Acer nitro 5 spin weight

acer nitro 5 spin weight

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  • I evened things out using the Dolby Audio software by switching from the Music preset to Dynamic. You also have settings for Movie, Game and Voice as well as a custom setting, but if you stick to Music or Dynamic, you'll be fine in most cases. It doesn't have RGB customizable lighting, but the Nitro 5's island-style nito is still handsome with its black keys, red text and lining.

    The backlighting is bright enough that I didn't have to strain to see the type in a wwight room. And I appreciate that Acer managed to fit in a number pad without shrinking the qeight keys. Thankfully, the keyboard feels as good as it looks. The keys are very responsive and give a slight click despite the 1.

    Acer Nitro 5 Spin NPDL comes with these high level specs: 8th Generation Intel Core iU Processor GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to GHz, Windows 10 Home, " Full HD ( x ) widescreen LED-backlit IPS display, Multi-touch screen, supporting 10 finger touch, NVIDIA GeForce GTX with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM, 8GB DDR4 Memory, GB /5(35). Jun 04,  · The Acer Nitro 5 Spin comes in a few specs starting with Intel Core i5 8 th gen, however the one we are reviewing is the top of the line with Intel Core i7 8 th gen CPU with clock speed of GHz and turbo boost. It has 8 GB of RAM and comes with dual storage drives.4/5(3). Nov 09,  · The new Acer Nitro 5 Spin aims to deliver it all in an all-aluminum thin chassis, degree rotatable hinge, touchscreen and powerful hardware. Such devices were scarce in the previous years but now, thanks to Intel's latest generation (Kaby Lake Refresh) ultra-low voltage CPUs and NVIDIA's Pascal GPUs, gaming laptops can be portable and Brand: Acer.

    I banged out my normal 70 words per minute on the 10fastfingers typing test. The 4. Windows gestures such as three-finger swipe and four-finger press quickly let me cycle through recently opened apps and summon Action Center. The fingerprint scanner is located in the top left corner of the touchpad where it does a pretty good job of staying out of the way.

    It's there to help you sign into Windows Helloif you want to add a layer of security between your games and other sensitive info and prying eyes. Setting up Windows Hello is simple: after creating a password, ntro enter your fingerprint by lifting your finger on and off the sensor several times at different angles.

    Nitro 5 Spin NP - Tech Specs | Laptops | Acer New Zealand

    The AAAA battery-powered pen is spin built and felt pretty comfortable in my hand. With only 1, levels of pressure sensitivity, it's acer as sensitive as other styli on the market, but it'll get the job done in a pinch. Placing the Nitro 5 Spin into tablet mode, I started doodling in Autodesk SketchBook and appreciated how well the pen kept up with my nitro. Pressing weight gave me a thicker line, while employing a softer spin produced a more delicate one.

    Acer though my palm was resting on the display, it never registered on the screen due to some top-notch palm rejection. That means you will be able to get some decent frame rates at x -- just not at the highest settings. Against my better weightt, I started playing Witcher 3 on high at I was surprised that the Nitro 5 Spin managed to put out an average 28 frames per second fps.

    However, there were moments were the game sputtered along. Things got a bit better when I dropped down to medium and spin an average frame rate of 33 fps. But the game ran the smoothest when I switched over to low, where I notched 56 fps. Still, the textures were pretty muddy. The Nitro 5 Spin struggled on the Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark Very High, pposting a stuttering 17 fps, which is half the 34 fps acer gaming average.

    When we ran the Hitman benchmark, the Nitro 5 Spin performed much better, scoring 31 fps. The 7REX and Inspiron 15 achieved 46 and 55 fps, respectively. The nitro and Inspiron 15 scored higher with 31 weight 44 fps, respectively. I streamed an episode of Jessica Jones on Netflix with 18 open tabs in Google Chrome while running Windows Defender without nitro any slowdown.

    The system continued to hold its own during our synthetic test with Geekbench 4where it notched 14, qcer the 13, mainstream gaming average. During the Excel Macro Testwhich tasks the notebook with matching 65, names and addresses, the Nitro 5 Spin took 1 minute and 25 seconds. It's slower than the average and the 7REXbut somewhat faster than the Inspiron 15's On our Handbrake video benchmark, which tests how long it takes to transcode a 4K video to p, the Nitro 5 Spin took 20 minutes and 12 seconds to finish.

    It's slower than the average weight well as the and acsr posted by the 7REX and the Inspiron It's better than the Omen 15t's 1TB 7,rpm hard drive One place where the Nitro 5 Spin shines is battery life. The notebook lasted 7 hours and 8 minutes on weigght battery test continuous web surfing over Wi-Fibeating the mainstream gaming average and the 7REX's However, the Inspiron 15 lasted a bit longer at Aluminum is lovely to look at and to touch, usually.

    But all that went out the window after I spent 15 minutes playing Witcher 3. The center of the keyboard and the bottom vents hit and degrees, respectively, which is above sppin degree comfort threshold. The touchpad measured 88 degrees. We let the laptop cool down and spent 15 minutes playing HD video.

    Apr 13,  · The tablet is not very small. The Acer Nitro 5 Spin has a footprint of x cm (~15 x in) and is cm (~ in) high. As the case has been taken over from the Acer Spin 5 without 85%. Acer Nitro 5 Spin NPDL comes with these high level specs: 8th Generation Intel Core iU Processor GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to GHz, Windows 10 Home, " Full HD ( x ) widescreen LED-backlit IPS display, Multi-touch screen, supporting 10 finger touch, NVIDIA GeForce GTX with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM, 8GB DDR4 Memory, GB /5(35). Nitro 5 Spin. Model Name: Nitro 5 Spin NP Part Number: NH.Q2YSA Free Upgrade to Windows 11* Intel® Core™ i5 (i5 - U, GHz, 6 MB) - cm (") LED - Full HD - LCD - In - plane Switching (IPS) Technology - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Up to 4 GB - 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM - 1 TB Serial ATA - No - Colour Obsidian Black - Weight (Approximate) kg.

    Then ewight measured again and found the touchpad, middle and bottom of the system registered 85, 88 wcer 91 degrees. The nitro integrated webcam captures blurry images with washed-out color. A test shot I took in my bedroom was full of visual noise, spin made it hard to make out the finer details in my selfie. There is another air vent at the back of the device together with two small openings for the speaker, which means the sound output goes in the right direction even in tablet weight. Overall, the device seems to be very stable and of high quality.

    Even the display lid is quite warp-resistant. Strong pressure on the back of the display can cause some waves on the display, but these are minimal, which proves how stable the display lid is. The hinges also offer sufficient resistance. However, shaking sipn Nitro 5 Spin slightly at an opening angle hitro 90 degrees does cause the display to open even wider.

    However, the overall metal construction appears stable enough and the display does not continue wobbling for very long. The hinges should be tight enough to keep the display in position while using the stylus for inputs. By the way, the Nitro can be opened with a single hand, as weigh base is heavy enough to not lift off the table. However, Acer forgot to add, or decided against, an indentation on the case, which makes opening the device a little more difficult.

    The Acer Nitro 5 Spin has a footprint of As the case has been taken over weifht the Acer Spin 5 without any changes, the two devices have the acer size.

    This would be an acceptable weight for a inch notebook, particularly considering the very good workmanship and high-quality material. But we feel that the Nitro is a little too heavy and large to be used as a tablet. You have to hold the notebook at nito an arm's length only to fold the display back into tablet mode - this makes the Acer a little unwieldy for everyday or mobile use as a convertible.

    The port selection can be described as mid-range and sufficient.

    Nitro 5 Spin | Laptops | Acer United States

    On the left side, there are two USB 3. The right side offers two status LEDs, the typical volume rocker, a combined 3. If you are a passionate gamer, you might be wondering where the Ethernet port has disappeared to. Acer has decided that the Nitro, the red gaming version of its Spin 5, does not need a network connector.

    For real gamers who play online games and are looking for low ping and latency times as well as faultless transmission, this might make the Nitro completely unsuitable. The power button is not positioned very well for a convertible - if you want to use the Acer as a tablet in portrait mode, you might easily turn the Nitro off by mistake.

    Apart from this, the port distribution is very practical, particularly on the left side. The two USB 3. The SD card reader does not have a spring and you simply have to push the SD card into the slot, which is usually the more user-friendly version.

    Acer Nitro 5 Spin Specs

    The disadvantage of this method is that the card does not disappear into the slot entirely but always stands out slightly. In the case of the Nitro 5 Spin, about half of the SD card stands out. The fact nitro Acer does not offer a network connection via an Ethernet cable for the Nitro is a real shame.

    The data transfer rate measured in our benchmark is good and positions the Nitro significantly above the average multimedia device and even puts it slightly over its own non-gaming spin Acer Spin 5. The transfer rate was stable throughout our test and reception was normal.

    Apart from the fingerprint sensor on the touchpad, the Acer also supports TPM 2. The Nitro comes with a limited trial period of Norton Security. The Acer Nitro 5 Spin includes a watt power supply, but no other accessories. An acer pen that can be used for the touchscreen, such as the Acer Stylus Pen, has to be purchased separately. The maintenance of the Nitro is not difficult: There are eleven normal Phillips screws that have to be removed in order to lift off the bottom of the base unit.

    Closing the device is also easy and fast. The manufacturer's warranty for this Acer convertible runs for 2 years and includes pick-up and return service. The Weight FineTip keyboard and the snugly fitted nitro block have red lettering that is sufficiently easy to read.

    The enter and backspace keys are large enough, but the up and down arrow keys are very narrow and are positioned too close to each other. The entire keyboard is slightly sunk into the base unit, so that the device can be used easily in tablet spin without the user pressing a key by mistake.

    What is striking about the Nitro's keyboard is not only the red lettering and the red sides of the keys, but also the red WASD keys for gamers, weight highlighted by bold lettering. Subjectively, the keys have a cheap, plasticky feeling and they spjn when you run your fingers over them. The sound when the keys are pressed reminds us not of high-quality material, but rather of thin, lightweight spih.

    Nonetheless, the keyboard allows for fast typing and users who type regularly will acer have any difficulties. The rattling keys are not so loud that they become bothersome, weught not quiet psin to go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the keyboard backlighting is a little annoying, as it automatically turns off 30 seconds after the last key was pressed.

    At night, this wsight that you regularly find yourself in front of a dark keyboard - even when running on power supply. There are many entries in various Internet forums from users who are having difficulties with this issue, but it seems like the backlighting cannot be set to run all the time, nor can the duration of the backlighting be adjusted.

    It responds well and quickly to inputs with one or two weeight. The ClickPad, however, takes a bit of getting used to as it is hard to make a click above the middle on the left side. The left bottom area of the touchpad is rather loose and it has two pressure points, similar to the shutter button on a camera. Simply placing the finger on the touchpad is enough to provoke the first click, although this does not do anything and is simply irritating.

    Stronger pressure then allows you to make a second, proper click to which the touchpad responds properly. Acer has placed a fingerprint sensor that works quickly and reliably in the top left corner of the touchpad. A quick placing of the finger on the reader and you are logged-in.

    acer nitro 5 spin weight

    The touchpad is large enough for the fingerprint sensor not to get in the way. Acer did not automatically activate the fingerprint reader, as has happened on some other laptops. The Acer Nitro 5 Spin is equipped with a reflective The display size and resolution result in a pixel density of PPI. There are no alternative display options for the Nitro.

    However, they are still too slow for real gamers and you will not get around connecting an external monitor for proper gaming results; IPS displays are not known for their speed, after all. Only the black value and contrast and the deviations measured with ColorChecker are not as good as those of the Spin 5.

    So, if a good black value is more important to you than response times or brightness, you might want to take a closer look at the "normal" version of acer Spin 5 instead. As always with glossy screens, you had best look for a shady spot when using the device outdoors, as these kinds of displays are hard to read despite high brightness levels and things like trees are reflected in the background.

    If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. As this is a convertible, there is no limit to the opening angle. The IPS display comes into its own here, particularly when used as a tablet. The weight is displayed properly from every viewing angle, as you would expect from an IPS display. Acer offers two different processor versions in its online shop : The Intel Core iU nitro the Intel Core iU with a slightly higher base clock rate.

    Our test unit is equipped with the faster Spin Core iU. This should be able to display current games decently at medium details.

    Acer Nitro 5 Spin Review: Extreme gaming at minimal weight

    The faster configuration with the Intel Core iU gives the Nitro a base clock rate of 1. The turbo brings the chip up to 4 GHz in two-core mode, but the maximum clock rate is limited to 3. The TDP remains the same as it was for Intel's seventh generation, which is weignt watts. However, this time this is divided among four cores and eight threads.

    Acer Nitro 5 Spin: Full Review and Benchmarks | Laptop Mag

    You can find detailed technical background information on the Intel Core iU in our tech section. The Cinebench R15 benchmark shows that the Nitro's performance is close to the average of all notebooks equipped with the Intel Core iU in single-core mode. As usual, the multi-core test starts with a short-term turbo.

    Thanks to a cTDP of mitro watts it reaches points in the first round. The Nitro then settles down at around points nitdo the next rounds. After 28 rounds, the results drop again and then remain at points. Therefore, our test unit reaches nirto results than the "normal" Acer Spin aceg most of the time and is just below the performance of the HP Spectre x The Acer Nitro offers very satisfying system performance, as did the non-gaming version Acer Spin 5 and both are on the same level here.

    Subjectively, the Nitro, with its dual-channel RAM configuration, reacts quickly and belongs to the faster models of our comparison devices. This is the device that the Windows operating system is installed on. Additionally, our model offers a 2. For the specification fans among you: The power consumption of the SSD is 3 watts during use and 0.

    The benchmark results for the SSD are rather disappointing, unfortunately, but this is not the fault of Nitro, but of the Micro itself.

    Acer Nitro 5 Spin NP (iU, GTX ) Convertible Review - Reviews

    We have found the same Micron in the Asus ZenBook Flip 15 and its results are very similar there. You simply cannot compare the performance of the Micron to that of the widespread and popular Samsung PM The Samsung is more than twice as fast in the CrystalDiskMark 3. Why Acer has switched from the Intel SSD that was used in the Spin 5 and did a fairly good job there to the slow Micron we do not know.

    Thanks to this mid-range GPU, the device can display spin games at medium details, and sometimes even at high details. The Acer Nitro 5 Spin should actually be the gaming version of the Acer Spin 5, but as both have the same case and the same cooling system and both are equipped with the same graphics card, the gaming performance of the gaming model is almost unchanged.

    This is reflected in the benchmark weiggt. Furthermore, the graphics performance of both of the Acer Spin 5 models nitro just below weighh average of all the devices we have tested that were equipped weight the GTX But please be aware that we are still looking at a convertible. Even if the Nitro looks like it intends to score high in the benchmark tests, its cooling performance is limited due to its slim build, which enables it to acer be used as a tablet.

    Let us put it like this: For a convertible, the Acer Spin 5 Nitro offers excellent graphics performance.

    acer nitro 5 spin weight

    Basically, all the current games we tested could be played smoothly up to medium details, some games, such as COD WW2could even be displayed at high details without any issues. While the performance lies a few frames below the average of what a GeForce GTX can do, it acer like we said: The Nitro is a convertible.

    The Asus, equipped with the same GTXmanaged to beat all comparison devices in the first two rounds of the Seight R15 loop and then remained stable at points for the remainder of bitro test. In the area of graphics performance, the ZenBook managed to do better than the Nitro at the game " Rise of Tomb Raider " at low to medium details, but both gaming convertibles had very weight results at high and very high settings, which are more demanding on the GPU.

    We will talk about this aspect in more nitro in the verdict, as this might well influence users' purchase decisions. The Nitro is very generous when it comes to audible fan noise. While idling without use of the cooling fans, acre system noise is still normal at around 31 dB Abut as soon as the fans turn up, the convertible becomes louder spin louder, depending on the load.

    At maximum load and full weigt rotation speed, it easily reaches over 40 dB A. During our stress tests - the FurMark, for example - the hotspot is on the keyboard in the area of the "R", "T", "F", and "G" keys. As the WASD keys, which are so important for gamers, are right to the left of these, you might find that gaming on the Nitro keyboard is a little uncomfortable in summer.

    If you do not have an external display, we would recommend using scer Acer Nitro 5 Nktro as a monitor in tablet mode with the keyboard facing downward and connecting an external keyboard for gaming.

    There are two stereo speakers positioned on the left and right, near the heat pipes. The sound is emitted above the keyboard, as well as at the back, which becomes the front in tablet mode. The maximum volume of 77 dB A means that the Nitro is only averagely loud. Although the subwoofer on the bottom should help, the bass quality is still too low.

    At least Acer spni offer very balanced highs. The Acer has good power consumption rates: The Acer is the clear winner in direct comparison to the Asus Zenbook Flip 15, which has a comparable configuration iU, GTXMicron SSD but a 4K display that - surprise, surprise - increases power consumption significantly.

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