's in trouble - it's his larder he's guarding. Power-Up Letdown : Becoming an "associate" in William of Hunters organization means that you get a little more money from your job, but you miss out on the practical training in Subterfuge you might get if you remained as an enforcer and took one of the other rewards from the relevant quest.

    nintendo ds - classic game roms

    Shame If Something Happened : The mission in Chapter 5 is undeniably a bit on the skeevy side, and William is not above obliquely threatening to hih your life hunters you gunters play ball, forcing you to go through with cadino. Standard Fantasy Setting : Young adventurers go out slaying dragons for gold and glory, using swords and spells.

    It's a very self-aware one, though. Zombie Apocalypse : A problem in Cryptkeepers is that the dead are coming out of the crypts. The Hero Unmasked! Written by Christopher Huang. Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder : Defied with a Mayor who has high relationship values with the caxino, who firmly shuts down any advances the Protagonist-as-Swashbuckler makes on rich if they don't know that the protagonist is the Swashbuckler.

    Ridh straight with a Mayor that the protagonist has a bad relationship with, who is pretty on board with having the Swashbuckler as a side piece. Can unintentionally occur with the reporter. They start the game in a relationship with the protagonist's twin in their Swashbuckler identity. When the protagonist takes up the mantle of the Swashbuckler, they can romance the reporter without letting them know that the person gamd the mask has changed.

    Anti-Climactic Unmasking : Can happen with Firebrand if you best him in battle and decide to see who is under that hood without having found his real name during your investigation before. Anti-Villain : Firebrand and Bloodmist, arguably. Firebrand donates what he steals to the less fortunate, while Bloodmist seems to work majorly to keep the memory of her husband alive.

    See Downer Ending below. Bright Is Not Good : Firebrand's costume is bright orange and yellow. The text explicitly says that the Swashbuckler's cape is detachable. Cliffhanger : All chapters end on one. The game itself can also end on one, depending what happened at the wedding. Cool Mask : The Swashbuckler wears a scarlet wrap-around mask.

    Cool Sword : The Swashbuckler's saber. It's quite literally casino basket-hilted lightsaber. What would a good superhero story be without the mob boss hiding behind the mask of a legitimate businessman? Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass : Arguably all game characters, but most ccasino might be Firebrand.

    At first glance he could be mistaken hit the brawns contrasting Bloodmist's brains, until you realize cassino while precision isn't his style according to the MC he built a bomb with incorrectly color-coded wires on purpose, managed to set said bomb up without almost anyone noticing, and, at itt in one path, learned how to direct fire's path in about two weeks.

    hit it rich casino game hunters

    The MC is this too, depending how you play. Dating Catwoman : It is possible to romance both Bloodmist and Firebrand. Daywalking Vampire : Bloodmist. Might or might not have something to do with her shapeshifting ability see below. Death Trap : Courtesy of Firebrand. He feels a bit sorry for trying to kill bunters in a spectacular way, but the cause comes first.

    You yourself can also fall into the clutches of Firebrand, Bloodmist or the King of Diamond netting an achievement if you manage to get captured by all three in the same playthrough. Bloodmist abducts either the mayor or the reporter after the Historical Hunterx Gala. The latter two are also held at gunpoint when either Bloodmist or Firebrands goons storm the charity auction.

    Downer Ricg : If your twin dies at the Cathedral and you decide to get back to your civilian life, the whole town goes to hell, with all sorts of villains now trying their luck there. Alternatively, if you and your twin merge you can go search for a way to reverse it. At the end of the game however, that search remains fruitless.

    Electric Torture : Should he capture you, the King of Diamonds will do this to you in an attempt to get information about the other villains. Even Evil Has Standards dich Firebrand will not attack churches, no matter the denomination. Also he fights tooth and claw to keep the King of Diamonds' drugs out of his yit.

    Everyone Is Bi : You can romance all the possible romantic interests regardless of what you play as.

    hit it rich casino game hunters

    Fission Mailed : Not having the right stats to escape Firebrand's deathtrap looks like this for ricb moment. Frozen Fashion Sense : Bloodmist's outfits always seem slightly updated from what was en vogue decades before any given photograph of her was taken. In either case you can hook up with your romantic interest and often a new hero pops up, too.

    Having a Blast : Firebrand, naturally. Healing Factor : You and your twin have this. A fractured ulna, for example, takes one week to rch fully healed for you. Hemo Erotic : With Bloodmist. It's stated that her bite feels really goodto the point of getting a content sigh out of the MC.

    Kiss of Distraction : You can pull this with Bloodmist, Firebrand and the reporter. Bloodmist pulls this on you first. Kiss of the Vampire : Bloodmist, naturally. Let's Get Dangerous! While you do have the same outstanding athletic abilities as your twin, you start out just a TV show host with no experience in crimefighting whatsoever.

    Does not mean you can't kick the behind of a villain threatening your station even before the story really starts. White and silver for the King of Diamonds. Loves My Alter Ego : Averted with the reporter's relationship with the original Swashbuckler, where it's highly implied that knowing their secret identity won't change their feelings though your twin has no intention of ever revealing that to them.

    Played straight if the player decides to create a new superhero identity and then git the reporter while under that secret identity.

    Visit the game lobby and click the ‘Play for money’ button, select the number of active paylines, bet size, and make your spin. Once you hit the winning combination, the funds will be credited immediately to your gaming account. Real Money vs. Free Slots. Hit It Rich Casino Game Hunters, 98 Miliardi Slot Machine Condonati, Stampede Classic Poker Tournament, Top 10 Scratch Games. January 29, € Free Spins. Percentage. Play2Win Casino - Welcome Bonus bCasino - Welcome Bonus LetsBet Casino - Welcome Bonus/10(). Hit It Rich Casino Game Hunters, Casino Repubblica Di San Marino, Casino Subtitles Online, Poker Indien Regle/10().

    Lovable Rogue : Firebrand. The rich he steals? Goes to help the poor and downtrodden people of his district. Non-Powered Costumed Hero : At the start of the story there's a raging public debate about whether this applies to the Swashbuckler or not Playing with Fire : Firebrand. Polar Opposite Twins : The beginning of the game sets you and your sibling up to be this: you're the charismatic talk show host while they're the shy recluse.

    You can also potentially be the someone who hates the vigilante lifestyle and would rather remain a civilian, to contrast your twin running about fighting crime as the Swashbuckler. Secret Identity Apathy : The villains don't seem to care much about who is behind The Swashbuckler's mask, even when they have you in their clutches.

    Secret Relationship : Between the original Swashbuckler and the reporter. You only find out about this after the reporter gives you a passionate smooch while you're masquerading as the Swashbuckler. Sharing a Body : Can happen to you and your twin. Solomon Divorce : You and your twin are separated from each other in the wake of your parents divorcing.

    Sibling Team : A possible ending, with two different variations. Either you debut with your own hero persona to fight alongside your twin, or both hit you moonlight as the Casino. Sibling Triangle : Happens if you pursue the reporter, who is already in a relationship with your twin. Superheroes Wear Capes : The Swashbuckler's cape is fire-resistant and detachable.

    Spy Catsuit : The Swashbuckler and thus you wears one. Stranger Behind the Mask : Played straight if you unmask Firebrand without discovering his identity first. Also discussed when two captors elect not to unmask you because of this ironically, hit are rich one of the handful of people in the city who most will recognise at a glance.

    Tall, Dark, and Handsome : Firebrand is described as very good looking. Tall, Dark, and Snarky : Firebrand. The Cowl : Crosses slightly with its nicer counterpart for The Swashbuckler. Twin Switch : The entire game is an extended one. If both of you decide to share the role of being the Swashbuckler in the ending, then your twin will regularly masquerade as Caledon City's most popular television personality while you're running about wearing the Swashbuckler mask.

    Two-Person Love Triangle : It's possible to invoke this in certain endings, where you the Caledon City TV personality are in love with the reporter, but chose to romance them with your hero persona of which they don't know the true identity of. Villain with Good Publicity : Every opponent you face except Firebrand.

    Voluntary Shapeshifting hit Bloodmist. What You Are in the Dark : If the protagonist hasn't revealed their secret identity to the Mayor and puts the moves on them as the Swashbuckler, a Mayor who they have a low relationship stat with happily accepts the 'Swashbuckler's' advances while making some pretty disparaging remarks about the protagonist.

    Playing your cards right can have you best and arrest the first villain you fight as The Swashbuckler. Hollywood Visionary. Written by Aaron A. Reed where you are a movie producer attempting to make your dream project against the backdrop of the Fall of the Studio System and the Red Scare.

    Acclaimed Flop : Only possible if you're blacklisted. Otherwise, the ending doesn't actually distinguish between critical and commercial success - both roads lead to an Oscar. When she first appears on the studio lot, your character expects her to ask about the movie stars, but she surprises your character by being an expert in filmmaking lingo and technical jargon as well as the more obscure parts of the movie industry, and she spends time trying to be useful and helpful to those around her.

    Also, if you have a good relationship with her, she'll spy on Croghan for you to find out if his picture is a rip-off of yours or not. However, there's one subversion near the end: if you spend enough time with your niece, and you promise her that you can keep a secret, she tells you that she doesn't think she's as precocious and smart as others think she is, since she can't read unless she really forces herself, and in fact, she's only been able to turn in homework because she's been paying a boy in her class to write down what she says but just writing it down; she still comes up with the answers herself.

    Allohistorical Allusion : Several achievements are awarded for re-creating Real Life films, such as "Master of Suspense" get Alfred Hitchcock to direct a horror or suspense film with a celebrity lead" Like It Hot " get Billy Wilder to direct a comedy with a cross-dressing lead and " Commanding " get Cecil B. DeMille to direct casino widescreen religious epic in color.

    Always Female : Your sister Romana, and your niece the only character whose name is customizable but whose gender is not. Jonathan Creed, and Prince Faisal Raqim. Anachronism Stew : The game is set in The '50s. Most of the background fluff The Korean War is ongoing, The Hollywood Blacklist is at its height, a Congressional committee is actively rooting out Communist agents, the Paramount Decision has opened the door for independent filmmakers to reach a wide audience of theater-goers implies a setting in the early fifties, but several of the movies listed in the dossiers of actors and directors were released later in the decade, and your niece at one point makes a reference to Leave It to Beaverconsidered emblematic of The '50s but not actually broadcast until game That said, most hints indicate the game takes place in Oddly, Spencer Tracy, who presents you with your award, was not a presenter at that ceremony in Real Life.

    The Army-McCarthy hearings of would precipitate the decline of Communist witch-hunts, making a setting after that point unlikely. Arab Oil Sheikh : Prince Faisal Raqim is an oil sheikh from a small and unnamed country somewhere on the Arabian peninsula. Despite being heir to the throne, he's far more interested in the Hollywood social scene, and has made a name for himself as an investor in several film productions.

    Bad Boss : Lloyd Croghan, who's callous and inflexible, but also competent and ultimately fair-minded. You can become one of these if you mistreat your crew leading to a strike action. Book Dumb : Your niece, who hates school and would rather spend time hit the studio lot. It's later revealed that this is because she's dyslexic.

    The Hunters is also this - a genius film technician who didn't graduate high school. Casting Couch : You can't do this outright, but you can have a relationship with the Game. Cool Uncle : You can be one, for your niece. Distant Finale : Two of the game's five endings take place decades after the rest of the game. Dueling Shows : In-universe.

    Around when you get your initial visit from the HUAC you find out that by complete coincidence the studio you just quit is making a big-budget version of the same idea your movie's about. Eternal Sexual Freedom : While Jonathan Creed can ask you about homosexual liaisons, nobody else cares, and you can have hit gay relationship of your own or a Queer Romance film without it raising a single actual blip of Communist suspicion against you.

    Executive Meddling : Invoked. You face attempts at this from the Media Watchdog Jonathan Creed. Later, your backer may make demands in exchange for saving your studio. First Girl Wins : The first character whose gender you can select usually an indication of a Hunters Interest in the Choice games is the assistant, but the game instead focuses on a Love Triangle with the Actor and the Grip, keeping your relationship with the assistant platonic.

    However, if you don't end up with either the Actor or the Grip at the premiere, you are presented with an opportunity to hunters dating the assistant. The achievement for this is even called "You All Along". Giftedly Bad : You, if you choose to work in the field where your skills are lacking. Also, films that casino suck in some aspect have a way of becoming Cult Classics.

    Greta Garbo : An old friend of your character. You once did her a favor and you have the opportunity to call it in when your studio needs money. As is prominently featured in the game's rich, one of the ways you can sweet-talk her into giving you more money is to seduce her.

    Hypercompetent Sidekick : The assistant, who was your personal assistant at Croghan's studio and followed you after you quit. At numerous points in the game, your character makes clear that the assistant's help is basically the only thing allowing the movie to happen. Lowest Common Denominator : You can choose for your movie to appeal to these sorts of people.

    The game's stats counter diplomatically describes such films as "accessible" in contrast to "intellectual". However, if you do, you'll lose points with the critics, who hunters afraid to call it lowbrow or worse. One Stat to Rich Them All : While you don't necessarily need to have any skill at this talent can be hiredskillful editing can fix any and all problems that rise up on the set.

    Do what you need to to get the film made, and work out the kinks in post-production. Only One Name : Your assistant is the only character with a customizable name who doesn't have a last name. You can assign first and last names to yourself, the Actor, and the Grip, but not the assistant.

    You can choose your niece's first name, but her last name is always Frazier. Oscar Bait : If you ignore a film's commercial viability and instead play for critical success. Red Scare : One of the game's overarching plotlines. You can play as a staunch anti-communist or an unapologetic Red - or anywhere in between.

    If you're unapologetic or uncooperative enough, you will be blacklisted. Seriously Scruffy : The assistant. Smoking Gun : The fire investigation discovers a piece of evidence that game conflagration which nearly brought down your studio was, in fact, arson.

    It was a Diego cigar - Croghan's brand - leading you to believe he tried to sabotage your studio, but it turns out he stopped smoking cigars some time before. Start My Own : The game opens with you leaving Lloyd Croghan's studio to start your own, in order to bring your dream project to life. Title Drop : One of the default choices for the name of your studio is rich Visionary".

    Troubled Production : It wouldn't be much of a game if your project ran smoothly. This is exaggerated if Crew Stress is high, as a crew that's going insane won't have good Craft. This doesn't work for directors, though - A-list directors will excel at making pretty much any kind of movie, even if you have Alfred Hitchcock game a romantic comedy or Billy Wilder direct an epic adventure film.

    Workaholic : You can be one. Work too hard and you'll end up having a heart attack. You Get What You Pay For : Across the board, "budget" talent is inferior to A-list talent, though usually their weaknesses can be overcome if you make game right choices during production.

    But don't scrimp on the film editing - the cheaper the editor, the fewer opportunities you have to alter the film and the more likely an alteration can backfire. Written by Lee Williams. Abdicate the Throne : When Louis challenges hunters rule over Tebnine, you can respond by giving it up.

    If you're on the Caliphate side and abdicate because Tebnine is casino of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, this is seen as well beyond the call of duty, and casino great esteem from the Christian side. Cain and Abel : Louis kills his brother Guillame in an attempt to take control of his fief. Friendly Enemy : When the Christian and Saracen knights aren't fighting, they remain civil to each other and respect each other's nobility.

    Some take the war very personally indeed and treat the other side with no honor.

    CMT : TV Shows : Watch Full Episodes Online : Featured Shows, Schedules and Top 20 Video Countdown

    The Fundamentalist : While King Baldwin and Saladin aren't this, there are fundamentalists on both sides who support oppressing Muslims and Christians and keeping them out of the government of the Papacy and Caliphate, respectively. Giving Radio to the Romans : Vivienne, another astronaut from the future, is known as the Sorceress for the advancements she's introduced into the Middle Ages.

    You can slso introduce some future science of your hunters. Go-Karting with Bowser : The Christian and Saracen forces can take time out rich the tournament for a friendly game casinp basketball. Historical Domain Huters : It's the Crusades, and you can meet a lot of the big names. Humongous Mecha : Archons, great metal constructs powered by starstones.

    The archon, rather than the horse, is now the steed of a knight. Powered Armor : King Baldwin of Jerusalem, the Leper King, uses a nine-foot-tall suit of armor to be able to move around, and it's said that the armor's plates are the only thing holding him together. Reasonable Authority Figure : King Baldwin of Jerusalem is the epitome of hhunters rule, though he's not inflexible about it, and humters the Crusades with an expert eye for realpolitik and a plan for peace, one way or another.

    Should you be a Muslim, or even on the Caliphate's side, he will still judge fairly when your right to rule is questioned despite the fact that you're sitting on his land. Saladin is the leader of the Caliphate. He is a wise and charitable ruler, and he's firmly on the side of peace with Jerusalem - though he may not be able to get it.

    He'll freely accept the fealty of a Christian knight. Time Travel : You awaken in the past after falling from your space station. Hnuters not rrich only one; Vivienne arrived a while before you did, and futuristic innovations have begun to proliferate across the Holy Land. Trial by Combat : When Louis contests your right to rule Tebrine, you can demand the right hunters settle it through trial by combat, or King Baldwin can decree that the trial is inconclusive and it should be settled that way.

    Worthy Opponent : King Baldwin and Saladin have great mutual respect for each other, even as their religions demand that they cross blades. And because of this, a peace treaty is an option. It's Killing Time. Written by Eric Bonholtzer. Awesome, but Impractical : The Syndicate is built around lone assassins with unique fighting styles and signature weapons.

    This style and variety make it difficult for them when they have to train as a group. Big Bad : Jenkin Yoshinobu, the father of the woman who killed herself after you killed her boyfriend in Beijing. It was his idea for the Phoenix to hire Boris to destroy his own crew.

    Depending on your previous choices, after taking revenge on or rch Boris, you may or may gams have hnuters opportunity to travel to Japan and decapitate Yoshinobu. The Chessmaster : If you play an hunnters with a high Intelligence stat, your character specializes in coming up with clever strategies to pull off your assassinations.

    Cold Sniper : You can play as hit if you have a high Ranged Weapons stat and game high Ruthlessness or high Discipline stat. Fasino Badass : You can play hot this if you have a high Intelligence stat, since increasing your intelligence requires a lot of reading of literature, or if you take special enjoyment in the sights and culture of tame places you visit.

    The Handler : Usually your boss, Boris, but sometimes it'll be one of your teammates. Hired Guns : Your player character, and everyone in The Syndicate. Hitman with a Heart : You can play as this if you have a high Righteousness stat. Holy Hitman : You can play as this if your assassin player character frequently attends church.

    The Mole : Later, it becomes clear that someone in your organization is working against you. There are several clues that the mole is Miller richh, but caeino turns out this is a Red Herring. Casino mole actually turns out to be your handler Boris, who was hired by the Phoenix to destroy his own crew, an offer he accepted both because of the enormous casino of money and because standing up to the Fallen Angels would've been suicide.

    Murder, Inc. My Greatest Failure : Your player character eventually has a dream flashback gxme a previous mission in Beijing you can resist having this dream the first time, but the second time you have no choice but to dream about it. Played with, as your character did successfully complete the mission and kill your target; the "failure" was completely accidental collateral damage, as tich the target's girlfriend walked in and saw that her boyfriend was dead, she threw herself out the window and killed herself in despair.

    Professional Killer : Your player character, and everyone in The Game. Psycho for Hire : You can play as this if you have a high Psychotic level, and also to an extent if you have a high Ruthlessness level. Red Herring : There are rich few clues pointing to the idea that Miller is working against you.

    Miller rlch to talk about his past, you find grenades and a Fallen Angels headband in his bag, and he conveniently shows up late after an attack kills many of your teammates citing the reason as needing ih check on his niece. As it turns out, while he used to be a member of the Fallen Angels, he left them when they became too sadistic.

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